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Multilingual 404

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Aaron H points to this cute multilingual file-not-found page. Not to be taken too seriously, especially the dialect versions in English and quasi-English.

Latest spam subject lines

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My favorite spam subject lines of the day:


the social networking site no one else knows about

Now I want to generalize that to a sort of a game: take a positive attribute that one might use to praise one thing, come up with a different thing that turns that attribute negative. "shimmering vermilion milk," say, or "waterproof breakfast cereal."

Anyway, the other spam subject line of the day, in a totally different vein:

Women will be your resigned slaves

Somehow I think "resigned" isn't really the word they had in mind, but I'm amused by the image. I'm thinking of a harem full of women sitting around, bored, rolling their eyes at every command given them by the hapless slave master. "~Yes, 'master'~," they say sarcastically. "I suppose I'll wash your feet. If I must. Sigh."

The interior of that one was funny, too:

Your woman will be shocked by your fang's astonishing progress.

Go, fang!

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