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Tesla Model 3 info

Several interesting and informative Tesla Model 3 links: Specs and prices, including prices for various options, from the official Tesla... (More...)

Speeding to a stop

I was driving along in the right lane of a Mountain View street the other week when I passed a... (More...)

Some features I want in a Maps app

On my iPhone, I use Google Maps frequently, and Apple Maps fairly regularly. I love both apps, but I can't... (More...)

A series of unfortunate car events

Last night, shortly after I left work, the floor mat in my Prius shifted in such a way as to... (More...)

MBTA route plotter

Jeff K has created a nifty MBTA route plotter that lets you view approximate current (and recent) locations of Boston-area... (More...)

Super superconductor demo

At some point during college, Rob S added a catchphrase to our ever-growing collection of catchphrases and slogans: "SUPERCONDUCTORS MAKE... (More...)

Zeppelin highlights

For my birthday, as I noted at the time, a bunch of friends got me a zeppelin ride, and the... (More...)

Zeppelins over Mountain View

Last Wednesday, the day after the election, I was biking to work when I saw another bicyclist stopped in the... (More...)

Prius light cycle

At the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, Toyota revealed the Tron car. No, wait, I mean it revealed a... (More...)

New favorite Treo app

Google Maps is now available as a standalone app for the Treo. (More...)

Items: Technology and society

These and the Bussard stuff in the previous entry seem to sort of fit into a general theme, something to... (More...)

Who needs to go home?

I spent most of yesterday playing the traditional post-WisCon game of trying to get home. I would love to have... (More...)

Some quick updates

A few quick life updates before I head off to work: Thanksgiving was good; ate with Arthur E's family. Enjoying... (More...)

Prius fever

Everywhere I go these days, there are Priuses. At work, I occasionally amuse myself by counting the number of Priuses... (More...)

Coming home

I have all sorts of things to write about, but for now I'll just provide an update on recent days:... (More...)

Meet the Prius

Here are a couple of photos of my new Prius. Sorry for the low quality; they were taken quickly, in... (More...)

Long travel day, plus more car story

Today's trip to Madison was largely uneventful. My flight out of SFO was an hour late departing (even though it... (More...)

Civic vs. Prius

Here's a table comparing my car options: Honda Civic hybrid vs. Toyota Prius. Blue indicates the side I prefer... (More...)

More hybrids

Rented a Civic Hybrid this evening, from Fox Rentals at San Jose airport. (Thanks, Lola, for letting me know about... (More...)

Various notes

Long and tiring day today, mostly spent couch-shopping. The saleswoman at Ethan Allen continued to be clever; for example, as... (More...)

Prius again

I called the Hertz rental counter at the San Jose airport last night to ask if they had any Priuses... (More...)

Assorted notes

Spent most of the day Sunday going car-shopping and couch-shopping with Kam. Car shopping: test-drove a Honda Civic hybrid. Had... (More...)

Cars and stuff

Unrelated to anniversaries of any kind: Yesterday Lola did indeed take me with her on a Prius-test-driving expedition. We went... (More...)