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I’m in Santa Fe for a few days. Mary Anne is here for a Wild Cards authors gathering, and I’m... (More...)

Weekend update

Had a good weekend. KTO visited. Among other things, we got dinner from Everest Cuisine (tasty Nepalese & Indian food)... (More...)


Last night, after procrastinating all day on writing up my list of recent accomplishments at work (it was due yesterday),... (More...)

Busy weekend

I haven't posted a life update here in ages. Not sure why; just haven't felt the urge, I guess. Rather... (More...)

New wallet

In April 2014, I bought a nice cloth wallet at C2E2 in Chicago, from Geeks with Scissors. (I had been... (More...)

Fixing the garbage disposal

The most important thing I learned in high school stage tech was a paradigm. I usually phrase it this way:... (More...)


On the plus side: Recently acquired a lovely glass Klein bottle. Warm sunshine and blue skies have lifted my spirits... (More...)

Duolingo Spanish progress update

Every so often as I go through Duolingo Spanish lessons, I hit a wall. Right at the start, for example,... (More...)


I've bitten my nails all my life. (Well, and picked at them and tore them by hand; not always with... (More...)


I had intended to do all sorts of things after I got back from Chicago last week: finish up some... (More...)

Bicycle notes

Got lightly tapped by a car a couple weeks ago. I was bicycling to work, next to cars that were... (More...)


I posted a bunch of blog entries back in September, but then I stalled. Not just on blogging; on pretty... (More...)

Anniversaries update

For weeks, I've been meaning to post here, but I keep shying away, for reasons not entirely clear to me.... (More...)


(Sumana pointed out recently that I've been remiss in updating this blog lately. I'll try and post a catchup entry... (More...)


Last night, I got tired, went to bed early (for me), and fell asleep so suddenly I neglected to put... (More...)

My plan for today

Home from Worldcon. What I want to do today but will try to refrain from doing: Spend all day reading... (More...)


Every time anyone's asked me how my leave is going, I've had to confess that I've been spending way too... (More...)

Productive day

Today I spent a few hours pre-cleaning before the cleaners got here--the level of clutter was such that they would... (More...)

State of the vacation

An update on how my leave has been going: It's been a weird week. I've been mostly getting plenty of... (More...)

On leave

My company doesn't have sabbaticals per se any more, but they do allow people to take extended unpaid leave, with... (More...)


Was feeling a little unwell at work today; came home in the early afternoon, figuring I would rest a little... (More...)

Welcome back, self

I wrote this on November 15, 2013, but never posted it. I'm posting it now as backstory for another post... (More...)

Assorted updates

I feel like there are dozens of things I want to post here, but I have a lot of time-sensitive... (More...)

Sad week

Tomorrow will be the eleventh anniversary of the day my father was killed. As is often the case this time... (More...)

Living in the future: Floppies

In one of the boxes I pulled out of the garage a couple weeks ago, there were 100+ 3.5" floppy... (More...)

The garage, and what I found there

Poking through boxes in the garage this evening, looking for a box of books that might or might not exist,... (More...)

Hawai`i trip so far

Kam and I wanted to go someplace warm in February (yes, California is pretty warm in February, but still), and... (More...)

See you in S C U B A

Last March, I went Snuba diving and ended up loving it. (Snuba is sort of like scuba with training wheels;... (More...)

General updates

Happy 2016, everyone! I have been woefully remiss in posting here of late. I've been posting much more often to... (More...)

New glasses, same as the old glasses

Over the past few years, the shape of glasses that I prefer has been getting harder to find. Last year,... (More...)

General updates

Been a little scattered and withdrawn lately. Here are some notes on what I've been up to: Finally saw a... (More...)


Woke up at 5 this morning, from an anxiety dream in which Arthur was chastising me for not having finished... (More...)

Updates: Knee, sleep, travel, books, etc

A few assorted life updates: My knee injury has continued to heal, but still very slowly. But at least the... (More...)

So far this morning

Today would've been my mother's 72nd birthday. Hard to imagine her at 72. As usual, here's a link to some... (More...)

