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(Makeshift title)

Ok, Gentle Readers, this time my service provider assures Your Humble Blogger that service will be forthcoming by Monday at the latest.

Perhaps Monday evening.

Redintegro, Iraq,


good luck with the isp people. note, though, that if you don't title your entry, your poor readers have nothing to click on which will allow them to read the entry, and therefore have to reach the thing in creative ways, utilizing their mad haX0r skillz to the utmost. :>)

I hate to deprive anyone of an opportunity to use their mad H4X0R skilz, but I went and added a temporary title. When Vardibidian is next online, he can change the title if he likes.

Jed, you rule. Sorry about that, any Gentle Reader whose mad hacker skills are not up to snuff; I shan't do it again (I hope).


Good luck with all that--I've missed your posts!

And I hope the move has gone well.

Help! V., come back! How will I know what to think about the Ohio caucus if you don't tell me?



At least my ISP customer service voice has admitted that they have no way of knowing when I will have service.

I think that's an improvement.


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