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Coraline and the perils of DRM: A case study

In 2003, on the evening when Hugo votes were due, I bought a copy-protected PDF ebook of Coraline from the... (More...)

Some links about Aaron Swartz

I didn't know Aaron Swartz, the brilliant Internet activist who committed suicide yesterday at age 26, but friends of mine... (More...)

Copyrights don't have to be defended

In the US, there are multiple kinds of intellectual property, and they're covered by multiple kinds of laws. In particular,... (More...)

Free online anthology: Thoughtcrime Experiments

I've been meaning for weeks now to link to Thoughtcrime Experiments. It's a science fiction anthology, edited by Sumana Harihareswara... (More...)

D, M C A

It just occurred to me that it would be fun to write a filk titled "DMCA," to the tune of... (More...)

CC licenses for some Strange Horizons material

A couple of our authors have recently expressed interest in providing Creative Commons licenses for their work that appears in... (More...)

Move Under Ground for free!

In honor of Nick M's birthday (happy birthday, Nick!), I'm finally getting around to mentioning that Nick has provided his... (More...)

Reprints, quoting, transclusion, and Creative Commons

It seems like a bunch of stuff related to reusing material has been coming up lately. For example, various people... (More...)

Fair use

If you want to quote someone else's work, make sure you understand the law. (More...)


Five years ago, Mark-Jason Dominus wrote a piece called Why I Hate Advocacy, objecting to people who tout one programming... (More...)