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Crowd-dodging: the video game

I came up with an idea for a video game 30 years ago: it would be a first-person-viewpoint 3D graphics... (More...)

Randomly choosing books

I have this list of the unread books on my shelves, alphabetized by author's last name, and I'm trying to... (More...)

Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage

I just picked up the printed book of The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, and so far it's regularly... (More...)

Attacking the compiler: Xcode and "Trusting Trust"

The Intercept recently published a long but interesting article about (among other things) CIA-connected researchers' attempts to subvert Xcode, the... (More...)

How to install Unix-like software

How to install Unix-like software: A text adventure transcript. Based on a true story. Or rather, several remarkably similar true... (More...)

Ruby on Rails: Not as easy as it sounds

I've been making small database-backed web apps for years now, after learning how by reading the PHP code generated by... (More...)

The scariest threats are the invisible ones

Three items that feel thematically related to me: I've been concerned for a decade or so about the possibility of... (More...)

Funny bit from Khan Academy

I was curious about Khan Academy's Computer Science category; in particular, whether it does a good job of introducing programming... (More...)

Music you both like

Here's an idea for a piece of software that could come in handy (perhaps it already exists). Background: iTunes lets... (More...)

Learn about closures

I encountered the computer science idea of a “closure” for the first time sometime in the past couple of years.... (More...)

Software engineering and me

I've been programming, one way and another, since I was about eleven years old. I taught myself a lot, and... (More...)

jQuery basics

I'm finally starting to teach myself how to use the jQuery JavaScript library. So I'm looking at some of the... (More...)

Nifty new hypertext/Interactive Fiction authoring system

I recently encountered a cool system called Undum for creating hypertext stories, semi-interactive text-based games, and Interactive Fiction. On the... (More...)

Double your indentation with regular expressions!

Say you have a code sample where each level of indentation is indented by only one space more than the... (More...)

Using the W3C's Web IDL checker

If you're not interested in parsing Web IDL (or if you don't know what that means), this entry will probably not be relevant to you. (More...)

Today's Google features

As usual this time of year, there are a whole bunch of nifty new features and other changes in various... (More...)

How to send email with an attachment in Perl

I've been beating my head against this all day, but I think I've finally figured it out. I gather that... (More...)

AppleScript autoresponder in Snow Leopard's

Last year, I tried to create an autoresponder for Apple's, but ran into problems. Now, in Snow Leopard, I've... (More...)

Infernokrusher programming language

Last fall, I happened across a piece I wrote in 1995 about a programming language to be called "C!!!" (pronounced... (More...)

How to annoy yourself

I just looked at the submission-processing code for SH, where I found the following comment: # I was going to... (More...)

The Big Rewrite

Some months back, Chad Fowler wrote a series of brief posts about "The Big Rewrite"--the fateful decision that many software... (More...)

Smarter spellcheckers

There are a lot of typos that spellcheckers won't catch. Some of those, there's probably nothing to be done about... (More...)

Name parser

Got home late last night, should've gone to bed, but instead decided to write some code. The following will probably... (More...)

Weekend update

Some things I did this weekend, including several that I had not planned to do, in no particular order: Spent... (More...)

Google data APIs!

For those who've been wondering what I've been devoting most of my waking hours to lately: The Google Calendar data... (More...)

Multilanguage (programming) comments

Last week at work, I sat down and wrote a quick little Perl utility. I tried to run the script,... (More...)

Poignant documentation

I'm still not awake enough to post a more substantive entry, but as I was on my way to bed... (More...)

Day 2, plus musing about programming

Today we received 22 more submissions. Also, I wrote some new code to make it easier for me to enter... (More...)


Here are some of the things I've done in the past week, in no particular order: finally washed some dishes... (More...)

Debugging principle

My sardonic pal Jack Mantis is thinking about writing a book on programming. Here's the current draft of the beginning... (More...)

From the adorable to the sublime

And if those kittens should be too cute, Papa's gonna buy you Ahem. Let me try that again: Rowan pointed... (More...)