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What changed my mind about marriage equality

In early 2004, I was opposed to attempts to legalize same-sex marriage. That's because I was scared of the backlash... (More...)

Marriage equality news updates

I've just updated my marriage-equality status and news page for the first time in the past week. Updates include: Missouri... (More...)

Utah marriage news

Much to the surprise of me and most of my friends, a federal judge ruled on Friday that Utah's prohibition... (More...)

Marriage equality watch: Hawai‘i

Hawai‘i is getting closer to marriage equality. Today's second-round vote passed 30 to 18. Final House vote expected this Friday... (More...)

Freedom to Marry's roadmap to victory

The marriage-equality organization Freedom to Marry has a roadmap showing their plan to get to full nationwide (US) marriage equality.... (More...)

Links: Marriage equality on the margins

Here are some links more or less about the effects of same-sex marriage on various marginalized people. I'm going to... (More...)

The core Prop 8 argument against same-sex marriage

Back in mid-2010, I wrote a ridiculously long and detailed analysis of the closing argument made by Prop 8 lawyer... (More...)

Fingers crossed

Today may be the day we hear what the Supreme Court is going to do about same-sex marriage. The very... (More...)

Yay, Washington!

The No On 74 people have conceded. Washington state has marriage equality! Looks like people will be able to get... (More...)

Washington Measure 74 update

This post consists primarily of probably-unnecessary fretting about the details of Measure 74 voting. The short version is that everyone's... (More...)

GLB news from all over

Yesterday was a banner day for marriage equality, especially in the US, as well as for lesbian visibility. Most of... (More...)

Two unusual and good marriage-equality ads from Maine

In the states where marriage equality is on the ballot this year, NOM and its local surrogates have launched their... (More...)

How you can help marriage equality today

In November, three US states are going to vote on whether to allow marriage equality, and a fourth is going... (More...)

Same-sex-couple parenting and marriage equality

In the context of the marriage equality debate, there've been a lot of discussions in recent years of the question... (More...)

More marriage equality news from all over (the US)

In the wake of Obama's declaration of support for marriage equality yesterday, here are some links and observations. Will this... (More...)

Marriage equality news from all over (the US)

Remarkable stuff keeps happening in the world of marriage equality. Some tidbits from the past couple weeks: Washington state signed... (More...)

Summary of Prop 8 ruling

A section-by-section summary of the appeals court's Prop 8 ruling, semi-translated into semi-colloquial English. (More...)

Who should recuse on Prop 8?

Riffing on something someone said a while back (in a comment on, I think, a Joe.My.God entry), here are some... (More...)

Next up for marriage equality?

Was pleased to see that Washington state governor Chris Gregoire has declared herself to be in favor of marriage equality.... (More...)

New York marriages

Yesterday was the first day when same-sex couples could get married in New York state. I'm really enjoying the articles... (More...)

New York, New York, it's a wonderful state

I was delighted and heartened by New York's state government deciding last night to recognize same-sex marriage. The Assembly passed... (More...)

Same-sex marriage news from all over

Some recent developments: Two Republican state senators in New York have now said they will vote in favor of same-sex... (More...)

Maryland polls

The other day, I wrote, regarding marriage equality in Maryland: But it might end up going to a popular vote... (More...)

From sea to shining sea

Today, new Hawaiʻi governor Neil Abercrombie signed civil unions into law. And these are strong civil unions, of the marriage-in-all-but-name... (More...)

Marriage equality updates from all over (the US)

In brief: It could happen soon in Maryland, where a majority of state Senators have now publicly said they'll vote... (More...)

Marriage equality in New Hampshire

It's been one year since New Hampshire began to recognize same-sex marriages. (The law was passed in 2009, but it... (More...)

Help marriage equality in Maryland

Maryland could achieve marriage equality in the next couple months. Details follow. But in case you're short on time, I'll... (More...)

Election returns are looking good for Kamala Harris

I've been following the California Attorney General vote-counting with fingers crossed. Here's a quick recap for those who don't know... (More...)

This week's best TV aww moment

On Undercovers, after a dramatic opening and a “Three days earlier” card, we see Steven and Samantha (the protagonists, a... (More...)

