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Solstice thoughts

It’s more or less solstice time, and I am reminded of how much I like the Daylight Savings we get every summer (if we live where Daylight is Saved).

Today in Boston (to pick a city at random), the sun rose at 7:10 and will, one expects, set at 4:14 or so. Nine hours and four minutes pass in between the two; I wake up in darkness, but leave the house in daylight, and leave work in the dark. If I’m only going to get nine hours (and four minutes) of daylight, it’s pretty much ideal to do it that way. Any later and I’d have to leave the house while it was still dark, which is more unpleasant to me than coming home in the dark. It’s a short day, and that’s all there is to it.

If Your Humble Blogger were to move to, say, Richmond, Virginia, I would gain twenty-nine minutes of daylight. Sunrise just a tad later (but still early enough to leave home in the daylight, barring either a long commute or an early start to the day), and sunset is almost 5. In fact, in Richmond, evidently, the sun never sets earlier than around 4:45.

Anyway, that’s winter.

Six months ago, say, June 22, Boston had fifteen hours and seventeen minutes of daylight, between 5:07 and 8:24. That is, those are the Daylight Savings Hours; without the shift, the sun would rise at 4:07, and set at 7:24. I don’t like the idea of the sun rising at 4:07. I don’t like the idea of the sun rising at 5:07, frankly, but I suppose I can deal with it for a month or so. Still, I’m happy to save up that Daylight I don’t want between four and five ack emma, and use it between seven-thirty and eight-thirty, when I can really use it. Richmond’s June 22 daylight went from 5:48 to 8:34; a tad shorter, but still without DST, the sun would be up before five, and that ain’t good.

Now, Your Humble Blogger grew up without Daylight Savings, and that was a Good Thing. We feared the sun. Sure, today they are getting a magnificent ten hours of warm sun while Bostonians get a mere nine hours of tepid not-snow. Six months ago, though, they got fourteen hours and twenty minutes of vicious and brutal sunshine, starting at 5:18 and not letting up until 7:41. That’s on Standard; if they saved up the daylight at the start (not letting the sun up until well after six), they wouldn’t be able to emerge from their air-conditioned houses and cars until almost a quarter til nine. No, the sun can’t set fast enough in Phoenix, AZ. They don’t want to save Daylight, they want to avoid it.

Now if they could ship an hour or two to Boston...

Redintegro Iraq,

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