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The other morning: If I had eaten delicious fresh avocado with breakfast but hadn't seen flowers, it would have been... (More...)

Zeppelin highlights

For my birthday, as I noted at the time, a bunch of friends got me a zeppelin ride, and the... (More...)

Great harmonies and catchy melodies

I just put together my first iMix. One of my favorite musical trios--Cindy Kallet, Ellen Epstein, and Michael Cicone--does gorgeous... (More...)

For lands afar and mine

Way back in early 2003, I wrote about hearing the Indigo Girls perform "Finlandia" with Joan Baez at a concert... (More...)

Stuff I like in fiction

Lengthy notes on stuff I like in fiction. (More...)

The Wheel of Death, and other amazements

I just noticed that it's been over ten years that I've been meaning (but failing) to see Cirque du Soleil.... (More...)

Folk music and leaky eyes

My reactions to John McCutcheon's annual Santa Cruz concerts have been mixed; sometimes I've loved them, sometimes they haven't done... (More...)


I went on an offsite this evening with co-workers: "indoor skydiving," a.k.a. a vertical wind tunnel, at iFly over in... (More...)


Just finished reading Tigana. Wow. A really gorgeous book, compelling and moving and lovely, easy to read but richly layered,... (More...)


And another weekend flies by, just like that. I have lots of things to post, but keep not having time... (More...)

Flame in motion

I've been remiss in posting about local events worth attending lately. It's almost certainly too late to do any good,... (More...)


I got a few birthday presents and some nice phone calls and emails and journal comments; thank you all! I... (More...)

Favorite music

I've been using the iTunes rating system (0 to 5 stars) for all my music ever since I started using... (More...)

Witnessing weddings

Inspired by Heather's comments the other day (thanks, Heather!), I headed up to San Francisco today to watch same-sex couples... (More...)

Concert etc.

I skipped tonight's story reading to go see Kallet/Epstein/Cicone perform in Medford. The only previous time I saw them live,... (More...)

Brief but happy

Went to the Lui Collins house concert in Palo Alto tonight. I was a bit concerned about attending two concerts... (More...)

Hold the last note out

When Lui Collins sent me the CDs I'd ordered a couple weeks back, she included a postcard showing her upcoming... (More...)


I started writing this a few weeks ago, after intending to write it for some weeks before that, but then... (More...)