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How not to ask neighbors to help with termite issues

Empty house next door is getting termite-fumigated. The fumigation company has sent me a “Neighbor's Permission Form” that tells me... (More...)

Condo sold!

As y'all may recall, after a lot of fuss and delay around recarpeting, repainting, and staging my condo, I (or... (More...)

Photos of condo

I've posted a set of photos of my condo. I'll include a couple of photos on the paper flyer that... (More...)


Met with stager this morning to discuss staging the condo. The first thing that she told me was that the... (More...)

Remodel or not?

My guest-room bathroom was done in a light-colored wood with linoleum on the floor; it's a perfectly good bathroom, but... (More...)

No toilet, no floor, and a hole in the ceiling

Breht, the handyman, came over and examined things this morning. We eventually figured out (we think) that the toilet tank... (More...)

What I've been up to

It's been a couple of weeks since my last life-update post. I don't feel like much has been going on,... (More...)

New location

Q: After one has finished putting away the perishable food in the refrigerator and freezer, what is the first thing... (More...)

House location

The most commonly asked question about my new house, in all online contexts, has been "Where is it?" I've mentioned... (More...)

I have a house!

Remember how the other day I wrote about not wanting to talk about house stuff to keep from jinxing it?... (More...)

Move report

Last night, I reached the total exhaustion point around 11 p.m. (having had about 3 and a half hours' sleep... (More...)

The moving plan

About six hours from now: Movers come, take all the big furniture to the new house, store it in a... (More...)

Buying a house!

A month ago, I wrote that I was house-hunting. Things have progressed quite a lot since then. In that entry,... (More...)

House-hunting, sort of

It occurred to me a couple months ago that it was probably time to refinance. I got a very good... (More...)

Want to buy a condo in Chicago?

Mary Anne and Kevin are selling their condo. It's a lovely place. I suspect that none of y'all are looking... (More...)

Another day, another bogus security measure

Wells Fargo provides online access to mortgage accounts. That's cool, and useful. After you log in to your account, on... (More...)

If I won the lottery...

. . . I would buy this house, or maybe this one. There's a cluster of four or five big houses that've been... (More...)

Looking for a condo in Mountain View?

My next-door neighbors are moving, after fourteen years in their condo. They haven't listed the place yet; I have no... (More...)

Various notes

Long and tiring day today, mostly spent couch-shopping. The saleswoman at Ethan Allen continued to be clever; for example, as... (More...)

Assorted notes

Spent most of the day Sunday going car-shopping and couch-shopping with Kam. Car shopping: test-drove a Honda Civic hybrid. Had... (More...)