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According to Wikipedia, "kuzbu" is "an Akkadian word which means 'seductive allure' or 'sexual appeal.'" Or, in the vernacular, "hotness." As in, "Whoa, his entire body is adorned with kuzbu." (That's what Shamhat said about Gilgamesh, according to that Wikipedia article.)

I'm hoping we can revive the word. Like: "Yow, check out that dude's fine kuzbu." Or "Hey, babe, you've got major kuzbu." I think it could be expanded into adjective form, too: "You look totally kuzbu in that dress."

comma sutra


This morning, the phrase "comma sutra" popped into my head, don't know why.

I immediately thought it would make a good name for this blog, which I've been thinking of renaming for a while now.

Sadly, I am not the first to come up with this pun. For example, there's a comma sutra T-shirt, and a grammar book called Comma Sutra: Position Yourself For Success With Good Grammar. (It appears to be full of cheap sex-related puns along with the grammar lessons, with chapter titles like "Assume the Position: Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs.")

Also, it was unclear to me whether the phrase would come across as disrespectful to Hindus and Buddhists.

So I'll keep looking for a replacement title. But in the meantime, thought the phrase was cute enough to be worth posting.

Premium Basic

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When you want your service to sound great, you might be tempted to label it with a superlative, like, say, "Premium."

But if you want to distinguish two levels of service, you might be tempted to label one as, say, "Basic," and the other as, say, "Plus."

Both of those impulses are pretty reasonable. The problem comes when you try to combine them:

[...] Adobe Systems June 15 moved Acrobat.com out of public beta with two premium paid subscription services for businesses.


To wit, the company unveiled Premium Basic and Premium Plus services.

eweek article, 15 June 2009

I'm hoping that the Premium Basic service will become so popular that they'll have to split it into two tiers, say Premium Basic Pro and Premium Basic Home.

Or perhaps Premium Basic Gold and Premium Basic Silver.

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