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Busy weekend

I haven't posted a life update here in ages. Not sure why; just haven't felt the urge, I guess. Rather... (More...)


About ten hours ago, the vernal equinox arrived here in the northern hemisphere. In honor of that, here's my traditional... (More...)


Winter solstice here in the northern hemisphere arrived about nine hours ago. Here's my traditional solstice post. First, from T.... (More...)


Winter solstice is impending in the northern hemisphere; it'll be about eight hours from now. I'm glad that the days... (More...)

Ordinary miracles: hymns for agnostics

The other day on Facebook, Kat said something about hymns for atheists, which reminded me of a playlist I put... (More...)

On first looking into Gary Snyder

Among the books I rescued from my father's house were six books of poems by Gary Snyder. I don't know... (More...)

Tech is bad, nature is good

For a long time, we've been reading stories and books about how things mediated through technology are bad and being... (More...)


The vernal equinox was four hours ago here in the northern hemisphere. In honor of that, here's my traditional... (More...)


Winter solstice in the northern hemisphere is due to occur about seven hours from now. I'll be on a plane... (More...)


Thursday I wasn't up to posting my usual cheerful vernal-equinox post, and then I had no time Friday and then... (More...)

The Dead Phone: A comic monologue in one brief act

Me: Oh, no! My phone has run out of battery! Me: Alas! I cannot read while I walk, as I... (More...)


Here in the northern hemisphere, the winter solstice happened three hours ago. In honor of the sun beginning its gradual... (More...)


I somehow managed to miss the equinox again. In 2011, I didn't post my traditional spring post because sad stuff... (More...)

Happy equinox!

Only six more months until the days (in the Northern hemisphere) start to get longer again! (Added later: My phrasing... (More...)

Spring mourning

It has long been my tradition to post my favorite bit of Swinburne on the day of the vernal equinox.... (More...)

America's Stonehenge, alpacas, and leaf-peeping

On Monday, Julia and I set out for a leaf-peeping expedition to New Hampshire. I had spent a while looking... (More...)

Equinox in socks

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking "The spring equinox is coming up, but I'm sure not feeling very... (More...)

No one can hold back the dawn

An hour from now, at 9:47 a.m. California time, our sun will reach its apparent southernmost point; the subsolar point... (More...)

Cute baby-animal photos

I wonder which there are more of on the the Internet: cute animal photos or porn photos. Anyway. Kam and... (More...)

In the morning

Only two more days 'til Winter Solstice. Here in California, it'll happen Monday morning at 9:47 a.m. I'm really really... (More...)

Junk mail from environmentalists

Apparently when you buy a house, all sorts of groups decide that you must have money that you want to... (More...)

Et in Acadia ego (part 2)

Thursday, as noted at the end of part one, we went whale-watching, on a tour run by Bar Harbor Whale... (More...)

Et in Acadia ego (part 1)

(I think Kendra was the one who suggested the pun I'm using as the title of this entry, shortly after... (More...)

Roll of thunder

Sitting in M&K's living room, seeing occasional huge flashing lightning bursts off to the north, followed ten or fifteen seconds... (More...)

Online snowflake makers

Amtrak's snowflake maker is pretty cute--simulating cutting a snowflake out of paper. Needs Flash, I think. What appears to be... (More...)


Last week, I was sad to realize that I had completely failed to notice the Spring Equinox as it went... (More...)


On Saturday, I was gearing up to do some house-cleaning when Twig showed up. She had left her stuff at... (More...)

Daylight's return

This year's winter solstice will occur at 7:22 p.m. Eastern (US) Standard Time on December 21. Which is to say,... (More...)


I slept right through the summer solstice this morning. Which is good, because it was at 5:26 a.m. California time.... (More...)


About fifteen minutes from now as I type this will be the spring equinox. Yay spring! (Or alternatively, yay fall... (More...)