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When the Internet of Things fails

For the past three or four weeks, I've had a blizzard of technological failures. There was a period when my... (More...)

That kind of week

The kind of week where I started to write a blog entry last night about this week's technofailure, and after... (More...)


My Internet access may be spotty for the next couple days. On Thursday morning, my house suddenly lost Internet access.... (More...)

Replacing batteries

Things run down; the power cannot hold; mere entropy is loosed upon the world. Not too long ago, I finally... (More...)

WTF, Best Western + Facebook?

I was going to post saying that I'm really liking Best Western these days. But then yesterday morning, my wired... (More...)

Super superconductor demo

At some point during college, Rob S added a catchphrase to our ever-growing collection of catchphrases and slogans: "SUPERCONDUCTORS MAKE... (More...)

Now entering week 3 of technofailure

Today at work, I found out that I had missed the announcement of a change to the internal email system.... (More...)

Technofailure continues

This week's technology failures haven't been as bad as last week's, but they've continued to be annoying. For example, the... (More...)

Sleepily home

Made it home safely from my New York/Swarthmore trip. Overall a pretty good trip (despite the technical difficulties), due mostly... (More...)

O tech, here is thy sting

The latest ~entertaining~ move in the technofailure game: My MacBook has started abruptly shutting itself down. By which I mean... (More...)

Technology doesn't like me much (and I'm not so sure about it)

It occurred to me sometime in the past week or two that my latest spate of Issues has been (mostly)... (More...)

Still more technofailure

Yesterday morning, the plan was to meet Gabrielle, Ethan, and Phoebe at the Getty Villa. Gabrielle had gotten us tickets... (More...)

More technofailure

Further evidence that we've been in a region of space where technology doesn't work so well: Kam's Mac laptop has... (More...)


One of my favorite anthologies when I was a kid was the Asimov/Greenberg/Olander book 100 Great Science Fiction Short Short... (More...)