Five Years

In Which Your Humble Blogger is disappointed. (Read it...)

Book Report: Rising Steam

In Which Your Humble Blogger has a sad. (Read it...)

Book Report: Galapagos Regained

In Which Your Humble Blogger has a favorite author and is all irritated by him. (Read it...)

Knowing the Times

In Which Your Humble Blogger does not wade in to the current political commentary, which confuses Your Humble Blogger something terrible. Is Bibi Netanyahu really suggesting that Israel marry Hassan Rouhani and then invite him to a banquet? That can't be right. (Read it...)

King, the man and the day

In Which Your Humble Blogger, in this internet world, spends the day reading from the Martin Luther King archives. (Read it...)

Book Report: Lock-In

In Which Your Humble Blogger continues to bookblog. (Read it...)

Book Report: The Magicians

In Which Your Humble Blogger is going back to book-blogging, I guess, in Another Place, and so will cross-post here. (Read it...)

Hatchet Job: Last Christmas

In Which Your Humble Blogger doesn't even get in to the repeated remark that if they don't vanquish the Kantrofarri right away, all humanity will be destroyed within a year, what with there being six of the things, you know, that can, um, do something very nasty, probably. But let's not worry about the one that successfully kills the guy, we don't have to go looking for that one, it'll be fine. (Read it...)

Living in a black and white world.

In Which Your Humble Blogger is compelled to pay attention to what he has always known and what is so much easier to ignore. (Read it...)

Breaking silence

In Which Your Humble Blogger cannot speak of what he cannot speak of, and yet cannot remain silent. (Read it...)

Election Day

In Which it is, Your Humble Blogger supposes, just barely possible that some Gentle Reader has this on their aggregator and will see it, and be reminded—if not reminded to vote, perhaps reminded to enjoy voting. (Read it...)

Isaiah, but I don't say-a much.

In Which Your Humble Blogger is a bit tired. (Read it...)

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