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I posted a bunch of blog entries back in September, but then I stalled. Not just on blogging; on pretty... (More...)


My first blog post was on September 14, 2001, so yesterday marked fifteen years of my blog. Happy birthday, blog!... (More...)


Every time anyone's asked me how my leave is going, I've had to confess that I've been spending way too... (More...)


I've now upgraded my and Vardibidian's journals to Movable Type 5.2. This is a test to make sure everything is... (More...)

Alternatives to Movable Type and WordPress?

I've been using Movable Type for my own blog since 2005, but have grown increasingly dissatisfied with it of late.... (More...)

Showing vulnerability

I noticed this pattern in myself a few years ago: I'll say something in email, or in a public post,... (More...)

Packrat: Track all posts, everywhere

Had an idea on the way to work last week. There are two (minor) problems I'd like to have a... (More...)

Blog speedup

For the past year or two, my blog has been ridiculously slow to load. I think this started when I... (More...)

Ten years of blogging

Something roundaboutly reminded me yesterday that I missed my blogiversary: September 14 was the tenth anniversary of my first entry.... (More...)

Operational, more or less

Short version of this entry: I think most aspects of this blog are working again. Anonymous comments are still disabled,... (More...)

Blog upgrade time

I'm gonna try to upgrade to Movable Type 5 sometime in the next 24 hours or so. If all goes... (More...)

Do y'all leave JavaScript enabled?

I used to see stats that said something like 10% of all people browsing the web didn't have JavaScript enabled.... (More...)


Thanks to MyS for letting me know I've been quoted in a book: This is the reason why, as blogger... (More...)

Missing entries: LJ and Facebook feed weirdness

I thought it was a little odd that I'd gotten so little feedback on anything I'd posted in my blog... (More...)

Temporary Self-Imposed Netlessness Syndrome

This will be my last week at work before I take some time off. (I'll be taking a leave of... (More...)

Where to find me online

It occurred to me a while back that I'm posting stuff in a bunch of different places these days, and... (More...)

Blogging paralysis

As may be evident from the wildly veering tone of my last few entries, I'm having a hard time figuring... (More...)

Woofer, Twitter, Squeaker

Courtesy of links from a discussion thread on Otavia's recent Facebook post: Woofer: Just like Twitter, except that any given... (More...)

How to forward your Twitter posts to Facebook

Do you post to Twitter but not to Facebook? Do you want your tweets to appear in your Facebook account,... (More...)

A few Facebook/Twitter/blog thoughts

I've been writing a gargantuan post about Facebook and other social-networking sites in my head for weeks, but the likelihood... (More...)

What I've been up to

It's been a couple of weeks since my last life-update post. I don't feel like much has been going on,... (More...)

Finally restored my archives sidebar

When I upgraded to Movable Type version 4, the part of my blog sidebar that contained links to my archives... (More...)

Some Movable Type settings (technical)

I'm poking around in some MT settings (trying to figure out why my blog doesn't get spam any more, since... (More...)

Weirdness in entry formatting

Someone just wrote to point out to me that a couple of my entries from last month had transformed into... (More...)


Nearly a week ago, my Movable Type installation suddenly informed me that I needed to upgrade it. This was kind... (More...)

Placeholder entry

My blog is experiencing technical difficulties that make it difficult to post entries. Please stand by. (Vardibidian's too.)... (More...)

Seven years of journaling

I happened across an old entry here this afternoon, and that made me wonder what day I had started this... (More...)

Authenticated comments not posting properly

Been meaning to mention for a while now that TypeKey and other forms of authentication for my journal comments don't... (More...)

Comments feed

At some point I may install a more sophisticated approach to this, but for now, I have an experimental comments... (More...)

One blogbreaking thing after another

Tonight, I thought I'd try one new blog thing before going to bed: I decided to try installing a comments-feed... (More...)


Finally got Vardibidian's journal ported over to Movable Type. (As he pointed out, for readers this is mostly a cosmetic... (More...)

Blogfixing progress

I restored the "links of interest" section by upgrading MT-Blogroll. I restored the OpenID sign-in by upgrading the OpenID plugin,... (More...)

Partial blog recovery

My blog is mostly back. Various things don't work yet--no OpenID signin (sorry, LJ folks), no list of interesting links... (More...)

Temporary blog failure

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by. More specifically: Pair upgraded my server to FreeBSD 6.2 this morning, and... (More...)

Happy belated birthday, journal

Just noticed that it's been six years (and six days) since my first entry.... (More...)


Every now and then, someone says something online that upsets me or hurts my feelings, because I am a delicate... (More...)

Dates! On! Postings!

I've seen it one too many times in the past week: I follow a link. There's an entry in some... (More...)

Separating form from content

Some thoughts on form, style, and content, in various kinds of writing. (More...)

