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Underground's metadiscussion of slavery narratives

I'm watching Underground season 2, episode 1, “Contraband,” and I just got to a scene in which one of the... (More...)

Nichelle Nichols on naming and being cast as Uhura

Nichelle Nichols on naming Uhura and on getting the part (transcribed by me from a making-of segment on the ST:TOS... (More...)

In defense of Marvel and diversity

This is a long impassioned post in which I try to come to the defense of Marvel comics. The TL;DR... (More...)

Day of Remembrance for the incarceration of Japanese Americans

Today is a Day of Remembrance: the 75th anniversary of FDR's executive order to incarcerate Japanese Americans. A bunch of... (More...)

Pete Seeger on helping

Pete Seeger died three years ago yesterday, so my post about him came up in my Facebook history today. It... (More...)

Awesome new forthcoming Ultimates series

I'm really looking forward to the new Ultimates comic book series. The team will consist of Ms. America, Black Panther,... (More...)

Marvel's upcoming diverse comics

Spent way too much time reading comics over the past couple days when I should've been doing other stuff. But... (More...)


Back in January 2014, I attended folksinger John McCutcheon's annual Santa Cruz concert, a benefit (as always) for the Resource... (More...)

Hamilton rap becomes a musical

In 2009, composer/lyricist/performer Lin-Manuel Miranda performed an amazing hip-hop piece about Alexander Hamilton (5-min video, with mostly-accurate captions) at the... (More...)

Oakland encounter

Yesterday evening, after leaving Kam's place in Oakland and putting a bunch of stuff into my car in the dark,... (More...)

Stop it with the all-white panels on diversity

At WorldCon in Glasgow in 2005, there were two panels about cultural appropriation in writing. In my memory (which may... (More...)

WisCon: be brave

Here are links to this year's WisCon guest-of-honor speeches, plus a couple of other items that seem to me to... (More...)

Diversity ads

I feel like there's been an amazing spate of pro-diversity advertising in the past week. Some links: A new Cheerios... (More...)

Letter from Birmingham Jail

Yesterday someone linked to Martin Luther King's Letter from Birmingham Jail, and I realized that I had never read it... (More...)

The historical accuracy defense

Fairly often in discussions of sf, especially in discussions of epic fantasy, fans use the idea of historical accuracy to... (More...)

Body autonomy

Here's a simple guideline that I wish more people in our society would follow: Don't touch other people without their... (More...)

Frye on oppression

Back in 2009, Liz H pointed to an essay that I liked: “Oppression,” by Marilyn Frye, from Frye's 1983 book... (More...)

Election returns are looking good for Kamala Harris

I've been following the California Attorney General vote-counting with fingers crossed. Here's a quick recap for those who don't know... (More...)

Links: political

Some political and quasi-political items: Interesting discussion of tensions within the Tea Party as they settle in to become part... (More...)

Fans-of-color convention assistance project auction ends tonight

There's a project called Con or Bust that provides financial aid to "fans of color who want to attend SFF... (More...)

Who does whitewashing hurt?

Ellen Oh, a Korean-American writer, is one of many people who've blogged about the shameful whitewashing of the cast of... (More...)

More about cover art

A few more assorted notes about cover art on books, especially with regard to issues of portrayals of characters of... (More...)

Chromatic comics

A fun LJ meme: casting various traditionally white comic-book characters as actors of color. There's a good starting point at... (More...)

Yet another whitewashed book cover

Ari at Reading in Color blogs about the latest YA fantasy novel with a whitewashed cover. Yep, it's yet another... (More...)

NKJ on positive aspects of RaceFail

Thoughtful and interesting post from N. K. Jemisin on why RaceFail was good for science fiction/fantasy. Excerpt: The angry questions that... (More...)

Designing for a physically diverse audience

A few things that seem kind of related to me: HP's face-tracking webcam apparently doesn't detect black faces as faces.... (More...)

Dialogue about racism in fan communities

Smart and interesting discussion in the latest issue of Transformative Works and Cultures: "Pattern recognition: A dialogue on racism in... (More...)

Items: Miscellaneous

Really must clear out some browser windows. Squirrels: Y'all know about Crasher Squirrel? This couple was on vacation in Banff,... (More...)

Justine L on protagonists of color and book covers

Justine Larbalestier recently posted two excellent blog entries on topics related to protagonists of color: First: "Why My Protags Aren't... (More...)

A wiki about people of color in and around speculative fiction

One of the things you personally can do to help work against racism in the speculative fiction world is to... (More...)

Tempest and Ellison

(This is another one of those entries that will probably make no sense to people not involved in the speculative-fiction... (More...)

Best Trekfic EVER: litcrit slash

I wasn't going to post any more tonight, but this is way too good not to share: The idea of... (More...)

Describing characters of color

I've been aware for a while now of the penchant that many white writers have for using food metaphors to... (More...)

In praise of anonymity

A long discussion of anonymity and pseudonymity. (More...)

Mary Anne on fiction-writing and race

An awful lot of us white sf writers, when we run into issues and arguments about race, give various reasons... (More...)

Useful summary of RaceFail '09

Those of you involved in the online sf world almost certainly know that much of the sf blogosphere has been... (More...)

Chasing away the agents of intolerance

I had been kind of annoyed the past few days to hear various people respond to the "Obama is an... (More...)

Blog Against Racism Week

This past week has been International Blog Against Racism Week, and I've been so out of touch that I nearly... (More...)