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SH Flashback: "The Disappearance of James H___," by Hal Duncan

Here's the next Strange Horizons Flashback story: “ The Disappearance of James H___,” by Hal Duncan In a British boarding... (More...)

Queering Fluellen

Last night, I rewatched the Branagh Henry V, which led me to look some stuff up in the original play.... (More...)

Awesome new forthcoming Ultimates series

I'm really looking forward to the new Ultimates comic book series. The team will consist of Ms. America, Black Panther,... (More...)

Marvel's upcoming diverse comics

Spent way too much time reading comics over the past couple days when I should've been doing other stuff. But... (More...)

Morgan Calabresé on coming out

In the late 1980s, I was delighted to discover N. Leigh Dunlap's comic strip Morgan Calabresé. It was mostly about... (More...)

The Lonely Goatherd and the Bechdel test

I wrote this the other day for a discussion of (among other things) works that do and don't pass the... (More...)

Queer sf revisited

It's been almost exactly twelve years since I posted a blog entry titled “Queer sf,” in which I noted that,... (More...)

My WorldCon schedule

I'll be arriving in London on Wednesday morning; Mary Anne and I will spend the day hanging out and battling... (More...)

Lucy and the Guardians at the box office

When I saw the trailer for Lucy a few months back, the movie looked pretty bad to me, but I... (More...)

Awesome lesbian-protagonists comic: Supercakes

Mary Anne posted a link earlier to an awesome and charming and funny and sweet and thoroughly lovely 12-page comics... (More...)

Diversity ads

I feel like there's been an amazing spate of pro-diversity advertising in the past week. Some links: A new Cheerios... (More...)

Sturgeon on monogamy

Theodore Sturgeon's 1951 story “Rule of Three” (spoilers!) features two tripartite energy beings who embed themselves in six humans, and... (More...)

"Shore Leave" and the back rub

I've been occasionally rewatching Star Trek: TOS episodes. Tonight, foiled by a stomachache from my original plan of attending various... (More...)

Group-of-people pejoratives, part 1: "gay"

This is part 1 in a planned series of posts about terms that are used as generic pejoratives but that... (More...)

Law and Downey on the Sherlock/Watson bromance

Every time I try to link to this quote, I discover that none of my links to it are easily... (More...)

Some notes on Card

Some notes toward the blog entry that I'm probably not going to manage to write about Orson Scott Card and... (More...)

My uncle's thriller The Kairos launches today

My Uncle Paul's novel The Kairos is now available from Amazon! (More...)

Before Stonewall

I don't remember when I first encountered Tom Wilson Weinberg's Ten Percent Revue; sometime in the early '90s, probably. I... (More...)

Items: Assorted

More window-closing, this time with no particular theme: Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the future. When... (More...)

Senate votes to repeal DADT!

The US Senate has just voted, 65 to 31, to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. As noted in my previous... (More...)

DADT about to be repealed!

I'm delighted to hear that the procedural vote on Don't Ask, Don't Tell has passed the Senate, 63 to 33.... (More...)

Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal could still happen!

Call your Senators ASAP! (More...)

DADT: I <3 Admiral Mullen

As y'all probably know, the Pentagon has finished its survey of the armed forces about the Don't Ask, Don't Tell... (More...)

Queer-friendly YA?

Mary Anne and I were talking about stuff involving queer characters in YA books, and we had a question we... (More...)

Two more videos supporting GLBT teens

First, an It Gets Better video from some gay Orthodox Jewish guys. Heartfelt and compelling. (9 min) (via Shmuel) Second,... (More...)

Coming Out Day

I wrote an entry here for National Coming Out Day way back in 2002, and most of what I wrote... (More...)

Undercovers banter

Here's a bit of entertaining byplay from tonight's episode of Undercovers that had nothing to do with the plot. The... (More...)

Action needed (US only): Ask your Senator to repeal DADT

In May, the US House of Representatives voted to include a repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell as part of... (More...)

