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Last night, after procrastinating all day on writing up my list of recent accomplishments at work (it was due yesterday),... (More...)

Sleep update

I've had sleep issues for most of my life, but sometime in the past few years things settled down. I... (More...)


Last night, I got tired, went to bed early (for me), and fell asleep so suddenly I neglected to put... (More...)

State of the vacation

An update on how my leave has been going: It's been a weird week. I've been mostly getting plenty of... (More...)

On leave

My company doesn't have sabbaticals per se any more, but they do allow people to take extended unpaid leave, with... (More...)

Hawai`i trip so far

Kam and I wanted to go someplace warm in February (yes, California is pretty warm in February, but still), and... (More...)


Woke up at 5 this morning, from an anxiety dream in which Arthur was chastising me for not having finished... (More...)

Updates: Knee, sleep, travel, books, etc

A few assorted life updates: My knee injury has continued to heal, but still very slowly. But at least the... (More...)


Today is a downtime day. Last night, after some work on a Mysterious Project that went quite well, I got... (More...)

That syncing feeling

The problem with doing one little minor computer task late at night (like, say, "sync my new books to my... (More...)

Good weekend

This weekend went surprisingly well in various ways: I completed something like a dozen to-do items that I had been... (More...)


Yesterday, stayed home sick from work. Ended up taking 4-hour nap in afternoon, which was great but I worried it... (More...)

Assorted updates

I feel like I haven't posted a general life update here in ages. Partly that's because I have half a... (More...)

Mood swingy

(For anyone missing the context: Today is the 33rd anniversary of my mother's death, and it would've been my father's... (More...)

Sad and tired for no clear reason

This has been a rough week for several of my friends, for a variety of reasons. It's been a rough... (More...)

Life update

Huh—I've been absent from posting for almost two weeks. What's been up with me: The main thing is that about... (More...)


On Saturday or so, I developed a bit of a sore throat. On Sunday, I flew to upstate New York... (More...)

Scattered WisCon notes

WisCon ended only a few hours ago, but it's already something of a blur, so I'm gonna take a few... (More...)

Weekend awakenings

I've mostly been getting a fair bit of sleep lately, but have been tired nonetheless. And then came this weekend.... (More...)

Vacation so far

Yesterday morning, finished packing and got in cab to airport. Trying new cab company whose office is a couple blocks... (More...)

The curious incident of the cough in the night-time

Sunday and Monday nights, I woke up every one to three hours for a several-minute coughing fit. My cough syrup... (More...)

Cold report, day 40

Short version of this entry: I'm still sick. Woe! Pity me, for I am piteous! Or maybe pitiful. This cold... (More...)

The cold that's going around

Yesterday at work, my new manager mentioned that some of her family members seemed to be getting the cold I've... (More...)

Sick, tired, and spammed

My blogs came under heavy comment-spam attack tonight—looks like I got about 700 spam comments in the past four hours,... (More...)

Sleep etc

I was actually sleeping pretty well for most of the time between my return from Chicago and my flight to... (More...)

Home safe

Don't know when or if I'll write up more about WorldCon. Some good stuff, some not-so-good stuff. Overall glad I... (More...)

Sleepy bug?

On Friday evening, I came home and couldn't keep my eyes open. Napped for an hour or so. Woke up,... (More...)


Was just thinking yesterday that it's nice that my longtime sleep problems (inability to fall asleep, waking up after too... (More...)

The night has been long, ditto ditto my song

Let's try that again. The past couple weeks have been kind of a blur. Or a daze. Or a dazed... (More...)

Tired, maybe sick?

I've been wiped out all week. Last night, stayed at WFC too late; came home happy but with a worn-out... (More...)

Article on sleep problems

CNN has an interesting piece titled How to solve 9 sleep problems that provides mini case studies of various types... (More...)