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Some features I want in a Maps app

On my iPhone, I use Google Maps frequently, and Apple Maps fairly regularly. I love both apps, but I can't... (More...)

Tab management

I keep thinking it would be great if browsers had a better tab-and-window management system. I'm probably an atypical browser... (More...)

Nifty new hypertext/Interactive Fiction authoring system

I recently encountered a cool system called Undum for creating hypertext stories, semi-interactive text-based games, and Interactive Fiction. On the... (More...)

Designing for a physically diverse audience

A few things that seem kind of related to me: HP's face-tracking webcam apparently doesn't detect black faces as faces.... (More...)

Facebook and the case of the missing quiz info

Most of my Facebook reading is on my iPhone, using the Facebook app, in spare moments now and then. There... (More...)

Three software releases of note

Been a busy week for software releases of interest to me; even more pleasing, all three of the items here... (More...)

More paperless

Way back in 2002, I posted an entry musing about the paperless office and my largely paperless lifestyle. I happened... (More...)

Door UI documentation

There's a door at work with a label next to it that reads, in half-inch-high capital letters: "DON'T PULL THE... (More...)