Journal readership

Josh just sent me the list of LJ users who subscribe to my LJ feed (thanks, Josh!), which I think... (More...)

Kam has a blog!

I think Kam's blog will be mostly a place for her to post her photos, but we'll see.... (More...)

Austen on journaling

I've finished Mansfield Park, which I'll write more about later, and have started Northanger Abbey, which contains more lively and... (More...)

Immunity, traffic, anniversary

Got a call from the doctor this afternoon: turns out I am in fact immune to measles. So I must... (More...)

Eleanor Arnason has a blog

I've been meaning for quite some time to link to Eleanor Arnason's blog, but I don't think I ever got... (More...)

Featured blog

My journal will be one of the featured blogs on the featured blogs page on the Asimov's site and the... (More...)

Journal anniversary

I failed to notice 'til just now that this past Thursday, September 14, was my journal's fifth birthday. Happy birthday,... (More...)

Journal comments

Last night, a friend noted that I rarely post replies to comments on my entries. That surprised me, because my... (More...)

Email addresses optional in comments

A couple of you regularly enter fake email addresses in the box for email address when you comment here. I... (More...)

New links section

I finally recently got around to adding a list-of-links section in a sidebar on my journal page. The idea is... (More...)

Comment spam update

I've been meaning to mention for a couple weeks that I seem to have found a good solution, for now... (More...)

Tastemakers and reputable influencers

(I wrote most of this a week ago, but forgot to post it.) A while back, I was pleased and... (More...)

Technorati tagging

In case anyone's wondering about my "Technorati tag" lines in the WisCon entries, the idea is that you attach a... (More...)

LiveJournal commenter authentication

LiveJournal users can now authenticate (to post comments on my older entries without a delay) by entering their LJ usernames... (More...)

New comment policy

I've just implemented a new policy for comments: For entries less than two weeks old, nothing has changed; anyone can... (More...)

Once and future journalers

I've been meaning for ages to link to the latest incarnation of Susan G's journal. What's finally reminding me to... (More...)

Neology feed

In case anyone's interested but missed it, Irilyth has kindly set up a LiveJournal feed for my Neology wordblog. At... (More...)

Return of the Universe of Discourse

The remarkable and talented Mark-Jason Dominus was one of the first people I knew of to have a widely known... (More...)


I've started a new mini-blog: Neology, in which I post words I encounter that I don't know the meanings of,... (More...)

Comments on comments

Someone talking about blogs recently said something like "It's not the entries, it's the conversation." I feel like I've been... (More...)

This and that

Various notes on my life this week: Over the weekend, I finally went to the bike store and bought a... (More...)

Fair use

If you want to quote someone else's work, make sure you understand the law. (More...)

Comment spam update

A couple of notes about my recent comment spam experiences: MT 3.2 continues to have the same pros and cons... (More...)

More about posting comments

Several people have had trouble posting comments to my journal in the past few weeks; they post a comment, and... (More...)


A few notes about Movable Type and such: There are still a bunch of tweaks I want to make, to... (More...)

Another disappearing weekend

Been a while since I've posted anything personal, hasn't it? Some assorted updates: First, I apologize for all those items... (More...)

Smart quotes!

Vardibidian asked if there was a Movable Type plugin that would change curved quotation marks and apostrophes into the appropriate... (More...)

Posting comments

Several people have mentioned that they've received errors when posting comments, and some people have re-posted the comment later. I'm... (More...)

New blog launch

There's still work to be done on the Movable Type version of my blog, but I've decided to launch it... (More...)

Movable Type update

Okay, the Movable Type version of my journal is almost ready for business. Stop by, take a look, let me... (More...)

Test using ecto

This is a test of using ecto to write an entry. I wonder how well it will work. Seems reasonably... (More...)

More on MT and OpenID

In between reading stories tonight, I played around some more with the forthcoming Movable Type version of my journal. I... (More...)

Movable Type preview

I'm not moving there yet, but here's a preview of my Movable Type journal. (It contains all the entries and... (More...)

Welcome to the Movable Type test!

This will eventually be the Movable Type version of Jed's journal. However, it's not quite ready yet. So for now,... (More...)

New blogs

A couple of people have asked me recently how to go about creating a blog. Here's a somewhat revised version... (More...)

My journal, LiveJournal, RSS, etc.

At least half a dozen new people have started reading this journal in the past couple months, and regular readers... (More...)

Thoreau on journaling

A conversation with Karen M. the other night somehow came 'round to the Transcendentalists, which reminded me of one of... (More...)

Blog glossary

One last thing for tonight: in my peregrinations earlier, I chanced across the Samizdata blog glossary. I went there to... (More...)

Day Two, sorta

I got a little carried away in my first entry, which was early this morning; it got really long. So... (More...)