Knee injury

Was helping transport KB and T from one place to another, so I carried three-year-old T down some steps. Safely... (More...)

Life updates

And yet again, two weeks have gone by without a post from me here. What've I been up to? Day... (More...)


Today is a downtime day. Last night, after some work on a Mysterious Project that went quite well, I got... (More...)

Today's plan

What I ought to do today: House cleaning, prep for upcoming travel, some overdue day-job stuff, respond to emails, run... (More...)

Good weekend

This weekend went surprisingly well in various ways: I completed something like a dozen to-do items that I had been... (More...)

Birthday week so far

Pro: Am in Hawaiʻi. Con: My suitcase didn't arrive on my flight, and the airline person wasn't even a little... (More...)

Status update and FOGcon

Spent the weekend at FOGcon, as planned. It went fairly well. Friday afternoon, I took a half-day off and headed... (More...)

My emotional state

A couple weeks ago, I sat down to write a blog entry about how I was doing with regard to... (More...)

Mary Anne's cancer posts

Mary Anne was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm having a hard time writing about it right now, but if... (More...)


My back is still intermittently hurting. Sudden onset on Sunday afternoon for no apparent reason; saw a doctor Tuesday; it's... (More...)

The mystery of the untended blog

I don't know why I haven't been posting here lately. Been busy, and sick, and tired. But have been posting... (More...)

Techno-renewal and other life updates

Last week was fairly difficult for a variety of reasons, but it ended pretty well. After difficult-family-anniversary stress on Tuesday,... (More...)

State of the Jed

I meant to write a bunch of long-delayed blog entries while on vacation last week, but it somehow never happened,... (More...)

Interim entry

I posted here a whole bunch toward the beginning of WorldCon, mostly about the Hugos, and then switched to Facebook... (More...)

Assorted notes, loosely connected to Sara

A few notes more or less pertaining to Sara: On Thursday, driving home from the memorial service for Sara, I... (More...)

How not to ask neighbors to help with termite issues

Empty house next door is getting termite-fumigated. The fumigation company has sent me a “Neighbor's Permission Form” that tells me... (More...)


I've been having an increasingly hard time with noise levels at sf conventions and restaurants and such lately. (Before I... (More...)

WisCon: general

My WisCon was pretty good overall, but also stressful and tiring. The very difficult situation at work that I mentioned... (More...)

Equilibrium gained and lost

Home from WisCon. Tired. It's 11:20 p.m. in Mountain View, but I'm more or less on Central time, so it... (More...)


I was going to say it's been a difficult week, but then I remembered that there've also been plenty of... (More...)

Musing about setting goals and establishing habits

About a year and a half ago, I started flossing regularly. I had been told to floss since I was... (More...)

Birthday week

I was going to try to do my usual birthday-week thing this week, spreading out fun stuff over the course... (More...)

Assorted updates

I feel like I haven't posted a general life update here in ages. Partly that's because I have half a... (More...)

Mood swingy

(For anyone missing the context: Today is the 33rd anniversary of my mother's death, and it would've been my father's... (More...)

What I've been up to (and why I've been glum)

Have spent most of the past week doing webmastery kinds of things for last night's launch of Jaggery, Mary Anne's... (More...)

Weekend plan

For once, I have no social plans at all this weekend. So I'm gonna stay home and try to make... (More...)

Assorted updates

A few assorted life updates: Day job I've been at my current day job for nine years as of today.... (More...)

Half-asleep update

Spent the past few days at the writing retreat, mostly writing but also hanging out with cool folks. Monday afternoon,... (More...)

In the wilds of the North Bay

Starting today, I'm at a writing retreat on the Russian River. I'm hoping to get some fiction written over the... (More...)


A friend posted a while back about anxiety meds greatly improving their quality of life. And some of the anxiety... (More...)


Friday night, I belatedly remembered that I have strategies and techniques for improving my mood. So I rewatched a Gilmore... (More...)

Sad and tired for no clear reason

This has been a rough week for several of my friends, for a variety of reasons. It's been a rough... (More...)


