Notes Toward a Possible Essay about this Moment in our Culture'n'stuff

In Which Your Humble Blogger gets a lot of stuff off the old proverbial. (Read it...)

Election Day, 2017

In which Your Humble Blogger does not suggest doing an internet search on the phrase [the heart pants life glows]. (Read it...)

Book Report: The Power

In Which Your Humble Blogger just wants everyone to read this book, so we can talk about it together. (Read it...)

Taking a Knee

In Which Your Humble Blogger suspects that in the fullness of time it will be remembered similar to Tommy Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics, with historical surprise about the reaction to it, rather than to the act itself. (Read it...)

The Academic Library, where ignorance is proverbial

In Which Your Humble Blogger doesn't really do the whole interacting-with-other-academic-librarians thing, and so doesn't know if this has already been hashed out endlessly elsewhere. (Read it...)

An autumn parenting question

In Which Your Humble Blogger is unsure what category to call this. I mean, I could turn it into a Book report, I suppose, as I read the thing just to be sure. (Read it...)

The Thirty-Nine Steps: wrap

In Which Your Humble Blogger lightly entertains and was lightly entertained himself, withal. (Read it...)

Book Report: It Can't Happen Here

In Which Your Humble Blogger writes almost the whole note a couple of weeks ago, and decides not to update it after the events of Charlottesville, which is probably a mistake, but there we are. (Read it...)


In Which Your Humble Blogger may have cried a bit. What? Nothing wrong with that. (Read it...)

Roy Cohn in Hell

In Which Your Humble Blogger should probably have brought a third handkerchief. (Read it...)

A smattering of mattering

In Which Your Humble Blogger notes that the federal legislature has become like the weather in New England. (Read it...)


In Which Your Humble Blogger is once again culturally illiterate in a peculiarly information-rich way. (Read it...)

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