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Delany starting-point recommendations

In the past couple years, there've been about three times when I've had occasion to suggest starting points for reading... (More...)


Kam and I saw the movie Arrival on Sunday evening. It was as good as everyone's been saying. I had... (More...)

England Swings SF, Judith Merril, and the New Wave

I'm finally reading Judith Merril's groundbreaking 1968 anthology England Swings SF. Here are some thoughts. i probably ought to... (More...)

Old review resurfaces

I recently read Voice, the latest completed volume of Carla Speed McNeil's excellent sf comic book Finder. This storyline is... (More...)

My favorite movies watched in 2015

In 2015, I watched 63 movies, down from 100+ in 2014. I came very close to completing my rewatching-all-my-old-favorites project,... (More...)

The Martian (book and movie)

A few weeks ago, I decided to take a look at the book of The Martian. I hadn't had much... (More...)

My review of Hamilton

A friend asked this morning what the deal is with this Hamilton thing. Here's what I posted in response: It's... (More...)

Updates: Knee, sleep, travel, books, etc

A few assorted life updates: My knee injury has continued to heal, but still very slowly. But at least the... (More...)

How to enjoy Terminator Genisys

I saw Terminator Genisys last night. Fortunately, Karen prepped me for it ahead of time, so I thought I'd pass... (More...)

Very Far Away from Anywhere Else

My first encounter with Ursula K. Le Guin's short YA novel Very Far Away from Anywhere Else was in college. My... (More...)

Somebody Will, again

I'm having one of those everything-is-deeply-intertwingled moments. On the way home, Ada Palmer's haunting and lovely and sad-yet-hopeful song “Somebody... (More...)


I just watched the movie Tomorrowland, and I'm surprised I haven't seen more people posting about it. It's the story... (More...)

Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage

I just picked up the printed book of The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, and so far it's regularly... (More...)

Harold and Maude

(I wrote this entry in July, but was reluctant to post it at the time. Now that I'm ready to... (More...)

The Changeling

Among my favorite books as a kid were a few by Zilpha Keatley Snyder: Black and Blue Magic; The Egypt... (More...)

Excellent feminist movie: Made in Dagenham

I just rewatched the 2010 movie Made in Dagenham. It's even better than I remembered it: feminist, laugh-out-loud funny, occasionally... (More...)

Captain America: Winter Soldier

Saw the new Captain America movie with Kam a few days ago. Short version of my reaction: I loved it.... (More...)

Day Break

At some point in the past couple years, Karen (and possibly other people) recommended a fairly obscure 2006 TV series... (More...)

Assorted updates

A few assorted life updates: Day job I've been at my current day job for nine years as of today.... (More...)

Dangerous Beauty

The other night, Kam and I watched the 1998 movie Dangerous Beauty. I had seen it before, in 1999; Kam... (More...)

Three female superheroes

I've encountered three new and interesting superhero comics featuring female protagonists in the past two months. I hope to post... (More...)

Stranger Here, and Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace

Yesterday, I read Jen Larsen's newly released memoir Stranger Here: How Weight-Loss Surgery Transformed My Body and Messed with My... (More...)

Review: Valentine's Day (the movie)

If you're looking for an intertwining-plot-threads fun sweet romantic comedy to watch on Valentine's Day, you could do worse than... (More...)

Les Miserables Calmes

(Can you tell I still don't speak French?) I finally went to see the movie of Les Miz the other... (More...)

Unstrung Heroes

I first saw the 1995 movie Unstrung Heroes in late 1996, and I liked it a lot. I bought it... (More...)


Wow, it’s apparently been two weeks since I posted here. FOGcon was good. It was great to get some time... (More...)

Imagine Me & You

A couple weeks ago, I somehow happened across a mention of a 2005 movie I had never heard of: Imagine... (More...)

2011 movies

I watched 41 movies in 2011, including 8 that I had seen before. (I rarely rewatch movies, but I've been... (More...)

My first Kindle

The latest generation of the Kindle—not the Kindle Fire, not the Kindle Touch, just the plain old Kindle—finally has the... (More...)

Review: Drive

Saw Drive on Tuesday night. What a mistake that was. I ended up writing a rather long discussion of it,... (More...)

Person of Interest and the total surveillance society

Yesterday, I watched the pilot of the new CBS show Person of Interest. It's pretty good in a variety of... (More...)

Captain America

Finally saw Captain America tonight, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Not by any means a Great Film. But fun,... (More...)

A couple of notes on The Terminal

I've had the 2004 movie The Terminal out from Netflix for a long time; finally decided last night to watch... (More...)