Some post-election marriage-equality notes

A few gubernatorial election results relevant to marriage equality: In Rhode Island, pro-marriage-equality Republican-turned-Independent Lincoln Chafee won the gubernatorial election.... (More...)

Why Alec Baldwin can't marry a man

There's a group called Fight Back New York that's attempting to defeat NY state senators who voted against marriage equality... (More...)

Same-sex marriages in NJ Jewish newspaper

The New Jersey Jewish Standard recently published a wedding announcement for a marriage between two Jewish men. And then a... (More...)

No California same-sex weddings for now

Sadly, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has put a stay on Judge Walker's ruling in the Prop 8 case.... (More...)

Judge Walker denies stay but extends temporary stay

Judge Walker has ruled on the question of whether to stay his decision in the Prop 8 case. The upshot,... (More...)

Seven million Californians

In the wake of the Prop 8 decision, lots of people opposed to same-sex marriage keep saying that Judge Walker... (More...)

Olson on Fox News re same-sex marriage

Nice video of Ted Olson arguing for same-sex marriage in a Fox News interview: Six-minute video. I am really pleased... (More...)

Simplifying one part of the same-sex marriage debate

There are a fair number of people who say that it's not anti-gay sentiment or discomfort with homosexuality that drives... (More...)

Prop 8 declared unconstitutional!

Judge Walker released his decision in Perry v. Schwarzenegger this afternoon, and I spent much of the evening reading about... (More...)

Same-sex marriage news and notes

A few recent events on the same-sex marriage front: Argentina has approved same-sex marriage. (There was some interesting wrangling over... (More...)

MA judge rules DOMA unconstitutional!

Awesome! Judge Joseph Tauro has ruled, in both Massachusetts cases that were challenging the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, that... (More...)

Cooper apparently believes gayness is immutable

I was talking with commenter Zim offline about their insightful comment the other day that pointed out that one logical... (More...)

Cooper supports bi same-sex marriage!

I want to promote this idea out of the comments thread from the previous post. For those who (understandably) didn't... (More...)

Prop 8 trial: Cooper on procreation and marriage (long)

I kept an intermittent eye on the closing arguments to the Prop 8 trial yesterday; there was liveblogging for much... (More...)

Prop 8 trial: closing arguments coverage

During the Prop 8 trial, the best source of info I found was the liveblogging at Firedoglake. (I keep meaning... (More...)

Some notable forthcoming June events

A few things I'm looking forward to over the next couple weeks: Wednesday, June 16: Closing arguments in the Prop... (More...)

Is Prop 8 popular or not?

The closing arguments in Perry v. Schwarzenegger (the trial to decide whether to overturn Prop 8) have been tentatively scheduled... (More...)

Yay for Washington, DC!

A day or two ago, after the US Congress declined to do anything to stop marriage equality in the District,... (More...)

Maryland followup

The other day, I said that Maryland Attorney General Gansler's opinion about recognition of out-of-state same-sex marriages was just a... (More...)

Maryland A.G.'s opinion on out-of-state same-sex marriages

There've been a lot of news articles about Maryland Attorney General Douglas Ganser's recent opinion statement about whether Maryland can... (More...)

When discriminatory US laws are constitutional

It occurs to me that some of y'all may be as unclear as I've been on why the plaintiffs in... (More...)

Assorted same-sex marriage notes and links

I've been following the Prop 8 trial this week and last week via the magic of Firedoglake. Teddy Partridge, Marcy... (More...)

Prop 8 trial coverage resources

Some links to places posting (mostly tweeting and liveblogging) about the Prop 8 trial today: Firedoglake liveblog Several Twitterers in... (More...)

Today's Prop 8 trial

I imagine most of you who care know that the trial about overturning Prop 8 as unconstitutional in Federal court... (More...)

Great pro-same-sex-marriage speeches from NY

Several of the New York state Senators said really good things about same-sex marriage during the debate the other day.... (More...)

Same-sex marriage debate NOW in NY Senate!

I had pretty much given up on this happening, but the NY state Senate is currently debating the same-sex marriage... (More...)

Queer/marriage news from all over

Article from the Sunday Times (UK) says: "Lesbian parents better at raising children." I'm always leery of any claim that... (More...)

More on Referendum 71 in Washington

Referendum 71, approving strong "marriage in all but name" domestic partnerships in Washington state, looks likely to pass. There's been... (More...)

