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Addiction, adult children of alcoholics, etc

I recently had occasion to stop by Addiction is..., a collection of about fifteen nonfiction pieces that, individually and together,... (More...)

What spotlights are for

Many years ago, Arthur E and I were driving somewhere, and we saw a spotlight sweeping back and forth across... (More...)

Showing vulnerability

I noticed this pattern in myself a few years ago: I'll say something in email, or in a public post,... (More...)

My father's FBI file

As I noted a month ago, last August I filed a Freedom of Information request to get a copy of... (More...)

The motorcycle accident story

In which Jed tells the long version of his 1994 motorcycle accident. (More...)

25 things, belatedly

In early 2009, there was a meme going around: post 25 random things about yourself. I thought about posting a... (More...)

How I met Mary Anne

I realized a while ago that although I had written up various versions of this story in various contexts, I've... (More...)

Pixar, girls, and awesome girl-movie titles

Excellent open letter to Pixar from Linda Holmes, asking for a movie featuring a girl who is not a princess.... (More...)

House location

The most commonly asked question about my new house, in all online contexts, has been "Where is it?" I've mentioned... (More...)

I have a house!

Remember how the other day I wrote about not wanting to talk about house stuff to keep from jinxing it?... (More...)

Marcy photos

I recently bought a photo to digital converter. It's basically a digital camera in a box; you slide the print... (More...)

Zeppelin highlights

For my birthday, as I noted at the time, a bunch of friends got me a zeppelin ride, and the... (More...)

How I met Kam

As I've noted before, the 1st of May is not exactly Kam's and my anniversary, but it's the anniversary of... (More...)

Belief and bias confirmation

I've observed for a while now (or perhaps I should say "believed") that people generally tend to notice evidence that... (More...)

Amazon: Possibly not evil?

The Internets have been full of panic and outrage today over Amazon allegedly instituting a new policy that any book... (More...)

In praise of anonymity

A long discussion of anonymity and pseudonymity. (More...)

Disneyland questions

A year ago, I saw a video made by Disney, some kind of management-training sort of thing. It had various... (More...)

Newspapers online in 1981

"Imagine, if you will, sitting down to your morning coffee, [and] turning on your home computer to read the day's... (More...)

Light is returning

Last night, I thought to myself, "Isn't it about time for the solstice?" But then I forgot to check. Fortunately,... (More...)

Author gender among Hugo nominees and winners

I'm still planning a post about author gender issues in general, but for now I just want to mention one... (More...)

More on female characters in fiction

A couple of weeks ago, I read a particularly long run of submissions with particularly unfortunate anti-woman aspects. All sorts... (More...)

Stuff I like in fiction

Lengthy notes on stuff I like in fiction. (More...)

Facebook, friends, and social networking sites

I think I joined the original Six Degrees site, way back when it first launched, just 'cause I was curious... (More...)


A call for newness in worldbuilding. (More...)

A few notes on women in fiction

tacityhydra just mentioned the Mo Movie Measure in passing; I was going to post this comment in response to that... (More...)


In the past few weeks, the lesson that the Universe seems intent on teaching me, over and over and over,... (More...)

Giving thanks

It occurred to me the other day that I have an awful lot to be thankful for. My life is... (More...)

Game update and GMing musings

Third session of my roleplaying game (out of a planned total of four) was on Sunday. It didn't go as... (More...)


I could have sworn I'd written and posted this somewhere before, but various searches are turning up no sign of... (More...)

Privatization vs. government control

Feel free to use the following cogent and unanswerable argument whenever this topic comes up. (More...)

Gabrielle's story

On December 1, 1997 (almost ten years ago), I received an odd piece of email, from someone I didn't know,... (More...)

How do you know your gender?

I was thinking about various issues around transsexuality a few months back, and a question occurred to me. This is... (More...)

Women on the Hugo ballot

As has been widely noted, on this year's Hugo ballot there's only one work by a woman among the twenty... (More...)

Dancing above the abyss

I'm most of the way through re-reading the original Earthsea trilogy. This morning, came across a line I particularly liked:... (More...)

Separating form from content

Some thoughts on form, style, and content, in various kinds of writing. (More...)

Still more on gender bias in sf

We at Strange Horizons have just about filled up our publishing schedule for 2006, and have started on 2007. Interestingly, even though still only about 33% to 40% of our submissions are by women, in 2006 two-thirds of the stories we're publishing are by women. (More...)

