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RIP, Steven L. Inness

When I was in 7th and 8th grade, at Wilbur Middle School, the school's computer lab had a couple of... (More...)

Twelve years

Twelve years ago today, my father was killed. I've been off-kilter for the past couple weeks; sometimes fine, sometimes sad... (More...)

RIP, Bruce Chadwick

Bruce Chadwick was one of my oldest friends. Sometime yesterday, he took his own life. This is a long post... (More...)

Anniversaries update

For weeks, I've been meaning to post here, but I keep shying away, for reasons not entirely clear to me.... (More...)

Sad week

Tomorrow will be the eleventh anniversary of the day my father was killed. As is often the case this time... (More...)

Living in the future: Floppies

In one of the boxes I pulled out of the garage a couple weeks ago, there were 100+ 3.5" floppy... (More...)

SH Flashback: "Jimmy's Roadside Cafe," by Ramsey Shehadeh

A new entry in my weekly Strange Horizons retrospective: “Jimmy's Roadside Cafe,” by Ramsey Shehadeh A heartbreaking story about life... (More...)

Nancy's photo album

In a box the other day, I found a photo album of Nancy's, which I rescued from Peter and Nancy's... (More...)

So far this morning

Today would've been my mother's 72nd birthday. Hard to imagine her at 72. As usual, here's a link to some... (More...)

R.I.P., Aunt Kathleen

My aunt Kathleen died yesterday. She's been in my family for twenty-five years. I never spent a lot of time... (More...)

That which does not kill us can still hurt

The other day, I saw yet another article that conveyed the very common narrative that difficulties and hardships make us... (More...)

Ten years

Today marks the tenth anniversary of my father's death. I'm doing surprisingly okay this morning; if anything, a little less... (More...)

My emotional state

A couple weeks ago, I sat down to write a blog entry about how I was doing with regard to... (More...)

Thoughts on deaths of parents

Although this entry was partly sparked by the recent deaths of several friends' parents, it's going to be focused specifically... (More...)

People's parents dying, and other hard times

The past few months have been difficult times for a lot of my friends. I feel like all through the... (More...)

Talking to people who are going through tough times

This post is something I've been meaning to write for years; I'm finally writing it as a starting point/background for... (More...)

Harold and Maude

(I wrote this entry in July, but was reluctant to post it at the time. Now that I'm ready to... (More...)

Long ago, it must be

Today would have been my father's 75th birthday. It's also the 34th anniversary of my mother's death. I wasn't feeling... (More...)

State of the Jed

I meant to write a bunch of long-delayed blog entries while on vacation last week, but it somehow never happened,... (More...)

Missing Sara and the fall leaves

Yesterday at work, I got half a dozen requests from an automated system to remove Sara's name from various permission... (More...)

My mother's birthday

My mother would've been 71 years old today. I've apparently been confused in past birthday entries about what year she... (More...)

Assorted notes, loosely connected to Sara

A few notes more or less pertaining to Sara: On Thursday, driving home from the memorial service for Sara, I... (More...)

Bad news

I'm very sorry to say that my closest colleague at work, Sara G, has died. I'm not mentioning her full... (More...)

RIP, Lucius Shepard

I just learned that Lucius Shepard died two days ago. I haven't had much contact with him in a long... (More...)

Nine years

My father was killed nine years ago today. This year I've been pretty much okay. I noticed the impending anniversary... (More...)

R.I.P., Pete Seeger

I've been trying to figure out why Pete Seeger's death yesterday, at age 94, is hitting me so hard. Part... (More...)

Mood swingy

(For anyone missing the context: Today is the 33rd anniversary of my mother's death, and it would've been my father's... (More...)

What I've been up to (and why I've been glum)

Have spent most of the past week doing webmastery kinds of things for last night's launch of Jaggery, Mary Anne's... (More...)


Friday night, I belatedly remembered that I have strategies and techniques for improving my mood. So I rewatched a Gilmore... (More...)

Eight years

It's now been eight years since my father was killed. I still miss him. As I noted the other day,... (More...)

Some notes on coping with grief

Several friends of mine have lost people close to them in the past few months. It occurred to me recently... (More...)

Some links about Aaron Swartz

I didn't know Aaron Swartz, the brilliant Internet activist who committed suicide yesterday at age 26, but friends of mine... (More...)