And just like that, another three weeks have gone by since my last substantive blog entry. And I'm not sure... (More...)

I still exist

I seem to have mostly dropped off this blog for for the past two or three weeks, and I hadn't... (More...)

Self-improvement updates

It's been seven weeks since my “Forward motion” post about various largely unplanned self-improvement projects that I had embarked on.... (More...)


This week has been kinda stressful. I'm extremely conflict-averse, and in a normal week I might have minor conflicts with... (More...)

Some gang after agley than others

Last night, I finally worked out my plan for today: as a sort of birthdayish thing, Kam and I were... (More...)

Forward motion

It didn't start out to be a Thing; it's not like I sat down and said “I will now Work... (More...)

Awash in paper

Various things from the past couple of months have motivated me to finally get moving on dealing with the paper-drifts... (More...)

Lacking in kilter

It's been an odd week. I've continued to be generally glum and mullygrubbish and irritable. But there've been good parts.... (More...)


I've been exhausted and mopey and cold (I know, I know, Californians don't get to complain about cold, but the... (More...)

Trying new stuff

It occurred to me not long ago that now that I'm no longer doing magazine stuff, I could do any... (More...)

Life update

Huh—I've been absent from posting for almost two weeks. What's been up with me: The main thing is that about... (More...)

Long day, long week

I set aside today to work on magazine coding. There's still some database work to be done before I'll be... (More...)

Boston so far

Some assorted notes on my Boston trip so far: I seem to have neglected to mention here that I'm in... (More...)

Day of unexpectedness

As this was the first weekend in a while when I wasn't traveling, I figured it would be a good... (More...)

That kind of week

The kind of week where I started to write a blog entry last night about this week's technofailure, and after... (More...)


On Saturday or so, I developed a bit of a sore throat. On Sunday, I flew to upstate New York... (More...)

Return of the once-a-week blogger

Last week was more difficult than I'd expected. Stepping down from SH fiction editing is absolutely the right thing for... (More...)

A veritable paucity of entries

Huh. I've only posted here three times in the past month, and not at all in the past two weeks.... (More...)


Wow, it’s apparently been two weeks since I posted here. FOGcon was good. It was great to get some time... (More...)

General update

Haven't really been up to blogging lately, so I guess it's time for an update. Been pretty much totally swamped... (More...)

Vacation so far

Yesterday morning, finished packing and got in cab to airport. Trying new cab company whose office is a couple blocks... (More...)

Bibs and Bobs

Had a social weekend. Ended up canceling one dinner invitation last week due to illness and two others (sort of)... (More...)

Assorted updates

Been over a week since I posted anything here, and quite a while before that since I posted a life... (More...)

Long week

I decided sometime early this week that it was time to get my to-do list under control. I checked off... (More...)

That was the month that was

I haven't been posting much lately, have I? In particular, it looks like I haven't posted any life updates here... (More...)

Unnoticed health pattern

I went to the doctor for a physical yesterday—no particular reason, just decided it was time for a checkup. Everything... (More...)

Six years

My father was killed six years ago today. Anniversaries of deaths are often difficult for me, but I'm mostly doing... (More...)

Visits, a wedding, and other updates

Somehow in the past couple weeks' worth of entries here I've managed to completely neglect to mention seeing Tempest and... (More...)

Cold update

Went to see a doctor yesterday. (Technically a Physician's Assistant.) She told me the following: It can't be just a... (More...)

Cold report, day 40

Short version of this entry: I'm still sick. Woe! Pity me, for I am piteous! Or maybe pitiful. This cold... (More...)

Considering changing blog name to Placeholder Blog

I feel like I haven't posted much of anything substantial here, except for one entry that was an accident and... (More...)

Still sick, still busy

I'm just about to reach the end of the third week of this cold. It keeps looking like it's about... (More...)

Busy and sick

Haven't blogged much this year. So far, I've spent the entire year sick (this is the cold that set in... (More...)


Picked up another sore throat on Thursday or so. Didn't feel so good for most of Friday; got some under-the-hood... (More...)