The NY Philharmonic recently did a production of Sondheim's Company starring Neil Patrick Harris (also featuring Stephen Colbert, Jon Cryer,... (More...)

Mini-Review: The Lost Thing (short film)

I've been reading and watching the Hugo nominees, and just got to the 15-minute-long movie The Lost Thing, based on... (More...)

Mini-review: Thor

Saw Thor last night. Overall, mostly enjoyed it. Not brilliant, and not even as much fun as the Iron Man... (More...)


My favorite movie that I watched in 2010 (and there was some tough competition!) was Tangled, which I saw in... (More...)

Crusie report

I recently finished reading the reissue of Jennifer Crusie's Trust Me on This, which means I've now read all of... (More...)

Review: P.S. I Love You

Some time ago, I saw a preview for the 2007 movie P.S. I Love You. It looked like it was... (More...)


Stephanie and I went to see Rango on Saturday night, and we enjoyed the heck out of it. It's an... (More...)

iPhone game: Scarlett and the Spark of Life

Recently played an entertaining iPhone puzzle/adventure game: Scarlett and the Spark of Life. In this game, you play Princess Scarlett,... (More...)

Great storytelling recordings, super-cheap!

Info about a bunch of excellent albums of the stories of Willy Claflin and/or Maynard Moose—and how you can buy some of them for $2 apiece. (More...)

Romance novel report

I mentioned a week ago that Sonya, in consultation with Twig, had loaned me half a dozen romance novels. These... (More...)

More TV

I've watched an unusual-for-me amount of TV lately, especially taking a look at various new shows. The one I've liked... (More...)

Mini-review: Easy A

Having seen nothing about this movie other than the poster, which didn't interest me, I wasn't planning on seeing it.... (More...)

Mini-review: Despicable Me

Friday evening, Kam and I went to see Despicable Me, and we enjoyed the heck out of it. It was... (More...)

Mini-review: Inception

Finally got around to seeing Inception on Friday afternoon. Although the previews looked promising, I went into it with somewhat... (More...)


This evening, I went to see Stomp. I've been hearing about it for years, and it was one of the... (More...)

Review: G-Force

Saw a preview for G-Force a while back, and it looked like it might be fun. Later, someone (perhaps Twig?)... (More...)

Review: Knight and Day

The previews for Knight and Day looked like fun, and I like both Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, so I... (More...)

Mini-review: Jane Eyre

Finally finished reading Jane Eyre. I originally picked it up because I wanted to read The Eyre Affair and figured... (More...)

Review: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (movie)

I saw a preview a while back of the animated kids' movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and it... (More...)

High Noon

Every so often I get it into my head to watch some of the classic Westerns that I've never seen,... (More...)

Tuck Everlasting

I read Tuck Everlasting sometime in the early '90s, I think, and loved it. (I suspect I might not have... (More...)

Review: How to Train Your Dragon

After the wedding yesterday, I was heading home when I realized that it might be a good time to finally... (More...)


I got the 1981 movie Reds from Netflix back in November, but it was well over three hours long, on... (More...)

Review: Inkheart (movie)

As many of y'all may recall, a year ago I committed the sacrilege of disliking Inkheart (the book). One of... (More...)

Review: She's the Man

Kam and I watched She's the Man last night. And loved it. For those who haven't heard of it (as... (More...)

"We provide ... Leverage."

Karen H has been talking about the TV show Leverage for a while; I finally watched an episode while visiting... (More...)


Saw previews for Push some months back, and it looked intriguing: guys with telekinesis fighting each other. I came away... (More...)


I thought I'd been hearing good things about the new movie 9, and I certainly liked the look of it... (More...)


Various friends have seen and liked Ponyo lately, but it was barely on my radar. And I must confess that... (More...)


Finally saw Juno tonight. It's fabulous: charming, funny, sweet, smart, and with just a bit of an edge. It has... (More...)

Mrs. Henderson Presents

Saw Mrs. Henderson Presents with Twig last night. Quite good, very much worth watching. Judi Dench is fabulous as always.... (More...)


Just saw Up. Lovely movie. Thoroughly charming. Contains a zeppelin. Made me cry, made me laugh. Too sleepy (and have... (More...)

Placeholder entry: Watchmen (no spoilers)

Saw Watchmen on Friday. No time for full discussion, but here's the short version of my reaction: Despite some flaws,... (More...)

Review: Igor

A few months back, I saw previews for an animated movie called Igor. It looked like fun: the premise was... (More...)