Today's birthdays: Traces and echoes

Today would've been my father's 73rd birthday. It's also the 32nd anniversary of my mother's death. I'm doing okay today... (More...)

Marcy's birthday

My mother would've been 69 years old today. So far I've been mostly okay, but with a couple of gusts... (More...)

Seven years

It seems hard to believe that it's been seven years since my father was killed. (Yes, I know the right-side... (More...)

Remembering Peter and Marcy

Today would have been my father's 72nd birthday. It's also the 31st anniversary of my mother's death. I haven't been... (More...)

Marcy's birthday

Today would have been my mother's sixty-eighth birthday. (Sixty-eight? Really? She was only thirty-seven when she died; it's really hard... (More...)

R.I.P., Joanna Russ

I was very sorry to hear the other day that Joanna Russ had died. I've been waiting to post until... (More...)


Been off in Florida the past few days, helping Annie F after her mother's unexpected death. Been mostly offline, and... (More...)

Six years

My father was killed six years ago today. Anniversaries of deaths are often difficult for me, but I'm mostly doing... (More...)

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today was the twelfth annual Transgender Day of Remembrance in hundreds of cities all over the world. A couple dozen... (More...)

Missing parents

Today would have been my father's 71st birthday. It's also the 30th anniversary of my mother's death. I was mostly... (More...)

Marcy's birthday

Today my mother would have been sixty-seven years old. I'm not sure I can really imagine her at sixty-seven. She... (More...)

R.I.P., Charles Cala

I wasn't on Facebook much last week, and so I missed various people posting about the fact that our friend... (More...)

R.I.P., Jeanne Robinson

After over a year of struggling with cancer, Jeanne Robinson has died. I didn't know her, but I liked Stardance,... (More...)

Blogging about my father

Two weeks ago, on the anniversary of my father's death, I finally decided to get moving on a project I'd... (More...)

Not the best week ever

Spent the week kind of wandering around in a daze. Recovered my usual sleep patterns after Monday, but never really... (More...)

Doing okay, mostly

Today's the fifth anniversary of my father's death. I had intended to spend some of this weekend fixing some problems... (More...)

R.I.P., William Tenn/Phil Klass

I've been reading William Tenn's stories since I was a kid; his stories were scattered through a bunch of the... (More...)

R.I.P., Kage Baker

Green Man Review reports that Kage Baker died this morning, of cancer. (More...)

Very sad news about Kage Baker

A couple of weeks ago, author Kage Baker's sister Kathleen Bartholomew sent out a public note revealing that Baker had metastatic cancer. Unfortunately, things have gotten even worse. (More...)

A bit fragile today

Today would have been my father's 70th birthday. Hard to imagine him being 70. But then, even while he was... (More...)

Marcy's birthday

Besides all the travel, the other reason that I'm trying to conserve my emotional energy at the moment is that... (More...)

Four years

It's been four years since my father was killed. I'm gonna try and keep busy, spend the day focused on... (More...)

R.I.P., Majel Barrett Roddenberry

I'm sorry to see that Majel Barrett Roddenberry died of leukemia this morning, age 76. Memory Alpha's entry says that... (More...)

Peter's birthday, Marcy's death-day

It snuck up on me. On Sunday, I glanced at my calendar for the coming week, and was surprised to... (More...)

More on the June murders

Back in late June, two people were murdered in the house next door to where I live. A couple days... (More...)

Suicide prevention by means restriction

Twig just pointed me to a fascinating article about preventing impulsive suicide, by Scott Anderson. I found the first couple... (More...)

R.I.P., Thomas M. Disch

I imagine most of you who would want to know already know by now that Thomas M. Disch committed suicide... (More...)

Home safe, but a little freaked out

Flight home was largely uneventful. Kam picked me up at the airport, and we went to a new Ethiopian place... (More...)

R.I.P., Alexander Courage (+ Trek theme lyrics)

Alexander Courage died last month. For those who don't know, he was a composer and arranger for TV and movies,... (More...)

R.I.P., Arthur C. Clarke

I'm sorry to see that Arthur C. Clarke has died, at the age of 90. I'm too muzzyheaded to have... (More...)

