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Polyamory and friendship

I have several half-written posts about polyamory and what it means to me, but those aren't likely to be in... (More...)

Mary Anne's and my anniversary

Today is Mary Anne's and my 18th anniversary. Happy anniversary, Mary Anne! I'm not feeling creative enough to write anything... (More...)

Belated Beltane

A week ago was May 1. I meant to write something here about Kam that day, and then every day... (More...)

Sturgeon on monogamy

Theodore Sturgeon's 1951 story “Rule of Three” (spoilers!) features two tripartite energy beings who embed themselves in six humans, and... (More...)

Fourteen lines for fifteen years

Yesterday was Mary Anne's and my fifteenth anniversary. I've been thinking about relationships, and about Wendell Berry's poem “The Country... (More...)

Mary Anniversary

Today is Mary Anne's and my fifteenth anniversary. I'll be heading off to Chicago for a few days this afternoon.... (More...)

How the years go by

It occurred to me Sunday evening that it's been fifteen years (plus a week) since the end of my Wanderjahr.... (More...)

Mary Anne on graceful exits

Good stuff from Mary Anne about how to leave room for a polite no when flirting or otherwise expressing interest... (More...)

More Lost

As I've mentioned here before, Kam and I have been watching Lost, which we didn't see when it was airing.... (More...)

It was fourteen years ago today...

...that I first met Mary Anne, at the 1997 Westercon in Seattle. That was also the day that I first... (More...)

Un-acted-upon mutual attraction in fiction

Here's a situation I almost never see in fiction: Two people who are friends, or at least friendly acquaintances, find... (More...)

Happy anniversary, Mary Anne!

Woke up Sunday morning to Mary Anne's nice anniversary blog note. (Yep, it's been thirteen years.) All day, I meant... (More...)

Forgot the significance of the Fourth!

I was just looking at some old blog entries, and realized that I completely forgot something on Sunday: It was... (More...)

OKCupid questions

I stopped back by OKCupid again recently, after about three years away from it, and was reminded all over again... (More...)

Made in the light

That last entry got me poking through some old entries, and in the one about Karen K and Allen's wedding... (More...)

Shared email?

I've talked with two couples recently who read each others' email as a matter of course. (With full knowledge that... (More...)

Anniversaries Apart

I wrote the first lines of this two years ago, for our tenth anniversary, disguised as prose; but I stalled... (More...)

Happy anniversary, Mary Anne!

I've been meaning for the past 24 hours to post an anniversary note, but time has slipped away. I'm still... (More...)

How I met Mary Anne

I realized a while ago that although I had written up various versions of this story in various contexts, I've... (More...)

How I met Kam

As I've noted before, the 1st of May is not exactly Kam's and my anniversary, but it's the anniversary of... (More...)

May Day/Beltane/quasi-anniversary

Happy belated May Day/Beltane/International Workers' Day to all! And especially to Kam. (Who got up ridiculously early this morning to... (More...)

Ten years

I've been trying to write something coherent about the fact that today (Wednesday) is Mary Anne's and my tenth anniversary.... (More...)

Spammy marriage proposal

Someone I don't know posted a comment here the other day that I thought was kinda interesting, but a little... (More...)

May Day/Beltane as usual

I know it's after midnight and I've posted a ridiculous number of entries already today, but I did want to... (More...)


In addition to being Tim's birthday, today (which is to say Tuesday the 12th) was notable for a couple of... (More...)

Poly Pogo

Just came across this tidbit in old email. In the Pogo comic strip dated 13 December 1951, Churchy and Albert... (More...)

May Day

As I put it last year: Kam and I don't have an anniversary per se, but I do have fond... (More...)


At the Evanses' Christmas dinner in 2004, I saw my old friend Lola for the first time in years. (More...)


Mary Anne mentioned that yesterday was her and Kevin's thirteenth anniversary (happy anniversary!) (see also her note from last year... (More...)

Good stuff day

Assorted good stuff today (by which I mean Friday, though posted a little too late for "today" to be officially... (More...)

May Day redux

There were a couple of things I neglected to mention on May 1. First, I didn't mention a couple of... (More...)

Unwitting Cyrano

People in our workshop mix up Zed's and my names all the time, to the point where even I once... (More...)

Five years

Mary Anne and I chose December 12 as our anniversary a while back (though somewhat arbitrarily, it's true); specifically, the... (More...)

Fractal connections

So, how did A meet F? It's 'cause they both grew up in the Bay Area, right? Well, it's not... (More...)