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Another FBI-file update

In today's mail: Another envelope from the FBI! In response to my FOIA request about my father, which I filed... (More...)

FBI file, continued

It's always a little disconcerting to get an envelope from the FBI. But in this case, it was another set... (More...)

More from my father's FBI files

It was over a year ago that I received a copy of my father's FBI file, 272 pages of photocopied... (More...)

My father's FBI file

As I noted a month ago, last August I filed a Freedom of Information request to get a copy of... (More...)

Freedom of Information requests are slow

It occurred to me a few years ago that it would be interesting to get ahold of my father's FBI... (More...)

Today's birthdays: Traces and echoes

Today would've been my father's 73rd birthday. It's also the 32nd anniversary of my mother's death. I'm doing okay today... (More...)

That high-tech FBI

Yesterday, I stopped by the FBI website to find out how to file a Freedom Of Information Act request. My... (More...)