So social

The week of the 12th to the 18th ended up being a pretty rough week; I spent much of the... (More...)

My new look

The last time I shaved off my beard was 1997. It was for our New Year's 1947 party. Our... (More...)


I have been unaccountably cheerful for no clear reason this morning. A few of the factors that might've contributed: Still... (More...)

Happiness tracking

Heard a couple weeks ago about a group at Harvard that's doing various kinds of research on happiness. And I... (More...)

The cold that's going around

Yesterday at work, my new manager mentioned that some of her family members seemed to be getting the cold I've... (More...)

Sick, tired, and spammed

My blogs came under heavy comment-spam attack tonight—looks like I got about 700 spam comments in the past four hours,... (More...)

Back at work

My leave of absence is over. Went back to work on Monday. Spent Monday and Tuesday mostly catching up on... (More...)

Sleep etc

I was actually sleeping pretty well for most of the time between my return from Chicago and my flight to... (More...)

Another Boston-visit update

Tuesday: Attended lovely roundsing. A little unusual: a higher than usual percentage of attendees could sight-sing, so we weren't as... (More...)

Boston trip so far

Looks like it's been forever since I posted a life-update entry. Not a lot's been up lately—mostly sitting around at... (More...)

Things I did yesterday

Saturday, when Kam picked me up at the airport, she suggested that we could go to a hardware store that... (More...)

Chicago week so far

Occurs to me that I haven't really posted about my visit here since I arrived. It's been kind of a... (More...)

Redwoods, beach, kitesurfing

Today Jim (did I mention Jim M is visiting?) and I wandered southward a bit. The original plan was to... (More...)

Home safe

Don't know when or if I'll write up more about WorldCon. Some good stuff, some not-so-good stuff. Overall glad I... (More...)


Susan's wedding is imminent, so I was coming to New York anyway; and then I realized that since I was... (More...)

On leave!

I've been feeling a little burned out at work lately. About a year ago, as my fifth anniversary on the... (More...)

Sudden travel!

A couple of days ago, I was chatting with Mary Anne, and asked if she was doing anything fun for... (More...)

Assorted updates

When last we left me, it was a week ago and I had stayed home sick from work. Thursday was... (More...)

Sick day

Didn't get enough sleep again last night. Later, was preparing to head in to work, and suddenly started feeling generally... (More...)

Social day

Today (Sunday): Had brunch with Karen K and her mother. Drove to East Bay. Hung out with Beth & Catie... (More...)

Days keep going by

It looks like last I wrote anything about what's been up with me was a week and a half ago.... (More...)


This morning, I attended a meeting wherein I heard about some interesting forthcoming projects. Later, I made some useful progress... (More...)


Some days are the kind of day where you're grumpy and irritable, and you know that some of the things... (More...)

En route

Let me describe the past week. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Spent three days in Chicago,... (More...)

Dramatic much, Jed?

Got some sleep—still not enough, but over six hours, which is more than I've had since Friday—and am feeling a... (More...)

Weekend update

Things I bought today included shoelaces, a belt, pizza, groceries, a suitcase, and a suit. I was thinking a couple... (More...)

Not much blogging lately

Last week there was taxes and trying to get caught up on magazine stuff; then Stephanie has been visiting for... (More...)

Tax at midnight taxes, I moan

Doing taxes. Feh. Started to write up long detailed account here, realized I'm too sleepy and it doesn't matter anyway.... (More...)

The mystery of the midnight knock

Went to sleep around 2 a.m. last night, after thinking to myself how nice it was that my house is... (More...)

Social week

Last weekend: Friday was Cirque du Soleil; Saturday I did a bunch of poking through old files (I think), then... (More...)

Running away to watch the circus

Kam and I went to Cirque du Soleil's Ovo this evening. It was a really good show. They didn't have... (More...)

Productive day

Today I bought a toilet, and Breht came and installed it. So the guest bathroom is working again. I also... (More...)

Some good stuff this week

There have been good things this week. For example, there was hot-tubbing. And today I got to see a fun... (More...)

