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Book Report: Hench

It wouldn’t be right for me to write an actual review of Hench, because the writer, Adam Beechen, is one of my oldest friends. So if I didn’t like it, I’d feel all awkward. It’s like going round to the dressing room after a show; Alan Bennett advised just saying the word ‘Marvelous’ over and over again until you can leave. Fortunately, (a) it doesn’t matter much whether I like it or not, as the reviews are uniformly excellent, and (2) I like it a lot.

But the point here isn’t that my buddy has written a terrific graphic novel that many of my Gentle Readers would enjoy reading. It’s that my buddy went to LA to work in television, has made a living working in television (and perhaps inevitably has his very own Harlan Ellison stories), and now has a measure of the critical acclaim and lucrative job offers that belong so rightly to all of my old buddies, particularly if they owe me money.

Marc Mason at moviepoopshoot says ‘HENCH is a eminently filmable story. With such a strong lead character and point of view, it’d be a shame not to see someone option this fairly quickly.’ Cha-Ching! Somebody named Sean at Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat says ‘Reading it, you know that it won't be long before the Big Two are beating a path toward this talented writer's door.’ Um, I don’t know much about comics, but I figure one of the Big Two is DC; Adam (I call him Adam ’cos I’ve known him since I was bar-mitvah) will have the first monthly issue of Justice League Unlimited out on first September. Cha-Ching!

I think there’s a lesson here, somewhere. I think the lesson is probably if you and your classmate never finish writing Ramblin’ Jack Spang versus Moog the Unknowable in the back of chemistry class, the correct thing to do is not, as you might imagine, to spend the rest of your life drinking away the misery and regret, but to persevere! Persevere! And, um, persevere! Another important lesson: no-peek anaconda should always be played disco-pass. Oh, and if somehow you wind up with a nickname, don’t lose it, it might come in handy later.


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