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Lyrics from Randomly Selected Songs (the sources) read below note first, please

It occurs to YHB that this list was undoubtedly more interesting to put together than to read. Ah, well...


Die Chassidim Forren tsum Rebbin


[Yiddish, unintelligible]

Chasids visit the Rebbe

* Got to Hurry Yardbirds [instrumental] Great tune


Under My Thumb

Rolling Stones

[title],Her eyes are just kept to herself/[title], well I, I can still look at someone else

Yes, well, yes, um, well, it came up randomly


Imperial Teen

Imperial Teen

If I only had another hand/I’d cut it off and start a band

One of the I-hardly-ever-play-it-but-enjoy-having-it-come-up-randomly type


It’s Saturday Night

The Proclaimers

I’m gonna scratch cars/with my keys again

Not just a one-hit wonder, you know


Cold Shoulder


My head was stuck in the cat flap on the door/Where I could see her walking on the kitchen floor

A weak song on an OK album by a great band

* Dos Freylekhe Shnayderl Klezmer Conservatory Band [Yiddish] The Happy Tailor
* Summit Ridge Drive Cootie Williams [instrumental] Cootie is my favorite trumpeter
* Echoes of Harlem Roy Eldredge [instrumental] Roy is in my top five, or close to it


Never Mind


I like to listen and I like to look/But if you can’t accommodate, I’m fine with a book

Vocals and lyrics by Richard Hell


Harlem Nocturne

Cats & Jammers

I hear it in dreams and somehow it seems/it makes me weep and I can’t sleep

New lyrics for a song that never needed them


Some of these Days

Cab Calloway

Oh, when I'm leaving, there's no doubt your heart'll be grieving/You're gonna miss your daddy, mama, [title]

Actually, the best lyric goes something like ‘dib-dab-babbidy-bop-de-zap-de-zap’


My Husband was a Weatherman

The Bobs

He said ‘Hey, that’s OK/You’ll be back’

A classic, in its way


A Bunch of the Blues/Keester Parade/TNT/Tiny’s Blues

Mel Torme

Every day, every week every month every year/every minute that you aren’t here/I’ll weep tear after tear after tear/and I won’t stop til you reappear

The Mel-Tones. Terrible lyrics, great harmonies


Meet James Ensor

They Might Be Giants

Before there were junk stores/Before there was junk/He lived with his mother and the torments of Christ

Very few lyrics to choose from.

* Just You, Just Me Duke Ellington Orchestra [Instrumental] I could have given lyrics from the version with lyrics, but that would have been cheating


Little Queenie

Rolling Stones

I gets the wiggles in my knees/When she looked at me and sweetly smiled

The Wiggles! No, not the Wiggles.


Dirty Old Town (Mapeye)

David Byrne

Remember the days of rent control/Grandpa remembers rock and roll

I, too, want to live in a dirty old town.


I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say

Dr. John

I thought I heard Judge Fogarty say/thirty days in the parish, without no pay

‘you’re rambunctious, obnoxious... I’m gonna put you out’


The 59th St. Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)

Simon & Garfinkel

I've got no deeds to do, no promises to keep./I'm dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep

Not the Jim’s Big Ego rap version...

* Hop Head Duke Ellington [instrumental] Love that Duke



Mel Torme

The shore was kissed by sea and mist tenderly/I can't forget how two hearts met breathlessly

Love the song, hate the lyrics


Sacrificial Bonfire


Fire they cried/So evil must die

I don’t think I ever knew the lyrics to this one


From Head to Toe

Elvis Costello

I got two eyes that happened by ya/And when they saw you, they said they knew you were fine/I got two lips that long to kiss you/And when they speak, they say they wish you were mine

Tap those toes!


Zig Zaggity Woop Woop Pt. 1

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

[instrumental, but title shouted repeatedly]

Zig Zaggity Woop Woop!


Naked in the Garden

Gunnar Madsen

Deep in the garden/There’s a little gnome/He holds a lantern to lead us on the way

Off The Power of a Hat, a good but not great album


Low Budget

The Kinks

At least my hair is all mine, my teeth are my own/But everything else is on permanent loan

What did you say? I thought you said that.

* Blackbird Special Dirty Dozen [instrumental] For some reason the Dirty Dozen Brass Band lost half their name for this album.


Wonderland at Last

Dots Will Echo

I have magic plastic toys/I can recreate the world

Off Let Go of My Modem, You Weasel, of course


Dear Sweet Filthy World

Elvis Costello

I'm out ... of luck/I'm not ... that strong/My hands ... your neck/I might ... have wrung

The ellipses are pauses, not missing words


I Get Wild: Wild Gravity

Talking Heads

Pleasantly out of proportion/It's hard to hold on to the ground

Chose a lyric randomly, in keeping with the spirit of the thing


The Birds will Still Be Singing

Elvis Costello

Eternity stinks, my darling. That's no joke/Don't waste your precious time pretending you're heartbroken

He’s remarried now, anyway.


Mean to Me

Billie Holliday

It must be great fun to be mean to me

And, honestly, don’t you think it must have been? No? Ah, well, then no-one was having fun.