Three years

Today's the third anniversary of my father's murder. Been doing more or less okay, though once again haven't been sleeping... (More...)

Death of a soldier

Through roundabout means, this morning I happened across a memorial posting for Major Andrew Olmsted, who was killed in Iraq... (More...)

Memorial service

Kam accompanied me tonight to the Kara memorial service in Palo Alto that I mentioned a few entries back. It... (More...)

Candlelight memorial service, Dec. 6, Palo Alto

There's a grief-support center in Palo Alto called Kara; every year, they have a memorial gathering, "invit[ing] the community to... (More...)

R.I.P., Madeleine L'Engle

As most of you know by now, Madeleine L'Engle has died at age 88. I liked the original Wrinkle in... (More...)


This morning, I was half-listening to iTunes on shuffle play again, and one of my two or three favorite pieces... (More...)


I recently discovered that the Uncle Bonsai albums are available on CD. They're still not available via the iTunes Store,... (More...)

In memoriam: Helen Hartman, 1908-2007

Uncle Paul called last night to let me know that Grandma had died a little after 6 p.m., Washington time.... (More...)

R.I.P., Kurt Vonnegut

The New York Times reports that Kurt Vonnegut died tonight at age 84. I had no idea until I read... (More...)

Two years

March 7, 2005, was the day my father was murdered, though we didn't find out until the 8th. I thought... (More...)


On Saturday, I was gearing up to do some house-cleaning when Twig showed up. She had left her stuff at... (More...)

R.I.P., Robert Anton Wilson

I just learned that Robert Anton Wilson died on Thursday. I knew he'd been in ill health lately, but hadn't... (More...)

Book-shifting day, plus the Chicago Seven trial

This morning, I went over to Pam & Arthur's to help them move furniture and books; they're rearranging a bunch... (More...)


Tomorrow/today (Saturday the 11th) would have been my father's 67th birthday. It's also the 26th anniversary of my mother's death.... (More...)

R.I.P., Jack Williamson

To quote Locus Online: "SF Grand Master Jack Williamson, born 1908, died this afternoon at his home in Portales, New... (More...)

More re John M. Ford

I was sad all day today. Even though I didn't know him. Perhaps because so many people wrote, eloquently, about... (More...)

R.I.P., John M. Ford

Author John M. "Mike" Ford died early this morning or late last night, at the age of 49. Elise Matthesen... (More...)

Birthdays and anniversary

More and more, lately, it seems like I have both happy and sad things to post about on the same... (More...)

R.I.P., Jim Baen

I knew Jim Baen had had a stroke a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn't known until just now... (More...)

Strange Horizons forum still down

In case anyone's been wondering what's up with the SH forum and missed Susan's explanation: Last Friday (9 June), Susan... (More...)

Mother's Day and birthdays and such

Belated happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers reading this! I'm always impressed by y'all. And, more generally, yay... (More...)

R.I.P., Stanislaw Lem

According to the SFWA obituary: Polish science fiction author Stanislaw Lem died in his home city of Krakow on Monday,... (More...)

Yesterday and today

Thank you for all the comments and emails, everyone. Very much appreciated. (I should clarify something about timing: due to... (More...)

One year

Today is the first anniversary of my father's murder. (More...)

R.I.P., Octavia Butler

For those who haven't heard: sf writer Octavia E. Butler died on Saturday, age 58. Here are some relevant links... (More...)

R.I.P., Andreas "G'Kar" Katsulas

Andreas Katsulas, who played G'Kar on Babylon 5, has died of lung cancer at age 59. I knew nothing about... (More...)

R.I.P., Cynthia McQuillin

Just discovered that filksinger-songwriter Cynthia McQuillin died two weeks ago, on January 14, of renal and respiratory failure, at age... (More...)

Long week

Or maybe I mean "weird week." I haven't been sleeping well, but I've been sleeping late. I've been putting in... (More...)

Assorted notes about Peter

The other morning I had a dream in which I was talking with some kind of a counselor, in her... (More...)

R.I.P., John Spencer

Actor John Spencer, who played Leo McGarry on The West Wing, died on Friday of a heart attack, a few... (More...)

R.I.P., Robert Sheckley

Most of you who would care know by now that sf author Robert Sheckley died a week ago. It's been... (More...)

