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Around the Horn

When Your Humble Blogger can’t think of much to say, it’s time to go around the horn:

  • John Scalzi comes up with the right phrases pretty often. “Personally, what I wish were that it were November so I could cast my vote and register my disgust with this current administration, which in this as in nearly every other thing it has done has shown little but contempt for anyone and anything that is not of its own narrow ilk.” It could be shorter, but it couldn’t reflect my own attitude any better.
  • And speaking of incompetence, how about this? Can’t you imagine some nitwit in prosecution saying ‘but when we find somebody with the pdf on their hard drive, they’ll claim to have downloaded it from Fox...”
  • Since YHB keeps on thinking about what the heck this blogosphere is, I find great amusement in Blogpulses Key Phrase of the day. See what’s bursty!
  • Speaking of amusement, the Tony noms are out, as is a magnificently indignant attack on the New York Times promoting them.
  • And, to wrap this up, this morning’s episode of Between the Lions inexplicably failed to show the trouser-defying magic of the Great Smartini. So I went on-line, and it turns out that one of the couple of dozen songs they have on-line in their entirety is his full-length theme. Just put on a smarty record/and some trouser that are checkered/and Dance in Smarty Pants! They also have the video of the Monkey Pop-Up Theater’s production of “Sven Said...”