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Musing about cutting back on Facebook

Short version of this post: I'm cutting back on Facebook time, so if you want me to see something there,... (More...)

Lewis Thomas on computers

In 1974 or so, Lewis Thomas wrote an interesting essay titled “Computers,” which he reprinted in his book The Lives... (More...)

New at SH: Comments and social media sharing!

Short version: each piece published at Strange Horizons now provides a way to post comments right there on the page,... (More...)

Google+ posts

I think I've neglected to explicitly link here to my Google+ account, where I've been posting an average of about... (More...)

The Real Life Social Network

Fascinating presentation: “The Real Life Social Network,” by Paul Adams, who works on the User Experience team at Google. That's... (More...)

Some Facebook stats

Just happened across Facebook's statistics page. A couple of thoughts: They have over 500 million active users, and 70% of... (More...)

Why I don't respond to LinkedIn requests

Some years back, I signed up for LinkedIn, because I was pleased to finally see a Social Networking Site (SNS)... (More...)

Facebook and the history of the mundane social impulse

Yesterday at the Vermont Marble Museum, I spent a while chatting with the artist-in-residence about Facebook. He kind of liked... (More...)

Experimental Facebook friending

I've been getting Facebook friend requests from people I don't know for quite a while now. (As I imagine most... (More...)

How to forward your Twitter posts to Facebook

Do you post to Twitter but not to Facebook? Do you want your tweets to appear in your Facebook account,... (More...)

A few Facebook/Twitter/blog thoughts

I've been writing a gargantuan post about Facebook and other social-networking sites in my head for weeks, but the likelihood... (More...)