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Queering Fluellen

Last night, I rewatched the Branagh Henry V, which led me to look some stuff up in the original play.... (More...)

Two views of sex

In 1990, poet Mark O'Brien (who had polio) published an essay titled “On Seeing a Sex Surrogate.” I just read... (More...)

Manliness satisfies? (NSFW)

I think it's interesting that so much spam is phrased in terms of heterosexual men making themselves better lovers. A... (More...)

Mary Anne on graceful exits

Good stuff from Mary Anne about how to leave room for a polite no when flirting or otherwise expressing interest... (More...)

Half-amusing juxtaposition

I get spam now and then from the IGN Games website. I think I tried to unsubscribe at some point... (More...)

Last day to help fund Mary Anne's sf erotica novel!

The funding period for Mary Anne's Kickstarter project, Demimonde, ends 19 hours from now. If you'd like to see her... (More...)

The secret life of Jane Eyre

I cannot but read the following innocent passage from Jane Eyre with a certain inappropriate amusement. It's a scene in... (More...)

Entertaining but very NSFW videos

Unless you have an unusually enlightened workplace, you probably don't want to watch the belowlinked videos at work. You may not even want to read this entry at work. (More...)

Best Trekfic EVER: litcrit slash

I wasn't going to post any more tonight, but this is way too good not to share: The idea of... (More...)

Grilled cheese sandwiches, the euphemism

Two kinda-NSFW items whose juxtaposition amused me: At some point in the past couple days, I happened across a post... (More...)

Welcome back to Temptation

The other night I was stressed and unhappy, and found myself reading through some old journal entries, one of which... (More...)

"Pushing the Envelope" resource list

At WisCon, as I mentioned a few days ago, I was on a panel titled "Pushing the Envelope," about how... (More...)

Pushing the envelope

I'm on a panel tomorrow early afternoon called "Pushing the Envelope," about how to get more cutting-edge/groundbreaking stuff about sexuality,... (More...)

Items: Comics, videos, photos

Assorted comics and comics-related items, plus a few cat and lizard photos, and some other stuff. Nifty comic strip in... (More...)

Items: Sex, sexuality, gender

Much of the following is not worksafe. In some cases, not even my description of it is worksafe. Interesting entry... (More...)


Interesting article at Slate about people who want to have amputations, some of whom are turned on by amputees. I... (More...)