Sad about Maine

I was watching various websites Tuesday night as the Maine results came in. It was looking good for defeating Question... (More...)

Another excellent and moving Maine video

Mainer, Catholic, and Vietnam vet Paul Redicker spoke in favor of marriage equality at the Maine marriage hearings in August.... (More...)

Mainers and Washingtonians: please vote today!

In both Maine and Washington, turnout may well be the deciding factor for the future of state recognition of same-sex... (More...)

How you can help in Maine and Washington

Tacit Hydra posted a compelling call-to-action the other day, about phone banking to support marriage equality in Maine and domestic... (More...)

Washingtonians: spread word about domestic partnerships!

I hear that a lot of people in Washington state don't know about Referendum 71, which will be on the... (More...)

Same-sex marriage news from all over

Assorted status updates on various same-sex-marriage-related issues from various parts of the US: Maine As you know, Bob, back in... (More...)

Same-sex marriages begin in Vermont

Back in April, Vermont's legislature passed (and then overrode a veto of) a law recognizing same-sex marriages, starting September 1.... (More...)

Still more same-sex marriage notes

As a companion entry (but not a longtime companion entry) to the previous one, here are some assorted items about... (More...)

Recent queer anniversaries

There's been much press lately about this past Sunday (June 28) having been the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.... (More...)

Singly none

Nice post at Blue Hampshire about people who contributed to bringing about marriage equality—a good reminder that these things come... (More...)

Six states!

Today, the New Hampshire state Senate and House voted yes to same-sex marriage, and Governor Lynch signed the bill into... (More...)

New Hampshire: analysis and next steps

In the wake of yesterday's incredibly close, and incredibly disappointing/frustrating, New Hampshire state House vote on marriage equality, Blue Hampshire... (More...)

Same-sex marriage updates

The New Hampshire state Senate has approved the governor's religious-protections amendment to the same-sex marriage bill! (I'm slightly oversimplifying for... (More...)

More New Hampshire news

Yesterday, Gov. Lynch of New Hampshire stated that he would sign the same-sex marriage bill—but only if the legislature adds... (More...)

New York and New Hampshire status updates

As expected, the New York state Assembly passed the same-sex marriage bill today. (A07732: Relates to individuals ability to marry.)... (More...)

Freedom of religion and same-sex marriage

In recent discussion of same-sex marriage, I've been pleased to see a particular term rising to new prominence: "civil marriage."... (More...)

What you can do to help New Hampshire

NH state Rep. Jim Splaine, who's been working hard to make same-sex marriage legal in NH, was kind enough to... (More...)


A couple hours ago, the Maine legislature passed their same-sex marriage bill along to Gov. Baldacci. And he immediately signed... (More...)

This week in same-sex marriage

I keep neglecting to link to tacithydra's excellent and thorough set of same-sex marriage entries. A bunch of info I'm... (More...)

Even more same-sex-marriage notes (and video)

I keep forgetting to link to Nate Silver's statistical analysis of when each state would defeat a same-sex-marriage ban. There... (More...)

Same-sex-marriage videos and articles

Some videos worth watching: Gay Vermont teen gives testimony in favor of same-sex marriage in March, during the hearings before... (More...)

Same-sex-marriage news from the East Coast

As y'all may know, Gov. Paterson of New York introduced a bill to legalize same-sex marriage last week. Unfortunately, there's... (More...)

How Iowa was won

It's easy for those of us (including me) who weren't paying close attention to Iowa to conclude that the same-sex... (More...)

Assorted further notes on Iowa

There are two possible ways that Iowa could attempt to amend its constitution to stop same-sex marriage: Hold a constitutional... (More...)

Vermont: No such thing as false hope

I'm totally delighted to report that Vermont has legalized same-sex marriage, overriding the governor's veto. Same-sex marriages in Vermont will... (More...)

Big week for same-sex marriage

A year and a half ago, a judge in Iowa declared that Iowa's ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. The... (More...)

Arguing articulately before the Court

I tuned into the Prop. 8 webcast late, most of the way through the Deputy Attorney General's argument. Unfortunately, my... (More...)

