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Matching donation met!

I meant to post the other day to say that the community stepped forward and met my $2500 matching donation... (More...)

Member Assistance Fund update

With three days left, we're nearly halfway to the matching goal! Many thanks to everyone who's donated. If you haven't... (More...)

Member Assistance Fund: Small donations welcome!

I posted yesterday offering to match donations to the WisCon Member Assistant Fund, to help people attend WisCon when they... (More...)

Let's close the funding gap for the WisCon Member Assistance Fund!

Short version of this post: Please help people attend WisCon by donating to the Member Assistance Fund! I will match... (More...)

Check fraud

A couple of months ago, I opened a business checking account, for a small press that I'm starting. I'm starting... (More...)

See cats instead of ads, and support sites you like

Google Contributor is an experimental system that allows you to directly financially support websites you visit. If you sign up... (More...)

Giving money to people who ask for it

A discussion on Facebook about giving cash and/or food to homeless people (specifically sparked by someone describing having given food... (More...)

Last day to help fund Mary Anne's sf erotica novel!

The funding period for Mary Anne's Kickstarter project, Demimonde, ends 19 hours from now. If you'd like to see her... (More...)

PayPal is (generally) free for US personal money-sending

I can never quite remember how PayPal's fee system works, and various people have asked me not to use PayPal... (More...)