Ecclesiastes 2:26

In Which Your Humble Blogger finally reaches the end of the second chapter. So, um, from Sukkot to Purim, we got through, oh, fifteen verses? That's not quite one a week, but it's, er, it's slightly more than one every other week! At this rate, I'll be, well, er, um, extremely slow. (Read it...)

Shovel your own sidewalk, Pomeranz

In Which Your Humble Blogger should also point out that each individual program (and there are hundreds) will be judged politically against the others by how loud constituents scream. (Read it...)

Book Report: The Inquisitor's Tale

In Which Your Humble Blogger tries to hop back on the Book Report wagon, so it's probably just as well that it doesn't move particularly fast. (Read it...)

Purim again. Sigh.

In Which Your Humble Blogger is seized again, as in 2011, with the fear that there will be a terrible act of violence on Purim, but hey, I was wrong then. (Read it...)

Fun* with numbers again!

In Which Your Humble Blogger is utterly opposed to fun, and therefore this note is actually filled with dry statistical analysis. (Read it...)

International Women's Day

In Which Your Humble Blogger realized, after writing this thing, how few of the specific women mentioned were women of color, which is not really a different topic, but still. (Read it...)

Thought for my Pennies

In Which Your Humble Blogger does a little arithmetic, because some things are worth doing arithmetic for. (Read it...)

Polonius Production Diary: wrap

In Which Your Humble Blogger had a good time and did good work, and now is in need of a long and quiet rest. (Read it...)

Polonius Production Diary: six down, two to go

In which Your Humble Blogger is still here, more or less. (Read it...)

Polonius Production Diary: The run begins

In Which Your Humble Blogger isn't so worried about fictional disasters in Sweden, when things are so rotten in Denmark. (Read it...)

Day without Immigrants

In Which Your Humble Blogger is at home on the range. (Read it...)

Ecclesiastes: 2:24-25

In Which Your Humble Blogger reaches for what is not under heaven. (Read it...)

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