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Useful source of digital assets, including background music

I recently encountered two videos that contained background music that I liked, and learned that both pieces of music were... (More...)

Alternatives to Movable Type and WordPress?

I've been using Movable Type for my own blog since 2005, but have grown increasingly dissatisfied with it of late.... (More...)

Giving MIT access to your email

NPR reported today on Immersion, a project from MIT that shows you a graphical view of your email connections to... (More...)

Some links about Aaron Swartz

I didn't know Aaron Swartz, the brilliant Internet activist who committed suicide yesterday at age 26, but friends of mine... (More...)

Packrat: Track all posts, everywhere

Had an idea on the way to work last week. There are two (minor) problems I'd like to have a... (More...)

Easter eggs in December

Three unrelated-to-each-other Google easter eggs (may not work in all browsers): Search for [askew]. Search for [let it snow]. (And... (More...)

Tab management

I keep thinking it would be great if browsers had a better tab-and-window management system. I'm probably an atypical browser... (More...)

Awesome HTML5 HAL 9000 pastiche

There's a nifty HTML5 Showcase site that shows some cool demos of what's possible with HTML5. Unfortunately, at the moment... (More...)

To see our sites as Google sees 'em

In some contexts, it can be very useful to be able to view your site the way that the Googlebot... (More...)

HTML/CSS/JS analysis/debugging tools

The Google Chrome Developer Tools are a nifty set of tools built into the Chrome web browser that let you... (More...)

Speed up your website!

I recently learned about a nifty tool provided by Google called Page Speed Online. You enter the URL of your... (More...)

Apple battery charger troubleshooting

Apple now sells AA rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. The batteries and charger are supposed to be much better... (More...)

Link syntax surprise: links can start with //

I always thought I knew the three basic types of links in HTML. Turns out there's a fourth one, and a coherent framework. (More...)

jQuery basics

I'm finally starting to teach myself how to use the jQuery JavaScript library. So I'm looking at some of the... (More...)

Do y'all leave JavaScript enabled?

I used to see stats that said something like 10% of all people browsing the web didn't have JavaScript enabled.... (More...)

MBTA route plotter

Jeff K has created a nifty MBTA route plotter that lets you view approximate current (and recent) locations of Boston-area... (More...)

Letting the reader redesign the web page?

Woke up this morning with an idea for a browser extension: it would let the reader of a web page... (More...)

Overriding CSS rules with specificity

I've been using Cascading Style Sheets for years. I've created CSS stylesheets for web pages, I've written about the virtues... (More...)

Group note-taking at cons

For years now, I've been thinking it would be cool to have a system for collaborative audience note-taking at sf... (More...)

Most dramatic browser speed tests ever

The Google Chrome developers have come out with a new version of the browser that's faster than ever before. To... (More...)

CSS portability and common CSS

I've been thinking lately about the following problem: Content in today's web appears in many contexts, and a lot of... (More...)

How to send email with an attachment in Perl

I've been beating my head against this all day, but I think I've finally figured it out. I gather that... (More...)

That high-tech FBI

Yesterday, I stopped by the FBI website to find out how to file a Freedom Of Information Act request. My... (More...)

Repeating a missed web ad

Most of the time, I try my best to ignore online advertising. But once in a while, an ad catches... (More...)

Standards compliance as a browser add-on

It turns out that SVG, a web standard for displaying scalable vector graphics, has been quietly growing in popularity and... (More...)

How to forward your Twitter posts to Facebook

Do you post to Twitter but not to Facebook? Do you want your tweets to appear in your Facebook account,... (More...)

Some writing, some reading/listening

Took a break from magazine stuff to wander over to the East Bay for a writing-in-a-café afternoon. Wrote 1600+ words... (More...)

Today's new Google features

Some interesting new time-related features from Google today: Google Wake Up Kit--have trouble waking up? This new Google Calendar feature... (More...)

Uploading high-quality video to YouTube

I've thus far avoided posting much video online, partly 'cause I don't really know how (even though I helped document... (More...)

Twittering at cons?

Just saw a blog entry about heavy use of Twitter at the SXSWi conference this year and last. Sounds like... (More...)

New "My Library" feature in Google Books

A bunch of my friends have been using LibraryThing to create an online catalog of their books, share that catalog... (More...)

Separating form from content

Some thoughts on form, style, and content, in various kinds of writing. (More...)

Becoming an instant expert

Here's a recipe for becoming known worldwide as an expert on any topic: Write a column in 1997 that mentions... (More...)


I forget whether I mentioned here that the main page of the TSA website crashes Safari. If you're using Safari... (More...)

Zend PHP conference

I'm spending much of this week attending the PHP conference in San José this week. (Partly 'cause Zend is releasing... (More...)

Uploading photos from Mac to web

A couple months ago, I mentioned that Google is now providing a photo-hosting service, Picasa Web Albums. At the time,... (More...)

Things to do on dates

A friend recently pointed me to a webcomic called xkcd. (In the same email, she asked how I was doing,... (More...)

Weekend update

Some things I did this weekend, including several that I had not planned to do, in no particular order: Spent... (More...)

New links section

I finally recently got around to adding a list-of-links section in a sidebar on my journal page. The idea is... (More...)

Comment spam update

I've been meaning to mention for a couple weeks that I seem to have found a good solution, for now... (More...)

Picasa Web Albums!

I'm very very sleepy, so I'm not going to write up the lovely evening I had tonight, not even the... (More...)

Google Video for Mac

Google Video Player is now available (free) for Macintosh. Which also means that Mac users can now purchase copy-protected videos... (More...)

Who needs to go home?

I spent most of yesterday playing the traditional post-WisCon game of trying to get home. I would love to have... (More...)

Google data APIs!

For those who've been wondering what I've been devoting most of my waking hours to lately: The Google Calendar data... (More...)


Another nifty new service has just launched: Google Calendar (Beta, of course). You can read more about it on the... (More...)

Slashdot, cuteness, etc.

Meanwhile, in perhaps-related news, Slashdot has discovered Cute Overload. And Slashdot itself has decided on an all-pink look, to appeal... (More...)

Contextual dating and ads on the moon

Two items just in: First, Google to advertise on the moon, a article by one Arif Pollo, published today.... (More...)

RTF submission system beta test

If you'd like to submit a story to Strange Horizons as an RTF file (rather than converting it to plain... (More...)

The predictive power of fantasy

People are always talking about the amazing predictive abilities of science fiction. But what about fantasy? Yes, yes, Arthur C.... (More...)

Welcome to the Movable Type test!

This will eventually be the Movable Type version of Jed's journal. However, it's not quite ready yet. So for now,... (More...)

Items: Keep the objects moving

Three more or less unrelated items of varying levels of interactivity: Thomas Dietz juggling video #10. Even the people who... (More...)

Link text

I've been meaning to write about this for ages. I've been putting it off because I wanted to provide thorough... (More...)

Red in tooth and claw

It takes me back to the old days, it does. Microsoft is sponsoring a new distributed online game called Terrarium,... (More...)