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Mary Anne's cancer posts

Mary Anne was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm having a hard time writing about it right now, but if... (More...)


When Sara went out on leave a couple of months ago, I went to see a counselor. (In fact, she's... (More...)

Supporting Jay Lake

I'm late to post about these projects, so I'm guessing that most of y'all know about them by now, but... (More...)

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Really must clear out some browser windows. Squirrels: Y'all know about Crasher Squirrel? This couple was on vacation in Banff,... (More...)

Some interesting abortion articles

The other day, happened across an interesting article in TIME: "Finding Common Ground on an Abortion Bill," by Amy Sullivan.... (More...)

Swine flu Q&A

Two useful swine flu pages: Swine flu: Your questions answered, from CNN Health. Do You Have Swine Flu? ... (More...)


Interesting article at Slate about people who want to have amputations, some of whom are turned on by amputees. I... (More...)