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Speed up, slow down, repeat

Something that happens surprisingly often when I'm driving on the freeway: I'm in lane 2 (where lane 1 is the... (More...)

Peeve: How young is a "young girl"?

I keep seeing the phrase “young girl” used in all sorts of contexts. It almost always bugs me, because it... (More...)

All these worlds are yours except Europa and Titan and maybe some others

As Chekhov once said, if in the first act you have Europa or Titan, then in the following one it... (More...)

Don't spam the editors

Here's another piece of advice for writers. (Or anyone else, but writers are who I see doing this.) When you're... (More...)

Another disappearing weekend

Been a while since I've posted anything personal, hasn't it? Some assorted updates: First, I apologize for all those items... (More...)

Peeve: Stereopsis and depth perception

I see this regularly in stories, but I also hear people say it regularly in real life, and I just... (More...)