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Day of Remembrance for the incarceration of Japanese Americans

Today is a Day of Remembrance: the 75th anniversary of FDR's executive order to incarcerate Japanese Americans. A bunch of... (More...)

Five lawyers

I happened across an article about the aftermath of the marriage equality ruling at WND (formerly known as WorldNet Daily),... (More...)

Torture apologism

In the wake of the US Senate report on the CIA's use of “enhanced interrogation techniques,” plenty of prominent people... (More...)

Border searches still legal

A US judge has ruled (in agreement with various other court decisions and administrative rules) that it's still OK to... (More...)

Group discussion can result in extreme views

In 2000, the Yale Law Journal published a fascinating article by Cass R. Sunstein titled “Deliberative Trouble? Why Groups Go... (More...)

Who should recuse on Prop 8?

Riffing on something someone said a while back (in a comment on, I think, a Joe.My.God entry), here are some... (More...)

Election returns are looking good for Kamala Harris

I've been following the California Attorney General vote-counting with fingers crossed. Here's a quick recap for those who don't know... (More...)

When discriminatory US laws are constitutional

It occurs to me that some of y'all may be as unclear as I've been on why the plaintiffs in... (More...)

Waterboarding, torture, and Reagan

Two worthwhile pieces about torture: Former FBI agent Ali Soufan speaks up about the ineffectiveness of waterboarding and other related... (More...)

Best news of the week so far

NY Times says: "Justices Rule Terror Suspects Can Appeal in Civilian Courts." Here's Justice Anthony M. Kennedy in the majority... (More...)

Book-shifting day, plus the Chicago Seven trial

This morning, I went over to Pam & Arthur's to help them move furniture and books; they're rearranging a bunch... (More...)

Freedom of speech

I think most Americans are unaware of the existing limitations on freedom of speech. I used to think that freedom... (More...)