Don't Ask, Don't Tell declared unconstitutional

Until last week, I was completely unaware that the Log Cabin Republicans had filed suit in Federal court in California... (More...)

Telefund: threat or menace?

A few weeks ago, I got a bunch of calls on my land line whose caller ID identified them as... (More...)

Ashburn and voting on behalf of constituents

I don't know if y'all non-Californians have been watching the latest Republican-legislator-turns-out-to-be-gay kerfuffle. In case not, here's a quick summary... (More...)

Gay and Orthodox (Jewish)

A couple of weeks ago, Yeshiva University held a panel discussion on "Being Gay in the Orthodox World." Shmuel has... (More...)

Entertaining but very NSFW videos

Unless you have an unusually enlightened workplace, you probably don't want to watch the belowlinked videos at work. You may not even want to read this entry at work. (More...)

Items: Miscellaneous

Really must clear out some browser windows. Squirrels: Y'all know about Crasher Squirrel? This couple was on vacation in Banff,... (More...)

Amelia and Eleanor go for a ride, if you know what I mean

In a gift shop on Saturday, we came across a kids' book called Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride.... (More...)

More queer commentary from all over

Here's a bunch of news, notes, and commentary related to LGBT issues (I'm trying to close browser windows again). This... (More...)

Study shows people have good gaydar

Scientific American has an article about a study that shows that people can (with better-than-chance accuracy) identify which men are... (More...)

Belief and bias confirmation

I've observed for a while now (or perhaps I should say "believed") that people generally tend to notice evidence that... (More...)

Items: assorted videos

Some videos with no connecting theme: Drawdio: Turn Almost Anything Into a Theremin. Make electronic music by drawing on a... (More...)


Finally got around to watching Transamerica, which I've had out from Netflix for months. I kept thinking I might see... (More...)

South Bay events: a cappella concert, movie outing

Tough choice between things to do in the South Bay Area next Friday evening (nine days from now): Talisman A... (More...)

Gay radio, and Prop 8 lawn signs

Went to Kam's tonight to hang out and do computery stuff (more on that in another entry, perhaps). On the... (More...)

Hey, all you gayelles and gayettes

Tonight I learned a new word: "gayelle." It's trying to be the new word for "lesbian"; it's a feminine form... (More...)

Hamms OK with gays

A couple weeks ago, I happened across a brief article from 2004 at, about Olympic athlete brothers Paul and... (More...)

Specificity of labeling sexuality

Cool essay from titled "more gender more of the time" or possibly "specificity is the spice of life," by... (More...)

Jane Addams and Hull-House

At the end of Kriti, there was a music concert next door; I walked over with Mary Anne, but when... (More...)

Safeword: "Palomino"

Saturday Night Live did a sketch recently showing a message from "Nancy Pelosi" (played by Kristin Wiig), about "San Francisco... (More...)

Gay Bond!

I haven't yet seen the new Casino Royale; I plan to see it, but I've been mildly dubious about it.... (More...)

"Pushing the Envelope" resource list

At WisCon, as I mentioned a few days ago, I was on a panel titled "Pushing the Envelope," about how... (More...)

Pushing the envelope

I'm on a panel tomorrow early afternoon called "Pushing the Envelope," about how to get more cutting-edge/groundbreaking stuff about sexuality,... (More...)

Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly

Back around the end of March, I bought Willie Nelson's recording of the catchy gay cowboy song "Cowboys Are Frequently... (More...)

Lockpick Pornography: The Novel

I've posted a couple of times in the past year about Joey Comeau's short novel Lockpick Pornography--first when I first... (More...)

Items: Comics, videos, photos

Assorted comics and comics-related items, plus a few cat and lizard photos, and some other stuff. Nifty comic strip in... (More...)


These items aren't quite coherently connected, but they felt like they made a certain amount of sense together. There's a... (More...)

Homosexuality, sf, and the unheimlich

I really ought to be either editing or reading subs, but I'm gonna take a little time to point to... (More...)

Gay Escapade

If you decide that you want to take a last-minute vacation, you could do worse than to take a look... (More...)