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A bunch of my Facebook friends are doing the thing where they temporarily replace their profile photo with an image... (More...)

Bra colors?

On Facebook yesterday, a bunch of my friends posted status messages containing only a color name. Or, in some cases,... (More...)

19th-century meme

You know those questionnaires that get circulated through the blogosphere, a list of questions (about likes and dislikes and such)... (More...)


An assortment of mostly cute photos, mostly of animals: JustALittleGuy, which is sort of like Cute Overload except that the... (More...)


So enough about pirates. As I was walking back to my desk this evening, I saw a guy dressed somewhat... (More...)


Arr, me hearties! Today was, of course, Talk Like a Pirate Day, as I'm sure you all knew. One of... (More...)

Enneagram meme

Supergee points to a two-question "Quick and Painless Enneagram Test." The Enneagram being (among other things) yet another model of... (More...)

Which "Other City" Should You Live In?

In case you don't have a copy of The Book of All Cities, there's now a quiz that allows you... (More...)