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Converting RTF to iBooks: Use Calibre, not Stanza

I recently had occasion to convert an RTF file to EPUB format, for reading in iBooks on my iPad. When... (More...)

Nifty new hypertext/Interactive Fiction authoring system

I recently encountered a cool system called Undum for creating hypertext stories, semi-interactive text-based games, and Interactive Fiction. On the... (More...)

Drop caps!

Google's web-font announcement has rekindled my latent interest in web typography. The typographical changes to my blog are a work... (More...)

Web fonts!

This morning at the Google I/O conference, Google announced a bunch of stuff. But the thing I'm personally most excited... (More...)

Items: Shifting paradigms

Feeling a little better than yesterday, but still not up to going to work. Yesterday I didn't do nearly enough... (More...)