Prop. 8 hearing to be televised on Thursday

In case anyone doesn't know this, the California Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments about whether to repeal Prop.... (More...)

Two views on Rick Warren

David Quigg of HuffPost has (imo) a pretty sensible discussion of the Rick Warren matter. His "what would Obama do"... (More...)

Somewhat gladdened but exhausted

I was very pleased that today featured Connecticut's first same-sex marriages. Go, CT! No time or energy to say more.... (More...)

Hilly seaside town

On the way home from the East Bay today, I turned on the radio in time to hear the end... (More...)

Items: A few more same-sex marriage-related notes

A few links of possible interest: Asian-Americans have been remarkably supportive of gay rights. "We think of anti-miscegenation laws that... (More...)


I've had kind of a rough day. The fate of Proposition 8 is somewhat up in the air. All precincts... (More...)

Two nice No On 8 items

Before I went to vote today, I grabbed a tape measure. The church down the block, which hosts my polling... (More...)

Newsom on YouTube

I've now edited the previous entry to add this link, but for anyone who read that entry before I updated... (More...)


I was skeptical about Gavin Newsom back when he was first running for mayor of San Francisco. I was also... (More...)

Feinstein, Boxer, Bill Clinton, and Samuel L. Jackson vs Prop 8

Senator Dianne Feinstein has finally stepped forward with a 30-second No On 8 ad. "It's about discrimination, and we must... (More...)


Tuesday evening, I went tabling: stood with four or five co-workers (none of whom I'd met before in person, but... (More...)

Proposition 8 myths debunked

I've seen various pages that go into long involved detailed debunkings of the fearmongering Yes On 8 ads, but I've... (More...)

No On 8 rally, Sunday afternoon, Campbell

I completely failed to mention that there were various No On 8 rallies in the Bay Area today. Sorry about... (More...)

More things you can do to oppose Prop 8

Here are a wide variety of ways, big and small, in which Californians can help defeat Proposition 8. This is... (More...)

How you can help No On 8 (no calling required!)

I'm disheartened to see that the latest poll shows Yes On 8 way ahead of No On 8. That poll... (More...)

No on 8 contributions doubled today

If you've been thinking about helping save same-sex marriage in California, by donating to the No on Proposition 8 campaign,... (More...)

Same-sex marriage notes from both coasts

Excellent news from the East coast: the Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex couples have the right to get... (More...)

Marriage has never changed in any way

According to various folks opposed to same-sex marriage, the definition of marriage has been a constant forever. The idea of... (More...)

Good news re CA same-sex marriage amendment

I was pleased and heartened the other day to see this news item: "Ballot description for same-sex marriage measure changed."... (More...)

Same-sex marriage roundup

Lots of heartwarming news and photos from around the state today: Brief reports from Bay Area counties from this morning.... (More...)

First weddings!

The Mercury News this afternoon had a report on the first fully-state-recognized same-sex weddings in San Francisco and Oakland. Yay!... (More...)

Same-sex marriage: 2 polls disagree

Those of you who've been following the same-sex-marriage situation in CA may've noticed something odd (I'm almost tempted to say... (More...)

Same-sex marriage: 10 Attorneys General agree

I've still got a bunch of entries on this topic waiting to be written, but I'm gonna leapfrog over those... (More...)

Same-sex marriage in CA: what happens next?

I've seen a lot of confusion over what's going to be happening over the next few months. Here's an attempt... (More...)

Summary of summary of ruling

As I was reading the opinion in the CA same-sex marriage case, I started taking notes for my own use,... (More...)

Same-sex marriage in California!

The California Supreme Court has posted their opinion (PDF file) in the same-sex marriage case, a couple weeks earlier than... (More...)

Mafia poly marriage

Scalzi recently posted an entry about poly marriage. A couple of commenters there brought up a concern I've encountered before:... (More...)

Tuesday's same-sex marriage hearing

In case anyone doesn't know, the California Supreme Court is going to have a special three-hour hearing (their hearings are... (More...)

You ought to give Iowa a try

I was delighted to read this evening that a judge in Polk County, Iowa, the most populous county in the... (More...)

Same-sex-marriage news from all over

Here are some assorted items related to same-sex marriage: I imagine most of you who care have heard by now... (More...)

