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Some features I want in a Maps app

On my iPhone, I use Google Maps frequently, and Apple Maps fairly regularly. I love both apps, but I can't... (More...)

Knee injury

Was helping transport KB and T from one place to another, so I carried three-year-old T down some steps. Safely... (More...)

Attacking the compiler: Xcode and "Trusting Trust"

The Intercept recently published a long but interesting article about (among other things) CIA-connected researchers' attempts to subvert Xcode, the... (More...)

iPhone 6 Plus thoughts so far

I bought an iPhone 6+, mainly because it's almost exactly the size that I've been wanting for an ebook reader... (More...)

Made with Paper

I've been really liking an iPad sketching app called Paper. It's not a full-fledged Art Application; for example, it doesn't... (More...)

Syncing Notes in Mountain Lion

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a plaintive blog post about iCloud and the problems I was having with it,... (More...)

Changing OS X keyboard shortcuts when app name has changed

This entry describes a somewhat techie solution to an unusual problem that most people are unlikely to have. The main... (More...)

OS X Mountain Lion unfortunatenesses

I was home sick today; didn't have enough brain to do much more than watch TV for most of the... (More...)

I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't be of any use whatsoever

I got an iPhone 4S on Wednesday. (It was inevitable. I was just waiting to be eligible for upgrade pricing.)... (More...)

Music you both like

Here's an idea for a piece of software that could come in handy (perhaps it already exists). Background: iTunes lets... (More...)

When backups go bad

Apple's Time Machine backup system has been working mostly flawlessly for me for the past couple of years. But two... (More...)

Syncing notes from iPhone to Mac

Short version: To sync notes that you created on an iPhone to the Apple Mail application on a Mac, it... (More...)

Old apps may stop working in OS X Lion

The latest version of Mac OS X, code named Lion, is now available, for a remarkably low price, from the... (More...)

ecomics: Birds of Prey

DC Comics is rebooting various series and characters, and Dave S linked the other day to a good article by... (More...)

iPad 2

Tried out an iPad 2 in the store a few weeks ago, shortly after it came out; liked it a... (More...)

Apple battery charger troubleshooting

Apple now sells AA rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. The batteries and charger are supposed to be much better... (More...)

Contemplating a new MacBook Air

When the MacBook Air first came out, in early 2008, I thought it was totally cool, but I figured it... (More...)

Forthcoming new MacBook Pros?

A couple of friends have recently mentioned wanting to buy a new Mac laptop, so I wanted to post again... (More...)

Virtual Personal Assistant

I had previously seen Apple's visionary 1987 concept video of the Knowledge Navigator (6 minutes). That was twenty-three years ago,... (More...)

A few iPad notes

People keep asking me if I've gotten my iPad yet. But in fact, I don't really have much interest in... (More...)

Faces in iPhoto

A while back, I was delighted to find out about the face-detection/recognition system in Picasa Web Albums. It's really good... (More...)

Six free Mac apps

There's this company/organization called MacHeist that, every so often, provides a bundle of half a dozen commercial Mac applications for... (More...)

Disable guest accounts in Snow Leopard!

It appears that some users of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard are losing all of their data after logging... (More...)

How to find MySQL in Snow Leopard

Just discovered that in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the directory /usr/local/mysql no longer exists. Which means that if... (More...)

Keyboard shortcuts for AppleScripts in Snow Leopard?

In Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the keyboard-shortcuts system has been enhanced in various ways. But now I can't... (More...)

AppleScript autoresponder in Snow Leopard's

Last year, I tried to create an autoresponder for Apple's, but ran into problems. Now, in Snow Leopard, I've... (More...)

Imaginary places and computer names

My theme for computer names has always been imaginary places. At some point I'll do a more detailed writeup of... (More...)

"Genius" vs. simple problem

Stopped by Apple Store this morning to get MacBook fan repaired or replaced. Was told that it would take them... (More...)

Broken fan(?), broken email, semi-broken computer

For the past couple days, my computer has been doing something unfortunate: it suddenly powers off. No warning; just suddenly... (More...)

Task management software for Mac

I meant to write up a bigger and more comprehensive post about this, but since there's a time-sensitive aspect, I'll... (More...)

Bizarre computer behavior, wacky Comcast behavior

A couple hours ago, I plugged in my iPhone to sync it to my computer. A series of iTunes dialog... (More...)

Forthcoming Macs and iPods

There are rumors and other indications that Apple will be releasing upgraded Macs and iPods in late September. So if... (More...)

Mac Buyer's Guide

It's always frustrating when you buy a piece of hardware (such as a computer) and then an upgrade/revision appears on... (More...)

Posting from iPhone

I got an iPhone! It is way cool. And now I'm going to sleep.... (More...)

iPhone, Mac OS X 10.4.10, and kernel panics

I heard something yesterday that may put the kibosh on my plan to buy an iPhone tonight: Using iPhone with... (More...)


I forget whether I mentioned here that the main page of the TSA website crashes Safari. If you're using Safari... (More...)

MacBook display artifacts (drop shadows)

One of the few things that I'm very dissatisfied with on my new MacBook (yes, the one that arrived from... (More...)

Google Video for Mac

Google Video Player is now available (free) for Macintosh. Which also means that Mac users can now purchase copy-protected videos... (More...)


I'm posting this from my brand new sleek black MacBook. Exciting! Pretty! Shiny! Some initial impressions: Some things are really... (More...)

It shipped!

My new MacBook hadn't shipped as of yesterday, so I promised myself I would stop compulsively checking the order-status page... (More...)

MacBooks again

And congratulation of a different sort to Jenn, who bought a new MacBook! (And needs help naming it.) I too... (More...)

Lay on, MacBook!

I'm sure most of you who care know by now that Apple has released its latest laptop: the 13" MacBook,... (More...)

Beware of new Mac malware

There's a new piece of malware aimed at the Mac. There has been a great deal of debate over whether... (More...)

Curly quotes

There continues to be tremendous confusion among some SH submitters over the distinction between curved (or slanted) quotation marks and... (More...)

No more PowerBooks...

Steve Jobs has just announced Apple's new laptop computer: the MacBook Pro. Two Intel processors inside; 15.4" LCD (up to... (More...)