How to interact with me, part 2 (long)

In my talk with my Uncle Paul back in January, I told him about seeing the counselor last year and... (More...)

How I explained infodumps and saved humanity

"And now," Dr. Zurückgeschichte said, "please explain to me how an infodump works." "But why would I have to explain... (More...)

On Girls, Boys, and IT Careers

A couple of weeks ago, there was a totally fabulous talk at Google: Dr. Cornelia Brunner of the Center for... (More...)

One year

Today is the first anniversary of my father's murder. (More...)

Curly quotes

There continues to be tremendous confusion among some SH submitters over the distinction between curved (or slanted) quotation marks and... (More...)

Economy and efficiency as motivations in fiction

Something I see quite often in both submissions and published fiction (including movies) is plots that hinge on people taking... (More...)

California Winter: The Album

It occurred to me Sunday morning, after being awakened by a windstorm that was related to the flooding that's happening... (More...)

Review: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Narnia movie was splendid. I went into it with very high hopes and a lot of trepidation. The hopes... (More...)

In memoriam

Today would have been my father's 66th birthday. It's also the 25th anniversary of my mother's death. I'm staying home... (More...)

Poker face

Somehow I developed a bad habit long ago: it became important to me to not let anyone know what was... (More...)

Counseling report

Had my first grief-counseling appointment. I think it went pretty well. I told the doctor at the start that I... (More...)

Meme in my pants

There are two long fairly serious entries I want to write soon: one about the origins of my zeppelin story... (More...)

Old family tidbits

My uncle Dobe sent out email a few months ago pointing to some websites containing information about our family history.... (More...)

Homosexuality, sf, and the unheimlich

I really ought to be either editing or reading subs, but I'm gonna take a little time to point to... (More...)

All about me

In Alias, once a season or so they have an episode that consists almost entirely of recap and flashback, presumably... (More...)

My journal, LiveJournal, RSS, etc.

At least half a dozen new people have started reading this journal in the past couple months, and regular readers... (More...)


I gather that in a certain period of European history, it was common for men holding forth about their lady-loves... (More...)

Link text

I've been meaning to write about this for ages. I've been putting it off because I wanted to provide thorough... (More...)

Lobster in a pot, or not?

(I wrote most of the following a couple weeks ago, but was feeling too conflicted and stressed about politics to... (More...)


It just occurred to me that my biggest problem is a lack of perspective, an inability to determine which problems... (More...)

What not to put in a cover letter

We've been getting a lot of submissions lately that have detailed summaries and/or discussions of the story in the cover... (More...)

Thoreau on journaling

A conversation with Karen M. the other night somehow came 'round to the Transcendentalists, which reminded me of one of... (More...)

Witnessing weddings

Inspired by Heather's comments the other day (thanks, Heather!), I headed up to San Francisco today to watch same-sex couples... (More...)

Beauty study

Aha! I've been hearing about "that German study about facial attractiveness," but I hadn't gone seeking it out because I... (More...)

Fictional translation

A friend of mine used to do something interesting when running roleplaying games: he'd use real-world historical names for famous... (More...)

More on Supreme Court decision

Just read the Supreme Court's opinions (that's a PDF file) in the Texas sodomy case (Lawrence et al. v. Texas).... (More...)

May Day redux

There were a couple of things I neglected to mention on May 1. First, I didn't mention a couple of... (More...)

Unwitting Cyrano

People in our workshop mix up Zed's and my names all the time, to the point where even I once... (More...)

Always coming out

Today, Oct. 11, is National Coming Out Day, and I figured it would make a good excuse to write something... (More...)

What's this WorldCon thing like, anyway?

A couple weeks ago, two people in one day hinted that I should try to convince them to come to... (More...)


I started writing this a few weeks ago, after intending to write it for some weeks before that, but then... (More...)

Fractal connections

So, how did A meet F? It's 'cause they both grew up in the Bay Area, right? Well, it's not... (More...)

Leonard I

I said, "They ended up watching Get Shorty. I've seen it twice, but I stayed for the opening. Ten minutes,... (More...)

To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet

I've been meaning to write about the weekend of the 13th and 14th for a week now. On Friday I... (More...)

Freedom of speech

I think most Americans are unaware of the existing limitations on freedom of speech. I used to think that freedom... (More...)

Billy Ray who?

My co-workers had another of their semiannual-or-so karaoke nights last night, and it reminded me of what happened the one... (More...)