Optimism about same-sex marriage

The American Prospect recently published a remarkably optimistic article about same-sex marriage by E. J. Graff. Here's the blurb from the... (More...)

Items: Sad news from all over

This is probably all old news by now, but I wanted to at least note it all in passing. I... (More...)

CA Assembly approves same-sex marriage

Wow. I had been assuming that this wouldn't come to a vote for a long time, and that when it... (More...)

Same-sex marriage in CA

I meant to mention: yesterday, the California state Senate voted to legalize same-sex marriage. "It is the first time a... (More...)

Brightly dawns the wedding day

Yesterday my high school friend Mark got married, to a Colombian man named Juan. They actually got semi-legally married a... (More...)

Items with no brain

No, wait, it's not these things below that have no brain, it's me. I'm near to sleep; have not slept... (More...)


Vardibidian has been posting a lot of good stuff lately. For example, I found Walt Whitman's "Election Day, November, 1884"... (More...)

Satirical pro-measure-36 arguments

In Oregon, Measure 36 on this year's ballot adds the following to the Oregon state constitution: It is the policy... (More...)

Amendment defeated

In happy news entirely unrelated to the debate, the US House of Representatives has voted down the anti-same-sex-marriage amendment.... (More...)

Food and photos

Last night, had a nice dinner with David M. at Rangoon, that Burmese place in downtown Palo Alto. Good food... (More...)

My favorite mayor

San Francisco's mayor Gavin Newsom was on KQED radio's Forum talk show the other day. (You can listen to the... (More...)

More on marriage

Let's begin with the Boston Globe article about Sunday night, which starts with my favorite photo so far, two men... (More...)

Monday marriage Massachusetts

In the midst of all the awful stuff happening lately, I think it's worth pausing to celebrate one bit of... (More...)

Marriage, by any other name

Peter at Special Agency pointed the other day to the Boston Phoenix (Boston alternative paper) Constitutional Convention blog. I hadn't... (More...)

Same-sex marriage roundup

Some of this is old news by now, but here goes anyway: Transcript of Bush announcing the Federal Marriage Amendment.... (More...)

Who's next?

It turns out there were (at least) two other pieces of good news yesterday, in addition to it being Dr.... (More...)

Same-sex marriage links

Not gonna say anything substantial in this, just providing some links: White House press briefing on same-sex marriage. A little... (More...)

More marriage stuff

Today was heavily mixed. Continued problems with my project at work, plus continued stress about the new commute stuff (thanks... (More...)

Dear Senator Boxer

I didn't expect any better from Dianne Feinstein, who near as I can tell is more or less a conservative;... (More...)

Pessimism re same-sex marriage

I should start with the happy part: had dinner this evening with some friends, and I had forgotten that the... (More...)

Silence, punctuation, and politics

Yes, it's another one of those entries. The sort that consist of a long bullet list of nigh-unrelated items. A... (More...)

Witnessing weddings

Inspired by Heather's comments the other day (thanks, Heather!), I headed up to San Francisco today to watch same-sex couples... (More...)

Big news day

I don't have time to post all of the interesting news I've heard about today (human therapeutic cloning in South... (More...)

Quick news items

Massachusetts supreme court has ruled that civil unions would be insufficient to satisfy its requirement of equal treatment for same-sex... (More...)


Heard about this on the radio last night: a Utah triad is challenging the ban on polygamy. As Scalia (?)... (More...)

Quick links

Taking a brief time-out from packing (which is exacerbating my cold; my fault, for letting everything get so dusty) to... (More...)

Massachusetts de-bans same-sex marriage, sort of

I haven't had time to read the court's opinion in Goodridge, et al. v. Department of Public Health, et al.,... (More...)

Marriage protection

Despite best intentions, I never did post anything for National Coming Out Day on Saturday. Last Wednesday, Diana and I... (More...)

Safire on Lawrence decision

I've long had mixed feelings about William Safire, but I think his latest column ("The Bedroom Door") is pretty good.... (More...)

More on Supreme Court decision

Just read the Supreme Court's opinions (that's a PDF file) in the Texas sodomy case (Lawrence et al. v. Texas).... (More...)

Gay in NYC, gay in AZ

Two minor victories: New York City has decided to recognize same-sex partnerships that have been recognized elsewhere. For example, if... (More...)