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"Always Cop To A Lesser Plea!" - Peter

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In life, a word of advice when you're young can be all that it takes to get you through situations which might otherwise be occasions of great emotional trauma...

I was in my early teens when I was "busted" for some rule infraction of my parents. I do not remember whatever triggered this family event, but after I admitted I had done this thing, I was "punished" in some way, and again, the details are not relevant.

At some point later, when Peter and I were alone, he asked if he could give me a tool to use, on occasion, such that some traumas in life (and/or punishments, such as what happened) would virtually disappear!

"Always cop to a lesser plea!", Peter advised. ("Fib" might be another way of putting it...)

I accepted his advice and used it on many occasions in my life. (If a "fib" makes for a better life for all concerned, I see no moral imperatives violated. That's just me, you'll have to make up your own mind where this line is crossed, if ever, for yourself...)

I make a distinction between lying and a "fib". I believe Peter was telling me to "fib" instead of blurting out the real truth, especially when the Truth may cause unpleasantness, while the "fib" allows life to go on in a friendly way.

For example, if you are in pain, but you knew the person you were around didn't like you taking drugs, (even to stop the pain), you might say that you had taken no drugs and that you were sleepy. If you say you were all right because you had taken the meds, the person may react hysterically, yet now, life goes on and you are out of pain!

"Are you in pain?" ==> "No, I'm just sleepy." See, this person "copped to a lesser plea", and life went on...

While Society calls for "Truth", We usually accept mere "Truthiness", perhaps even "An Inconvenient Truthiness".

I wrote this a second time, as I lost the original text to an unplanned reboot. (I sort of wondered if it wasn't Peter's red pen at work, editing in a Fell Swoop, but unless the power goes off, or Windows crashes, I'm assuming it's OK with Peter to now let this particular cat out of the bag...)

The Tale of the Howling Wolf

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Thanks for sharing this Tale, Linda!

Late one evening, our neighbor's dog began to bark. The dog, named "Jack", who was not prone to barking without reason, continued to do so, then subsided, when another dog began to bark, with the sound coming from the opposite side of our house.Then Jack gave an answering bark, and the two dogs began to communicate, growing ever louder and more adamant. Now one of the dogs began to howl at the full moon, followed by the other, and increasing steadily in volume. My husband, Steve, stepped out the back door to see what on earth was going on out there! Jack would howl, and then the unknown dog would howl even louder. Steve was able to pinpoint the second dog's location as Peter Hartman's back yard.......but he knew that Peter did not have a dog, and thought it unlikely that a stray would be in Peter's fenced yard. He took a look over the fence which separated our two houses, and was astounded to discover that the howling wolf was none other than a buck naked Peter, totally into the moment, on all fours, with head thrown back, howling wildly at the moon! When Peter became aware that he was not alone, he was rendered speechless, stood up, shrugged, and went in his back door, thus concluding the calls of the wild for the night.

(Peter lived next door to Linda and Steve for several years. -Dobe)