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The Main Drag (edited)

Well, if you were looking for a reason to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade all the way to the end, how about Mrs. Claus, “the man in the big red dress,” portrayed by Harvey Fierstein?

Redintegro Iraq,

OK, it turns out that Mr. Fierstein is not portraying Mrs. Claus in the final float of the parade, but rather will be on the Hairspray float, portraying Edna Turnblad, the character he plays in that show on Broadway. Edna Turnblad will, in honor of the season be wearing a red-and-white outfit that is clearly a Mrs. Claus outfit.

Macy’s issued a statement that “The parade has never and will never be a platform for political and social issues and opinions.” Hunh? Up with People? Marching bands? Rent? The cast of How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying singing “The International Brotherhood of Man”? Heck, Seussical the Musical had political and social opinions. And, in case some Gentle Reader hasn’t seen it, the whole thing is a Thanksgiving Parade with a Christian focus, sometimes explicit and sometimes implied, but clear, culminating in the final float that all the fuss is about.

Anyway, you can read about it at the New York Times, but registration is still required.


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