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Many socials

I guess the sequence started in April? Mary Anne visited the weekend of the 7th and we went to Speakeasy.... (More...)

The non-party of the first part

I had been planning to have a birthday party this year; partly just because it's been a long time since... (More...)

Some time alone

It occurred to me yesterday morning that I'm used to spending several hours a day alone (not every day, but... (More...)

Return to Boston

A substantial number of my friends live in and near Boston; I realized some years back that it didn't really... (More...)

Do you ask people questions about themselves?

My friend L and I had been hanging out together for a few months, but they almost never asked me... (More...)


Every time anyone's asked me how my leave is going, I've had to confess that I've been spending way too... (More...)

State of the vacation

An update on how my leave has been going: It's been a weird week. I've been mostly getting plenty of... (More...)

On leave

My company doesn't have sabbaticals per se any more, but they do allow people to take extended unpaid leave, with... (More...)

General updates

Happy 2016, everyone! I have been woefully remiss in posting here of late. I've been posting much more often to... (More...)

Life updates

And yet again, two weeks have gone by without a post from me here. What've I been up to? Day... (More...)


It's been a tense week for me, mostly due to work stuff. Today, I tried all day to get myself... (More...)


I've been having an increasingly hard time with noise levels at sf conventions and restaurants and such lately. (Before I... (More...)

Assorted updates

A few assorted life updates: Day job I've been at my current day job for nine years as of today.... (More...)

Life update

Huh—I've been absent from posting for almost two weeks. What's been up with me: The main thing is that about... (More...)

Boston so far

Some assorted notes on my Boston trip so far: I seem to have neglected to mention here that I'm in... (More...)

How the years go by

It occurred to me Sunday evening that it's been fifteen years (plus a week) since the end of my Wanderjahr.... (More...)

Mary Anne on graceful exits

Good stuff from Mary Anne about how to leave room for a polite no when flirting or otherwise expressing interest... (More...)

Scattered WisCon notes

WisCon ended only a few hours ago, but it's already something of a blur, so I'm gonna take a few... (More...)

NY, reunion, sleep

Would like to blog about the New York trip I just returned from, but that's not gonna happen tonight. Maybe... (More...)

Last day to sign up for class reunion

On the off chance that anyone from my high school class reads this blog but doesn't read my Facebook posts,... (More...)

It was fourteen years ago today...

...that I first met Mary Anne, at the 1997 Westercon in Seattle. That was also the day that I first... (More...)

Home safe

Had a good trip. WisCon; Chicago; Swarthmore. Good to see people. Am unlikely to write up a full report of... (More...)

That was the month that was

I haven't been posting much lately, have I? In particular, it looks like I haven't posted any life updates here... (More...)

So social

The week of the 12th to the 18th ended up being a pretty rough week; I spent much of the... (More...)


Susan's wedding is imminent, so I was coming to New York anyway; and then I realized that since I was... (More...)

Social day

Today (Sunday): Had brunch with Karen K and her mother. Drove to East Bay. Hung out with Beth & Catie... (More...)

Social week

Last weekend: Friday was Cirque du Soleil; Saturday I did a bunch of poking through old files (I think), then... (More...)

Curse you, snow!

Snowpocalypse 2010, part III (or is it IV by now?), has claimed another travel-plan victim. My friend Stephanie was going... (More...)


Friday the 25th, afternoon: Played Carcassonne with Laura, Kam, and Naomi. Evening: Dinner at newish upscale Indian place in Mountain... (More...)

The night has been long, ditto ditto my song

Let's try that again. The past couple weeks have been kind of a blur. Or a daze. Or a dazed... (More...)

Tired, maybe sick?

I've been wiped out all week. Last night, stayed at WFC too late; came home happy but with a worn-out... (More...)

What I've been up to, October 2009 edition

Just noticed that it's been over a month since I've posted a life update. Not a whole lot going on,... (More...)

Invisible to (some) extroverts

There's a certain category of people I sometimes meet as friends-of-friends. They're smart, funny, enthusiastic, attractive extroverts who lead interesting... (More...)

Et in Acadia ego (part 2)

Thursday, as noted at the end of part one, we went whale-watching, on a tour run by Bar Harbor Whale... (More...)

Et in Acadia ego (part 1)

(I think Kendra was the one who suggested the pun I'm using as the title of this entry, shortly after... (More...)


Kam and I flew up to Washington on Friday. The original plan had been to attend J&S's wedding on Saturday... (More...)

Facebook, friends, and social networking sites

I think I joined the original Six Degrees site, way back when it first launched, just 'cause I was curious... (More...)

Space party

Turns out that it was declared a few years back that April 12 of every year is Yuri's Night, a... (More...)

May Day

As I put it last year: Kam and I don't have an anniversary per se, but I do have fond... (More...)

I should be packing

Heading up to Washington tomorrow evening for my grandmother's 98th birthday. I was going to say Tacoma, but that's not... (More...)


Here are some of the things I've done in the past week, in no particular order: finally washed some dishes... (More...)


Thursday was my last day of work for the year; we get some holidays and I'm taking some vacation days.... (More...)

Some quick updates

A few quick life updates before I head off to work: Thanksgiving was good; ate with Arthur E's family. Enjoying... (More...)

Beagle tonight in SF

Peter S. Beagle will be reading tonight in San Francisco, at the Make-Out Room, as part of Charlie Anders's "Writers... (More...)


In other news, it was a busy weekend. I went to Kam's Halloween party on Friday night, and Sonya's birthday... (More...)

Valley shrinks again; film at 11

Monday at work, someone wandered by my cube looking for a particular cube number where a new employee was supposed... (More...)

Life 'n' stuff

Somehow everything I've thought about posting lately seems simultaneously too trivial to be worth posting about and too big and... (More...)

Phone calls

I keep forgetting to mention this here: I've more or less stopped answering my home phone. Much of the time... (More...)

This and that

(Yikes! No wonder the comment-spam levels have dropped precipitously—I broke the comments-display pages for my and Mary Anne's journals a... (More...)


Warning: Long stream-of-consciousness entry impending, fresh out of chronological order. Was just poking through j7y's LJ, which among other things... (More...)

Poker face

Somehow I developed a bad habit long ago: it became important to me to not let anyone know what was... (More...)

Coming home

I have all sorts of things to write about, but for now I'll just provide an update on recent days:... (More...)

A few good things

Some good things that've happened recently: Had lunch with Susan G, whom I hadn't seen in much too long. Had... (More...)

Checking in

Been busy. Saturday was Kam's birthday party in the park; a bunch of cool people, sunshine after a morning of... (More...)

Fractal connections

So, how did A meet F? It's 'cause they both grew up in the Bay Area, right? Well, it's not... (More...)

Billy Ray who?

My co-workers had another of their semiannual-or-so karaoke nights last night, and it reminded me of what happened the one... (More...)