Animals, talking and otherwise

Yesterday, Kam and I visited Coyote Point and then saw the Narnia movie. I'll talk about Narnia in a separate... (More...)

More book-boxing

This morning, after several phone calls that didn't pan out, I wrote a semi-frantic email (intending to send it to... (More...)

Boxing up the books

I've abandoned my original plan to spend this weekend doing a triage pass on Peter's books to get rid of a bunch of them before shipping them to my place; instead, I'm boxing them all up to mail, and I'll sort them at my leisure at home. (More...)

In memoriam

Today would have been my father's 66th birthday. It's also the 25th anniversary of my mother's death. I'm staying home... (More...)

Article about sentencing

Jay has posted about the sentencing hearing. He also linked to a Tacoma News Tribune article about the hearing; nothing... (More...)

Another death

Tonight's email brought news that my former co-worker Patrice O'Neill died of cancer on Saturday. Patrice was great. I was... (More...)

Sentencing hearing

It feels weird and awkward to juxtapose tonight's three entries, on unrelated but important subjects. I'm sorry about that. But... (More...)

How not to call about a foreclosure

A couple of months ago, Jay wrote about (among other things) Peter's house and the trustee's sale. (And why you... (More...)

Trial date

Among the many things I've been meaning to post for the past week or so is the fact that the... (More...)

Persistence of memory

Today was, of course, the fourth anniversary of the September 11th attacks; I saw surprisingly little commentary about that... (More...)

This and that

(Yikes! No wonder the comment-spam levels have dropped precipitously—I broke the comments-display pages for my and Mary Anne's journals a... (More...)

Annual memoriam

My mother, Marcy, would have been 62 years old today. I wrote that linked-to piece sixteen years ago; glancing over... (More...)

In more serious news

WorldCon's been nothing if not distracting. I've managed to go hours at a time without thinking about stuff about my... (More...)

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of you who are fathers. May your children bring you happiness, joy, and the occasional... (More...)


Warning: Long stream-of-consciousness entry impending, fresh out of chronological order. Was just poking through j7y's LJ, which among other things... (More...)

Counseling report

Had my first grief-counseling appointment. I think it went pretty well. I told the doctor at the start that I... (More...)

Peter memorial article

The Pierce College student newspaper, the Pioneer, ran a front-page story about Peter, along with a couple of sidebars and... (More...)

How'm I doing?

People have been (quite reasonably) asking how I'm doing lately, and I don't have a good answer. Mostly I say... (More...)


All week, I've been thinking, "Oh, right, that's the thing I was going to post about." But I keep thinking... (More...)

More stuff

The past few days have been kind of a blur, even though very little has been happening. I'm slowly getting... (More...)

R.I.P., Andre Norton

Science fiction writer Andre Norton died this morning. I've been meaning to post for the past couple weeks mentioning that... (More...)

Rose's mustache, and calculating devices

I got D&J's permission, so here's the photo of Rose and her mustache. Moments after I took that photo, Rose... (More...)

Back home

Long entry here, just general updates on the past couple days. Saturday evening before I posted that last entry, I... (More...)

Another update

The continued outpouring of support in comments and email is just about making me cry as I sit here in... (More...)


Here's some of what I've been thankful for this week: Kam. She's been amazing. Strong and capable, holding me when... (More...)


In lieu of flowers, the family would prefer donations to the Pierce College Foundation in the name of Peter Hartman... (More...)


Kam came over this morning, and then came with me to Tacoma. My brother's travel agent took care of the... (More...)


My father just died. That's all I can say right now. I'll be offline and out of contact indefinitely. If... (More...)

Memorial site expansion

Today was several birthdays: L. Frank Baum would've been 139; I meant to try to get in touch with Sally C., but... (More...)


This time of year is bittersweet for me. The excitement of WorldCon and another Strange Horizons anniversary is great, and... (More...)

Miscellaneous notes

Today is the 22nd anniversary of my mother's death. Also my father's birthday. And my friend Mikala's; funny, someone just... (More...)

Birth and death

I'm not sure whether it's a notable coincidence or not that Mary Anne's mother's birthday, Jenn's mother's birthday, and my... (More...)

To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet

I've been meaning to write about the weekend of the 13th and 14th for a week now. On Friday I... (More...)