Not the best week ever

Spent the week kind of wandering around in a daze. Recovered my usual sleep patterns after Monday, but never really... (More...)

Ready to start my day

I went back to bed a little after noon today—and spent the next hour and a half unable to fall... (More...)


Was just thinking yesterday that it's nice that my longtime sleep problems (inability to fall asleep, waking up after too... (More...)

Doing okay, mostly

Today's the fifth anniversary of my father's death. I had intended to spend some of this weekend fixing some problems... (More...)

Curse you, snow!

Snowpocalypse 2010, part III (or is it IV by now?), has claimed another travel-plan victim. My friend Stephanie was going... (More...)


Dropped Jim off at the airport yesterday morning. Picked up groceries, came home, worked at home. Today, intended to go... (More...)

A little fragile

I've been a little frayed lately, a little more likely than usual to react badly to small inconveniences or annoyances,... (More...)


I'm dizzier than Miss Lizzie, dizzier than Dean, dizzier than Gillespie. Woke up this morning, sat up in bed, and... (More...)

Bits and pieces

The past few days have passed in something of a daze. Some assorted notes: Friday was something of an emotional... (More...)

What I've been up to, November 2009 edition

I last posted a life update a week and a half ago. Since then: Had a lovely long dinner+conversation with... (More...)

The night has been long, ditto ditto my song

Let's try that again. The past couple weeks have been kind of a blur. Or a daze. Or a dazed... (More...)

Tired, maybe sick?

I've been wiped out all week. Last night, stayed at WFC too late; came home happy but with a worn-out... (More...)

What I've been up to, October 2009 edition

Just noticed that it's been over a month since I've posted a life update. Not a whole lot going on,... (More...)

What I've been up to

Been a while since I've posted anything about what I've been doing. Not really sure where the first half of... (More...)

Epic hailstorm or neighborhood animal roof party?

Last night around midnight, I went to bed, so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open. Sometime in the... (More...)

Weak, summery

Quick recap of last week: Saturday night: Returned from Acadia to Boston. Sunday: Hung out at Michael & Lisa's. (Thanks... (More...)

Et in Acadia ego (part 2)

Thursday, as noted at the end of part one, we went whale-watching, on a tour run by Bar Harbor Whale... (More...)

Et in Acadia ego (part 1)

(I think Kendra was the one who suggested the pun I'm using as the title of this entry, shortly after... (More...)

In Maine!

On Friday, I flew to Boston. Stayed Friday night at Kendra & Jere7my's place; in the morning, we drove up... (More...)


Kam and I flew up to Washington on Friday. The original plan had been to attend J&S's wedding on Saturday... (More...)

Not leaving the house

Two days after that Shakespeare Santa Cruz performance, I flew to Chicago for a long weekend. Helped Mary Anne &... (More...)

Another life update

The previous entry didn't really say much about what I've been up to. Some notes: Spent most of the week... (More...)

What I've been up to

It's been a couple of weeks since my last life-update post. I don't feel like much has been going on,... (More...)

Assorted updates

It's been over a week since I posted anything substantive. Time for some updates: Moved my couches into my living... (More...)

Some writing, some reading/listening

Took a break from magazine stuff to wander over to the East Bay for a writing-in-a-café afternoon. Wrote 1600+ words... (More...)

I have a house!

Remember how the other day I wrote about not wanting to talk about house stuff to keep from jinxing it?... (More...)

Sleepily home

Made it home safely from my New York/Swarthmore trip. Overall a pretty good trip (despite the technical difficulties), due mostly... (More...)

Shapes of days

My days this week have had a certain pattern to them: Wake up too early, after too little sleep. Lie... (More...)

Zeppelins and other air travel

It occurred to me Saturday morning that I had no idea how to dress for a zeppelin ride. I could... (More...)


Mostly not having a particularly birthday-y week, but having a reasonably productive one. Today, for example, I installed a new... (More...)

Awake, awake

The past few weeks, I've been having big mood swings, and having a hard time focusing or getting things done.... (More...)

