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Day of Remembrance for the incarceration of Japanese Americans

Today is a Day of Remembrance: the 75th anniversary of FDR's executive order to incarcerate Japanese Americans. A bunch of... (More...)


Back in January 2014, I attended folksinger John McCutcheon's annual Santa Cruz concert, a benefit (as always) for the Resource... (More...)

Lack of condemnation doesn't equal approval

I still haven't finished writing any of the real blog posts I want to write about the Hugo situation. For... (More...)

Oakland encounter

Yesterday evening, after leaving Kam's place in Oakland and putting a bunch of stuff into my car in the dark,... (More...)

Ingress: Augmented reality game

I've been playing Google's augmented-reality game Ingress intermittently for a few months now. Yesterday, I reached level 7 and (coincidentally)... (More...)

In praise of anonymity

A long discussion of anonymity and pseudonymity. (More...)