We went to see Coraline tonight. I probably wouldn't have gotten around to it this weekend on my own, but... (More...)

Review: Inkheart (book)

I saw a preview for the forthcoming Inkheart movie a few months back, and it looked like fun--and it appeared... (More...)

Slumdog Millionaire

I wasn't planning to see this movie, but somehow over the past couple days it started sounding more and more... (More...)

The Tale of Despereaux (movie)

I'd been seeing somewhat intriguing previews for this new animated movie The Tale of Despereaux, so it was already on... (More...)


Finally got around to watching Transamerica, which I've had out from Netflix for months. I kept thinking I might see... (More...)

Over the Hedge

After Xmas dinner this evening, Kam and I decided to watch something silly and fluffy, and it just so happened... (More...)

Jumper and Jumper

As I mentioned the other day, I saw the movie Jumper back in March. Back when we saw it, all... (More...)

Prince Caspian

Went to the late showing of Prince Caspian last night, 'cause I figured it may not be in theatres much... (More...)

Heathers revisited

The other night, Twig and I were trying to decide what movie to watch, and I remembered that we'd talked... (More...)

Review: Veronica Mars, season 1

Susan and Karen used to talk about how great Veronica Mars was, so a few months back, I borrowed Susan's... (More...)

Review: Torchwood, season 1

Here are some comments on each episode of season 1 of Torchwood. There are all sorts of major spoilers here.... (More...)

Review: The Golden Compass (movie)

Kam and I saw the movie of The Golden Compass tonight. There may be some minor spoilers in this entry.... (More...)

Review: I Can't Tell You

Okay, I decided to finish reading I Can't Tell You instead of editing. (It's short and moves fast.) (Like a... (More...)

Meta-review: The Triplets of Belleville

The two things that everyone mentioned about The Triplets of Belleville back when it came out were that the movie... (More...)

Review (sorta): Picnic at Hanging Rock

Last night I was in the mood to watch a movie. The only one of my Netflix movies that I... (More...)

General notes, plus more Crusie

Sometimes I am a little grumpy and a little glum, due mostly to having been sick on and off for... (More...)

Review: I, Robot (movie)

I liked it quite a bit. (More...)

What you should know ahead of time about Superman Returns

The following is a spoiler, of a sort; kind of a meta-spoiler. But I nonetheless claim that almost everyone will enjoy Superman Returns more if they know this than if they don't know it; knowing this will help you set your expectations appropriately (and most of you probably know it already anyway). However, I know some people won't want to know it, in which case don't read the rest of this entry.


Review: The Da Vinci Code

Kam and I saw The Da Vinci Code a couple weeks ago. A few thoughts and comments: I haven't read... (More...)

Tastemakers and reputable influencers

(I wrote most of this a week ago, but forgot to post it.) A while back, I was pleased and... (More...)

Review: Fantastic Four

Kam and I finally saw Fantastic Four. It was, pretty much as expected, fun fluff. Better than Daredevil (which I... (More...)

Reviewed without venom

For over three months now, I've been meaning to post a note about Liz Henry's excellent SH review of Touched... (More...)

About spoiler warnings

(This is another case where I wrote most of the entry months ago but didn't get around to posting it... (More...)

Review: King Kong

Finally got around to seeing the new King Kong. As usual, this won't be so much a review as a... (More...)

Long week

Or maybe I mean "weird week." I haven't been sleeping well, but I've been sleeping late. I've been putting in... (More...)

(Some of my) favorite novels read in 2005

My pleasure-reading this year has been kinda haphazard. I've read probably a dozen novels (not counting re-reading the Narnia books... (More...)

Review: Rent

It's been Jed's movie week. Narnia last weekend; Æon Flux Monday night; Brokeback Mountain last night (review to come later).... (More...)

Review: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Narnia movie was splendid. I went into it with very high hopes and a lot of trepidation. The hopes... (More...)

Review: Aeon Flux

Watched the new movie of Æon Flux after work this evening. The first third or so was every bit as... (More...)

Spellbound (the spelling bee movie)

Various people told me I would love this movie, but I think I just don't like documentaries much. I spend... (More...)

Review: Two Weeks Notice

Mary Anne and I went to see Two Weeks Notice as a way to reduce pressure the night before her... (More...)

Review: Adaptation

Hmm—one of the few drawbacks to the tabbed browsing in the new version of Safari is that it's too easy... (More...)

Review: The Sum of All Fears

Watched The Sum of All Fears tonight. A surprisingly good movie, at least if you don't care about being true... (More...)