Dirge for a Soldier by George Henry Boker Close his eyes; his work is done!What to him is friend or foeman?Rise of moon, or set of sun,Hand of man, or kiss of woman?Lay him low, lay him lowIn the clover... (Read it...)

Keys and Cylinders

In Which Your Humble Blogger is pretty sure this is a metaphor for something, but what? (Read it...)

Manchester England England, across the Atlantic Sea

In Which Your Humble Blogger feels overwhelmed, but what the heck, writing it down won't make it worse, right? (Read it...)

Ecclesiastes 3:4

In Which Your Humble Blogger has been finding Ecclesiastes kind of comforting lately, which is terrifying in itself. (Read it...)

Book Report: Blood and Banquets

In Which Your Humble Blogger came for the banquets but stayed for the banquets. Particularly March 10 1933, when von Papen has to apologize after the blackshirts rip the little French and Romanian flags from the diplomats' cars. (Read it...)

Games are about failure, eventually

In Which Your Humble Blogger actually thinks that life is, on the whole, a play-until-failure sort of a game, just like Tetris. (Read it...)

Ecclesiastes 3:3

In Which Your Humble Blogger feels, a bit, as if I am in a sense sorting the blocks that I might hope to use to build something, later. For the moment, though, it's just a somewhat-organized mess. (Read it...)

Book Report: The Collapsing Empire

In Which Your Humble Blogger, yadda yadda yadda, John Scalzi, yadda yadda yadda, book. (Read it...)

Ecclesiastes 3:2

In Which Your Humble Blogger writes another thousand words, this time about a nine-word verse. Honestly, I'm like a parody of myself. (Read it...)

Book Report: Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

In Which Your Humble Blogger often doesn't really get plays, particularly popular ones, which is probably a character flaw. (Read it...)

An Idea, not really mine, but now it's on my mind

In Which Your Humble Blogger occasionally wishes that this blog had enough reach to get answers to questions, but only when I have questions I want answers to, and nothing in any way inconvenient or unpleasant. (Read it...)

The Eighth Day

In Which Your Humble Blogger talks about identity and tradition and all, and not about politics. (Read it...)

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