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Why I'm giving up on DoorDash

TL;DR: This is another over-long customer service rant from Jed, this time explaining why I won't be using DoorDash again... (More...)

Yay, PG&E!

Yay PG&E customer service! Got home tonight, in a pretty good mood for the first time in a while, and... (More...)

Amazingly good comiXology customer support

That was astonishingly good customer support. I sent a support-request email to comiXology (maker of various comic-reading apps for iOS)... (More...)

So far this morning

Today would've been my mother's 72nd birthday. Hard to imagine her at 72. As usual, here's a link to some... (More...)

Thanks to Matt at Things tech support

I've been using the task-list-management app Things since 2009. It's far from perfect, but it's the only to-do-list software that... (More...)

Great customer service: Victorinox

A month or two ago, I noticed that one of the wheels on my suitcase was broken. The outer layer... (More...)

How not to ask neighbors to help with termite issues

Empty house next door is getting termite-fumigated. The fumigation company has sent me a “Neighbor's Permission Form” that tells me... (More...)

We won't order gargoyles for you, but we will charge you

Remember how a couple weeks ago, I called Bloomster's (a San José florist) to find out what was up with... (More...)

The case of the missing gargoyles

Two months ago, I ordered two Campania garden gargoyles from the local retailer, a place called Bloomster's in San José.... (More...)

Freedom of Information requests are slow

It occurred to me a few years ago that it would be interesting to get ahold of my father's FBI... (More...)

Customer service angels

I had a remarkably good customer-service day yesterday. And since I complain so much about the bad incidents, I figure... (More...)

A series of unfortunate car events

Last night, shortly after I left work, the floor mat in my Prius shifted in such a way as to... (More...)

Hampton Inn 1, Best Western 0

Word to the wise: When you reserve a room at the Best Western Airport Inn in Albany, you have to... (More...)

Trying to avoid complaining

After last week's spectacularly great customer service experience with the IRS, I promised myself I would avoid complaining about customer... (More...)

Technofailure continues

This week's technology failures haven't been as bad as last week's, but they've continued to be annoying. For example, the... (More...)

This week in technology just keeps getting worse

Tonight, had a nice dinner with Bruce C, who I've known since 7th grade but haven't seen much lately. (But... (More...)

"Genius" vs. simple problem

Stopped by Apple Store this morning to get MacBook fan repaired or replaced. Was told that it would take them... (More...)

Sleep and hotels

I should note that, overall, the trip so far is going fine. I've been reasonably productive at work, and have... (More...)

Another day, another bogus security measure

Wells Fargo provides online access to mortgage accounts. That's cool, and useful. After you log in to your account, on... (More...)

Desk chair

I've had a semi-broken desk chair at home for years. A friend's company was getting rid of a bunch of... (More...)

The lost shall be found

As some of you may recall, about six weeks ago, I lost my waistpack while flying Northwest Airlines on the... (More...)

Weather delays etc

Got to the airport on schedule Sunday afternoon, checked in, got my seat assignment. The first sign of trouble was... (More...)

Moral: Don't lose things while flying Northwest

Can I just mention that the automated systems for handling customer service issues at Northwest Airlines suck? Even by my... (More...)


I am not best pleased with my optometrist's office. I went and had an eye exam two weeks ago, for... (More...)

Wacky wacky UPS

There's a package en route to me. Yesterday morning, UPS's package tracking system showed an "arrival scan" in San Pablo,... (More...)

Persistence of Smithsonian

The previous owner of my house is still on the Smithsonian catalog mailing list. As those of you who've been... (More...)

Getting-things-wrong week

The insomnia thing is back. This past year, it's been a big relief that, for the most part, despite all... (More...)

The story of my weekend (I)

Where to begin? (Begin at the beginning, proceed until you reach the end, then stop.) Thursday morning, the plan was... (More...)