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Fixing the garbage disposal

The most important thing I learned in high school stage tech was a paradigm. I usually phrase it this way:... (More...)

Magic to do

Yesterday, Kavi was blowing bubbles in a glass of water, using a straw. This morning, she again had a glass... (More...)


A couple of people have indicated that I should explain what poi are. Sorry about the lack of context. For... (More...)

Strange blue attractor

Kam took a couple of movie clips of me spinning glow poi in the dark the other night, but there... (More...)

Underhand weave

A couple weeks ago, it occurred to me that the three-beat poi-spinning weave I had learned involved spinning the poi in the "overhand" direction, and that it ought to be possible to do a variant on the same thing in the underhand direction. (More...)

Father's Day plus assorted miscellany

Belated happy Father's Day to all y'all fathers! I hope you had a splendid day. My day was okay. Slow... (More...)

Weaving poi

Forgot to mention: at the party on Sunday night, we got out the glow poi and Gerry taught me the... (More...)

Items: Video

Links to a bunch of cool online video items, for your delectation and enjoyment. Some of these require Flash; some... (More...)

Poi spin pondering

I wrote about my first interactions with poi (the spinning-balls-on-ropes activity, not the taro-root food) back in April of 2004.... (More...)

Another disappearing weekend

Been a while since I've posted anything personal, hasn't it? Some assorted updates: First, I apologize for all those items... (More...)

Things done and undone

I started reading a submission just now and realized that I wasn't awake enough to read it, even though it... (More...)

Juggling soreness

Tuesday I went to the weekly juggling session at work. I used to go every week, but the past few... (More...)

A few good things

Some good things that've happened recently: Had lunch with Susan G, whom I hadn't seen in much too long. Had... (More...)

Missing week

I got sick a little over a week ago, and although there've been days of non-sickness mixed in during that... (More...)

Items: Keep the objects moving

Three more or less unrelated items of varying levels of interactivity: Thomas Dietz juggling video #10. Even the people who... (More...)

Yesterday at work

Turns out a bunch of the writers at work use Dreamweaver, or are interested in doing so. They've been asking... (More...)

Items: Shifting paradigms

Feeling a little better than yesterday, but still not up to going to work. Yesterday I didn't do nearly enough... (More...)

Nonpolitical (personal, minor) good news

Some things that've made me happy lately: At World Fantasy Con this past weekend, half a dozen people I didn't... (More...)

Checking in

Been busy. Saturday was Kam's birthday party in the park; a bunch of cool people, sunshine after a morning of... (More...)

Swing time

A day of many mood swings; lots of ups and downs. Tonight after dinner, got mopey and stressed, but Kam... (More...)

Circus circus

(Is "Circus circus" the genus and species name of the common Circle?) It seems to be a circus weekend. Kam... (More...)