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This morning's loudness

This morning started out on the wrong foot: I was awakened at 6:40 a.m. by what sounded like a very... (More...)

Louder car guy

Another one of Those anecdotes from Jed's life, plus some quasi-advice. (More...)

Assorted housing-related notes

Worked at home today, as I usually do on Wednesdays. The water was shut off for a few hours in... (More...)

Bad and good

The bad news is that the saga of Loud Car Guy continues once again. We'd reached an uneasy equilibrium: he... (More...)

Boy has no brain

It seems to me to be a bad design choice: when I get tired, my decisionmaking capacity is impaired, and... (More...)

Flies with honey

Left a note for Loud Car Guy late Sunday night, outside his apartment. Apologized for various bad behaviors on my... (More...)


I suspect I've long since passed the point of being tiresome about Loud Car Guy, but yup, this is another... (More...)

Quick sleep update

As an update to last night's entry: I slept in the living room again last night, and slept fairly well.... (More...)

May be time to move

Warning: Whiny rant follows. Over the weekend, I slept better than I have in weeks, though still not enough to... (More...)

Vacation day

J was in town and had the morning and afternoon free, and today would've been Alex's 35th birthday (some day... (More...)


Has it really been three and a half days since I last posted? Time flies. Not sure I have anything... (More...)

Wacky apartment life

Correction to earlier entry: loud-car-guy's new parking space is actually more like 20 feet from my bedroom window, not 10;... (More...)

Sleep? Never touch the stuff

Latest car-guy update: building management has worked out a compromise with him, whereby instead of parking 20 feet from my... (More...)

Distressing day

I'm not gonna go into it in detail, but here's a bit of sample dialogue from this afternoon's altercation with... (More...)


Have been fighting a cold all week. Was feeling fairly good last night, but this morning, I think it won.... (More...)


Ugh. Yesterday I left a note for the guy who was revving his motorcycle outside my window yesterday morning at... (More...)

Late to bed and early to rise

Went to bed a little after 1 a.m., had trouble getting to sleep. Probably fell asleep around 2. Was awakened... (More...)