To sleep and cry in LA (baby remix)

Entry title, of course, refers to the famous movie about a fearless baby who will stop at nothing to get... (More...)

Skating, kids, etc

Drove up to Santa Rosa today for college friend G's birthday party. Spent most of the drive up listening to... (More...)


Thanks for the notes and comments yesterday. Appreciated. Spent much of yesterday watching Gilmore Girls, as expected. Good stuff. Lots... (More...)

Assorted TV

I'm kinda swamped, and possibly a little sick, and definitely tired, and not really up to coping with much of... (More...)

"Destruction and Discord!" said the Pins and Needles

Sure seems like a lot of stressful stuff happening lately. There's the big-picture world-news stuff, of course: Sri Lanka at... (More...)


Three weeks ago, I cleaned most of the house, excepting my room (and didn't finish various things, like vacuuming). I'm... (More...)

Desk chair

I've had a semi-broken desk chair at home for years. A friend's company was getting rid of a bunch of... (More...)

Clean clean

Today, after some preliminary procrastination, I cleaned the house. With some exceptions. The guest room is in pretty good shape,... (More...)

My sink is empty

At some point this afternoon, I managed to put the computer down and go do dishes. Got nearly everything either... (More...)

As the year winds down

As of this evening, I have the next couple weeks off work. We're almost all done with magazine stuff for... (More...)

Will no one rid me of this troublesome cough?

I've had this cold for two weeks now, and the cough for most of that time, and I'm ready to... (More...)

Still alive

Had dinner with Pam & Arthur & Ray & Robbie (who's about to turn 2); got home, decided to give... (More...)

A cough is just a cough

Last night, I did work stuff 'til 9ish, then magazine stuff for a few hours, and then went to bed,... (More...)


Suddenly acquired a cold, or maybe something flu-like, on Thursday morning. I think it had been slowly building over the... (More...)

Chicago trip

Wrote most of this entry a week ago, but failed to finish and post it. Headed off to Chicago midday... (More...)

Another rushed note

Been generally stressed and swamped lately, but what else is new? I probably ought to put together a form journal... (More...)


I've been reading (and re-reading) Joan Aiken's Armitage-family stories in occasional spare moments, and still enjoying them. Yay! But I... (More...)

Somewhat gladdened but exhausted

I was very pleased that today featured Connecticut's first same-sex marriages. Go, CT! No time or energy to say more.... (More...)


Went to a birthday party on Saturday, then went on an Adventure Sail on the Lady Washington on Sunday. The... (More...)

This and that, part 2

(I retroactively decided to split this entry into two pieces, due to sheer length. I hope it doesn't cause any... (More...)

This and that

Previously, on Jed's Life: I've spent almost all of my outside-of-work time for the past week-plus doing database stuff for... (More...)

Productive, more or less

Today I completed the first 15 items on my to-do list. (Plus a few other things that weren't on the... (More...)

Sleepy miscellany

I owe a bunch of you email. I'm sorry about that. I'll try and get to it soon. The answers... (More...)


Friday night, Kam and I watched the season premiere of Sarah Connor (good but not great), and an episode of... (More...)


Finished up something on the computer this morning, went off to shower. My towel was wet. "That's odd," I thought;... (More...)


Friday evening, Kam and I watched National Treasure 2. It was fun and silly; perhaps not quite as much fun... (More...)

Made it home, eventually

I'm home, thank goodness. After my previous status-update entry, I did go try to get onto the flight to SFO,... (More...)

Home safe, but a little freaked out

Flight home was largely uneventful. Kam picked me up at the airport, and we went to a new Ethiopian place... (More...)

Social and nonsocial

Been an odd past couple weeks. Got back from Alumni Weekend (which was, of course, very social) the evening of... (More...)


Grumpy. Irritable. Snappish. Defensive. Annoyed. Put-upon. Frustrated. Tense. Yup, it's official: I got me a serious case of the mullygrubs.... (More...)

Clarification and update

I was posting my previous entry from my iPhone and wanted to get to sleep so didn't go into enough... (More...)

