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All Audio, By Genre, By Artist

My wonderful bloghost Jed wrote nicely about his favorite songs, which reminded me that I’ve been meaning to write about my own music collection.

In preparation for moving house, I ripped almost all my CDs to my computer; at the moment I have some four hundred hours of music, of which two hundred hours is, broadly speaking, rock, with a hundred and fifty hours of jazz (again, broadly speaking), fourteen hours of klezmer, thirteen of Early Music (again, broadly speaking), and fourteen of classical, and a smattering of other stuff. One thing that the computer music does is give me totals on my music, which I would never have done without it. Nobody who knew me in high school or college will be surprised that I have more Elvis Costello music than anything else, but even I was surprised to discover I have over sixteen hours, not counting stuff he wrote for other people, or produced, or sings backup on. If I sat down at eight in the morning to start listening to all my EC, I wouldn’t be done until past midnight. And there are three albums I haven’t bothered buying yet, in addition to the random songs on soundtracks and such, which I may track down and buy someday, not to mention the extra tracks that asshole keeps putting on the third or fourth release of his albums.

Second place is Duke Ellington, with more than 14 hours (including the magnificent Louis and Duke, where he plays the piano with Louis Armstrong’s small group, so it doesn’t have the orchestra with him, but I’m counting it anyway). Needless to say, that’s a small fraction of the Duke out there, but what I’ve got is all good.

Any guesses for third place? No? Quick hint: I had to combine solo work with the group he fronted in the 80s, and it totals nearly nine and a half hours of music. David Byrne and Talking Heads, you say? No, that tops out at 8:52 for fourth place (I didn’t count the Heads album or the Jerry Harrison album, which would put the T-Heads alumni into third but be stretching the point.). It’s Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits; and I don’t have the Twisting by the Pool EP yet. XTC is in fifth, just two minutes behind David Byrne.

After that top five, we drop down quite a bit, to six and a half hours of very fine Benny Goodman music. Artists in the five to six hour range include the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, the Klezmatics, Jim’s Big Ego, the Pogues (if I include Shane McGowan’s solo work, which I do), and Billie Holiday.

What do we learn from this? Well, I suppose that I was born in 1969, and buy tickets to John Cusack movies. And that my Jazz History prof was a Salesman.

That’s enough music chat for now, I think. I’ll post later about rating the songs. I still have four thousand songs to rate, so it’s a bit intimidating.

Redintegro Iraq,


Nobody who knew me in high school or college will be surprised that I have more Elvis Costello music than anything else

*snrch*. Nope. Not surprised in the least.

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