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Google developer documentation style guide now available!

The long-planned official blog post about the editorial style guide that I own/maintain at work has finally gone live, as... (More...)


(Sumana pointed out recently that I've been remiss in updating this blog lately. I'll try and post a catchup entry... (More...)

Repeated questions in interviews

I recently remembered something that happened when I was being interviewed for my current job, back in 2004: I think... (More...)

On leave

My company doesn't have sabbaticals per se any more, but they do allow people to take extended unpaid leave, with... (More...)


Woke up at 5 this morning, from an anxiety dream in which Arthur was chastising me for not having finished... (More...)

Attention to detail

Note to people applying for jobs: It's probably not a good idea to say, in your cover letter or resume,... (More...)

Birthday week so far

Pro: Am in Hawaiʻi. Con: My suitcase didn't arrive on my flight, and the airline person wasn't even a little... (More...)

State of the Jed

I meant to write a bunch of long-delayed blog entries while on vacation last week, but it somehow never happened,... (More...)

Tenth job anniversary

Ten years ago today, I started working at my current job. I had never stayed at one company for more... (More...)

Missing Sara and the fall leaves

Yesterday at work, I got half a dozen requests from an automated system to remove Sara's name from various permission... (More...)


When Sara went out on leave a couple of months ago, I went to see a counselor. (In fact, she's... (More...)

Bad news

I'm very sorry to say that my closest colleague at work, Sara G, has died. I'm not mentioning her full... (More...)

Assorted updates

A few assorted life updates: Day job I've been at my current day job for nine years as of today.... (More...)

Long day, long week

I set aside today to work on magazine coding. There's still some database work to be done before I'll be... (More...)

Perhaps not the best choice of birthday week

Saturday, I spent much of the day full of mullygrubs and out of sorts, for various minor reasons. Kam came... (More...)

Why I don't respond to LinkedIn requests

Some years back, I signed up for LinkedIn, because I was pleased to finally see a Social Networking Site (SNS)... (More...)

On leave!

I've been feeling a little burned out at work lately. About a year ago, as my fifth anniversary on the... (More...)

What I've been up to, October 2009 edition

Just noticed that it's been over a month since I've posted a life update. Not a whole lot going on,... (More...)

Resume review

I've been meaning for ages to write an entry about writing resumes and interviewing for jobs and so on, but... (More...)

Back to work

I have six other entries that I'm working on, mostly WisCon-related, but all I have time to actually post this... (More...)


As of today, I'm now on a leave of absence from work. Sometime around November, I started talking with my... (More...)

Google data APIs!

For those who've been wondering what I've been devoting most of my waking hours to lately: The Google Calendar data... (More...)

Long week

Assorted bits and pieces from the past week or so (some good, some not): (More...)

That kind of day

The kind of day where your sandwich falls on the floor. (More...)

Yesterday at work

Turns out a bunch of the writers at work use Dreamweaver, or are interested in doing so. They've been asking... (More...)

Billy Ray who?

My co-workers had another of their semiannual-or-so karaoke nights last night, and it reminded me of what happened the one... (More...)