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Hold the line: How best to contact Congress

Long but fascinating article about the effectiveness of various means of contacting US members of Congress. It contradicts some things... (More...)

Easy quick intro to contacting your members of Congress

Yesterday, I attended a really useful-to-me presentation titled "Activism 101: Finding your voice in government," about how to engage with... (More...)

Duolingo Spanish progress update

Every so often as I go through Duolingo Spanish lessons, I hit a wall. Right at the start, for example,... (More...)

News distortion example: AI, competition, and cooperation

An example of how news gets distorted: DeepMind, which is part of Alphabet (Google's parent company), published an interesting and... (More...)

Silence, agreement, and conflict-aversion

This is a pattern in my life: Someone tells me something. I don't agree with what they said, but I... (More...)

Control over communications in Vinge's Zones of Thought books

(Quasi-spoilers here for all three Zones books, in that if you've got this idea in your head as you read,... (More...)

The art of repeating the question on panels

We had a discussion last week on Facebook about the importance of con panelists using microphones (publicly visible post), but... (More...)

Do you ask people questions about themselves?

My friend L and I had been hanging out together for a few months, but they almost never asked me... (More...)