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Pournelle on ebooks, from 1980

Late in 2015, I read an issue of Destinies (a “paperback magazine”) from 1980; it included a piece by Jerry... (More...)

The end of an email signature?

In 1986, I arrived at Swarthmore, and I started using email. (Obligatory irrelevant “back in my day”: in those days,... (More...)

Some notable forthcoming June events

A few things I'm looking forward to over the next couple weeks: Wednesday, June 16: Closing arguments in the Prop... (More...)

Making email subject lines more emotionally informative

I've been noticing for a while now that a lot of email subject lines are kind of uninformative about tone,... (More...)


I was driving to Kam's this evening, running a little late. I thought of calling to tell her I was... (More...)

What time zone am I in?

Arrived at the Bozeman airport on time, turned on my iPhone, and was surprised to discover that it was after... (More...)

Phone calls

I keep forgetting to mention this here: I've more or less stopped answering my home phone. Much of the time... (More...)