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Book-catalog software for Mac + iPhone

I've been a big fan of Delicious Library ever since it first came out. It looks very pretty, and it... (More...)

How to find MySQL in Snow Leopard

Just discovered that in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the directory /usr/local/mysql no longer exists. Which means that if... (More...)

Some Movable Type settings (technical)

I'm poking around in some MT settings (trying to figure out why my blog doesn't get spam any more, since... (More...)

Metadata everywhere

A while back, I wrote about wanting an approximate date data structure, and the ability to attach level-of-uncertainty info to... (More...)

Data accuracy

I want an "approximate date" data structure. I know a friend's birthday, and I know their age to within five... (More...)

Slashdot, cuteness, etc.

Meanwhile, in perhaps-related news, Slashdot has discovered Cute Overload. And Slashdot itself has decided on an all-pink look, to appeal... (More...)

Performance tuning

Karen pointed out recently that an important part of our submissions database was being really really slow. I had noticed,... (More...)