Thirty-Nine Steps, 12 parts, 8 weeks

In Which Your Humble Blogger is looking forward to falling over. (Read it...)

A longish quote from Political Hysteria in America: the Democratic Capacity for Repression

In which Your Humble Blogger does not present the quote entirely without comment. (Read it...)

Book Report: The Liars' Gospel

In Which Your Humble Blogger reads the wrong book. Darn those unreliable narrators, anyway. (Read it...)

The Door by the Grandfather Clock

In Which Your Humble Blogger didn't move, speak or change facial expression in any way during the awkward silence that followed. (Read it...)

Sing, little birdie, tweet-tweet

In Which Your Humble Blogger steps off a precipice without, so far, ill effect. (Read it...)

Movie Report: Pride

In Which Your Humble Blogger meant to post this yesterday for the start of Pride Month, but better nate than proverbial, innit? (Read it...)

Shavuout: smooches and suspended mountains

In Which Your Humble Blogger also came across an essay that points out that there aren't really Shavuot commandments, just traditions, and perhaps disagreeing with the Sages of Blessed Memory is my very own Shavout Tradition. (Read it...)

Ecclesiastes 3:5

In Which Your Humble Blogger gathers some stones, if you know what I mean, and I hope nobody does because YHB sure as hell doesn't. (Read it...)


Dirge for a Soldier by George Henry Boker Close his eyes; his work is done!What to him is friend or foeman?Rise of moon, or set of sun,Hand of man, or kiss of woman?Lay him low, lay him lowIn the clover... (Read it...)

Keys and Cylinders

In Which Your Humble Blogger is pretty sure this is a metaphor for something, but what? (Read it...)

Manchester England England, across the Atlantic Sea

In Which Your Humble Blogger feels overwhelmed, but what the heck, writing it down won't make it worse, right? (Read it...)

Ecclesiastes 3:4

In Which Your Humble Blogger has been finding Ecclesiastes kind of comforting lately, which is terrifying in itself. (Read it...)

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