Home safe

Largely unremarkable travel day today. Except: most of the way through the second leg of my flight, I reached for... (More...)


Hoping to post a WisCon wrapup/summary soonish, but this ain't it. Last night around 2:30 a.m. I decided to head... (More...)

Hiding in plain sight

Yesterday, I needed a tape measure so I could cut a hole in my new bookcase to accommodate an electrical... (More...)

Productive but not productive enough

I had a fairly productive weekend, but still didn't come close to getting everything on my to-do list done, which... (More...)

Bring out the Ultrasonic Nebulizer!

I don't recall having heard the term "ultrasonic nebulizer" before a couple of weeks ago, but ever since I noticed... (More...)

Still sick

I was feeling significantly better on Monday, but then the cold got worse on Tuesday, and continued to get worse... (More...)


Didn't mean to leave people feeling sorry for me (due to my previous entry, about being sick) over the weekend.... (More...)

Sick; also tired

Sometime around this past Sunday or Monday, I developed a sore throat; also, half my nose is clogged up, and... (More...)

Street closure explanation

A week and a half ago, I came home to find my block cordoned off by the police. I kept... (More...)

Weekend update

Thanks for the notes and comments on my entry about my father the other day. They helped. That evening, Kam... (More...)

Frustration and awe

Some notes on Saturday: Got my Hugo ballot in, just barely. Unfortunately, I ended up without enough time to read... (More...)

Unexpected street closure

Last night, I biked home from work, only to find my whole block cordoned off by the police. (This is... (More...)


I went on an offsite this evening with co-workers: "indoor skydiving," a.k.a. a vertical wind tunnel, at iFly over in... (More...)


I'm hoping to travel to Mexico next month, but my passport expired last March. Finally got around to applying for... (More...)


I've once again been in that easily irritated state where minor annoyances can send me off into apocalyptic fits of... (More...)

Welcome to 2008!

As I remarked to Kam an hour or so ago, there's been a fair bit of good stuff this year... (More...)

Nice long weekend

Spent much of the weekend proper hanging out with Twig. (Including watching James Cagney in The Public Enemy on, what,... (More...)

Home alone

About a week ago, I announced that I wanted to make sure that I got enough alone-time this week. And... (More...)

What's up with me

The past few weeks have been kinda rough, though with some very good spots. Three weeks ago at work, for... (More...)

My weekend

I spent the seventeen and a half hours from Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. to Saturday at noon roughly as... (More...)

Still here

A couple of people have remarked on my silence of late--I've posted only five journal entries in the past two... (More...)

Erratic and irritable

This hasn't been the best of weeks. Neither have the past couple of weeks. Been sick, and haven't had enough... (More...)

One damn thing after another

As I noted the other day, I spent all Saturday morning fixing a problem with our submission form. I then... (More...)

The midnight blogger blogs again!

Last weekend, I attended a birthday/housewarming party, and saw some cool folks I haven't seen in years. But I got... (More...)

Quick updates

Sorry not to post much lately. The memorial on Saturday was good. More on that later, I hope. Sunday I... (More...)

Home safe

Made it home, only about three hours later than planned. (Flight delays.) Had a couple hours to check email and... (More...)


In cloudy Issaquah we lay our scene. I flew up last night, and am staying at the Larkspur Landing as... (More...)

Productivity and thunderstorms, baby

I did very little magazine work while I was in Boston. In the past two days, though, I've read about... (More...)

Nobody but the baby

I'm sitting on Mary Anne & Kevin's couch, reading and rejecting and editing stories while Kavya sleeps nearby. (More...)

Brief update

Con is now over. I have notes that I may type up at some point, but then again I may... (More...)

A few more notes

I neglected to say in my previous Boston entry: many thanks for the hospitality, to all who put me up... (More...)

Still here

Dear Journal, I'm sorry I've been neglecting you lately. (Note added later: somewhere around here is where I lost track... (More...)

Life updates

I've been a little glum and a bit stressed lately. My grandmother's health hasn't been so good for the past... (More...)


