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Day of Remembrance for the incarceration of Japanese Americans

Today is a Day of Remembrance: the 75th anniversary of FDR's executive order to incarcerate Japanese Americans. A bunch of... (More...)

Check fraud

A couple of months ago, I opened a business checking account, for a small press that I'm starting. I'm starting... (More...)

Attacking the compiler: Xcode and "Trusting Trust"

The Intercept recently published a long but interesting article about (among other things) CIA-connected researchers' attempts to subvert Xcode, the... (More...)

When the Internet of Things fails

For the past three or four weeks, I've had a blizzard of technological failures. There was a period when my... (More...)

Beware Grovo, Badoo, and other services that want access to your email

Back in 2007, a couple of companies called Quechup and Tagged (among others) did this thing where they asked you... (More...)

The scariest threats are the invisible ones

Three items that feel thematically related to me: I've been concerned for a decade or so about the possibility of... (More...)

Giving MIT access to your email

NPR reported today on Immersion, a project from MIT that shows you a graphical view of your email connections to... (More...)

Links: political

Some political and quasi-political items: Interesting discussion of tensions within the Tea Party as they settle in to become part... (More...)

Adventures in phone-tree security

Just called ETrade to check on some financial information. Their automatic phone answering system asked me to enter my web... (More...)

Three hoax phone calls

It seems to me that the prominence of hoax phone calls has been increasing lately, though maybe it's just a... (More...)

Playmobil Security Check Point

Another great toy from Playmobil, to go along with the classic Playmobil Police Checkpoint: yes, it's the Playmobil Security Check... (More...)

TSA prohibited items

The US Transportation Security Administration has updated its Prohibited Items list. If you're traveling by air in the US anytime... (More...)

PayPal phishing

I get a whole lot of spam that claims to be from PayPal and says my account has been blocked... (More...)