Movie Report: Swing Voter

In Which Your Humble Blogger would enjoy the additions and corrections Gentle Readers come up with, because our unmade movie is so much better than any actual movie. (Read it...)

Ten Best Bullshit Nonsense Crazy Errors

In Which Your Humble Blogger doesn't mention that one of the categories is pretty much 'how many things in that town have been Yelped'. (Read it...)

Movie Report: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

In Which Your Humble Blogger really did enjoy the movie, you know. (Read it...)

Ecclesiastes: 2:4-9

In Which Your Humble Blogger doesn't mean to imply that musical instruments aren't pretty awesome, and expensive, too. (Read it...)

Could someone pinch me please? (Ouch, he didn't mean it)

In Which Your Humble Blogger's clothes may be Beau Brommel-y, but that doesn't make a fellow fully dressed. (Read it...)

Patience for one, not for the other.

In Which Your Humble Blogger is again out of step with popular culture, but would look great in a cassock. (Read it...)

Cons and Parties (and Cons, I suppose)

In Which Your Humble Blogger is missing a paragraph about how the changes in norms are changes in the sort of people that that sort of people think they are, but I am tired and cross and haven't time to write that out coherently, and y'all will follow it anyway, right? (Read it...)

What are the LOLliest Plays?

In Which Your Humble Blogger is just blanking on that one you really like, you know, the funny one. (Read it...)

Makeup! (pooooof!)

In Which Your Humble Blogger would like to state that it is my conviction that longer hair and other flamboyant affectations of appearance are nothing more than the male's emergence from his drab camouflage into the gaudy plumage which is the birth right of his sex. (Read it...)

Downton, where they rip your slips

In Which Your Humble Blogger gets on the proper hobby horse, and not the one about Yorkshire coal mines in the twenties. Although, for crying out loud, people! Yorkshire! 1920s! Class struggle! Hellooooooo? (Read it...)

There Otta Be A Law

In Which Your Humble Blogger draws a historical parallel a trifle further. (Read it...)

The Snarky Descriptivist strikes again!

In Which Your Humble Blogger just hates it. Oooh! It's just wrong, is what. (Read it...)

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