I'm up in Washington to see Grandma for Mother's Day. Jay and Holly suggested this visit a while back, but... (More...)

A few notes on my week

My original plan was that I would spend most of this week working on stuff, mostly magazine stuff. I had... (More...)

Mostly asleep

Spent most of yesterday and today at Kriti. Going pretty well, though not as many attendees as one might hope.... (More...)

Recent daze

I have no idea what I've been up to lately. I'll try and reconstruct some of it. I guess Friday... (More...)

Week, movies, socializing, books, travel, etc

I never did get around to writing here about the tall ships. I would still like to, but the chances... (More...)


The week just zipped past. Some assorted bits of it: "Pop! Goes My Heart" ran through my head for about... (More...)


At various times, there were three different plans for various people coming over Friday evening. I eventually cancelled all of... (More...)


Thanks for the notes yesterday. The day was mostly fine, though every once in a while something would go wrong... (More...)


Things still ultra-busy at work. Too many submissions still arriving at home. Sleep still elusive, or rather fragmentary--still waking up... (More...)

Weekend update

A few things I did this weekend: Washed, dried, folded, and put away four loads of laundry, plus the pile... (More...)


Attended Mary Anne's baby shower yesterday. Fun, and good to see various people I haven't seen in much too long.... (More...)

Life like a dream

Ever have one of those dreams where you look at the clock and it's noon and you have to be... (More...)

Mary Anne's news

A couple of people have asked recently, so for those who haven't been keeping up with Mary Anne's journal, I'll... (More...)

Long but good day

Jay and Holly came to lunch at work today; we met up with an old friend of theirs who works... (More...)

Books etc

Too sleepy to write much--I've been staying up past 2 most nights recently, but tonight I'm suddenly exhausted. But wanted... (More...)

Computer game day

Today's been a day full of computer games. I took a vacation day, 'cause Mary Anne was here. We were... (More...)


I barely budged from the computer all weekend, except for some forays into other things that needed doing around the... (More...)

General notes, plus more Crusie

Sometimes I am a little grumpy and a little glum, due mostly to having been sick on and off for... (More...)

Mood swings

Had various invitations to Thanksgiving dinner for today, but although they were tempting, I ended up declining all of them.... (More...)

Eight hours

Slumber is still more sweet than toil, or so I hear. (More...)

Travel, comics, TV, spam, Halloween, birthdays

Sorry so out of touch lately. I have dozens of things I want to post about, as always, but somehow... (More...)


I've been meaning to mention for a couple weeks now that Kam has some exciting news: she passed her EMT... (More...)

Immunity, traffic, anniversary

Got a call from the doctor this afternoon: turns out I am in fact immune to measles. So I must... (More...)

Assorted updates

Spent all day Thursday flying to Boston. Read SWAPA (an APA I'm in) most of the way, plus a little... (More...)

Assorted updates

I once again find myself struck with blogging paralysis--too many things I want to write about, not enough time to... (More...)


Am very tired. Quick update, then off to bed. (Ever notice how when I say "quick" I mean "only a... (More...)


You'd think that if I were traveling across the country to a wedding, I might, for example, find out who... (More...)

Sleepy update

Sorry so little journaling lately. (And I've been even more remiss over at Neology. I do still plan to get... (More...)


For the past two days, my cable modem has been intermittently stopping working for several hours at a time, then... (More...)


I've been regaining contact with old friends in a variety of ways lately. For example, a few weeks back my... (More...)

Black & white

No, this isn't my entry in blog-against-racism week; I'm afraid that entry probably won't happen this week. This is just... (More...)

Clean and treeless

Things seem to be going pretty much according to plan so far. Which is to say, I got the books... (More...)

The plan for this coming week

If all goes according to plan during the next week, the following things will happen (among others): I'll get the... (More...)

Still here

Mary Anne pointed out that I haven't posted since shortly after my arrival in Chicago last weekend. I've been intermittently... (More...)

Weekend update

Some things I did this weekend, including several that I had not planned to do, in no particular order: Spent... (More...)